$60 Filipino brunch feast @ Lamesa

Now, we’re no strangers to Filipino food on Triple B, whether it’s the Filipino brunch buffet at Kanto or grabbing some kamayan all over this city. So when I heard about Lamesa, this funky little joint on St. Clair West, serving up a $60 discovery brunch for two, I was like, sounds like a nice, light meal for me! And lemme just say, you can definitely get your money’s worth here…

lamesa_chicken&waffle (4)

We’re talkin’ chicken ‘n waffles, Filipino style! Chicken is boneless, but nice ‘n juicy, and then you’ve got the purple ube waffle, which really kicks it up a notch!!!

lamesa_filipino_bacon (1)

Dude, this Filipino bacon is what makes it! Nice ‘n thick, with just a little hint of sweetness. I’d eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!!!!!

lamesa_filipino_french_toast (1)

This Filipino french toast is stuffed with a purple yam jam. Dude, they put that shit in everything!!!!!!!

lamesa_fried_egg+rice (5)

Now, you can eat a fried egg with that Filipino bacon, but it also goes nice with some garlic rice…

lamesa_milkfish+garlic_rice (4)

And you gotta try the garlic rice with some monkfish, deep-fried and crispy, with just a little sweetness.

lamesa_smoked_sausage (6)

This smoked sausage is sensational — I could crush a whole chain of these, bro!!!!

lamesa_plantain_roll (2)

And then for dessert, you’ve got these plantain rolls, which are basically deep-fried bananas… and bananas is good!!!!

lamesa_tropical_house_punch (12)

Washed it all down with a glass of tropical house punch. You’ve got calamansi, mango, guava, lychee, ginger beer… oh, and rum. Can’t forget the rum, son!!!!

lamesa_discovery_brunch_aftermath (4)

Now, you might be able to feed a small family of four with this brunch platter… but you KNOW it’s just a light snack in Flavourtown, bro!!!!!!!!!










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