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Signature Poutine Hot Dog vs. Canadian Caesar Hot Dog @ Rogers Centre

Dude, nothing goes together like hot dogs and baseball, bro! Last year, I destroyed 10 hot dogs for 10 bucks on Loonie Dogs Night, but now the Blue Jays are kicking it up a notch at Schneiders Porch in the Outfield District, where they’ve got some funky new culinary creations like the Signature Poutine Hot Dog and the Canadian Caesar Hot Dog. You KNOW I had to try them both, bro!!!!!!

rogers_centre_poutine_dog (1)

The poutine dog knocks it outta the park with the classic Canadian combo of cheese curds, fries and gravy on top of an all-beef frank. It’s basically La Banquise in a bun, bro! Although the fries here are more like mini hash browns. I guess full size fries on top of a hot dog would be weird — unless, of course, you’re in Pittsburgh.

canadian_caesar_dog (14)

But now we’re about to kick it up another notch with the Canadian Caesar Hot Dog. This playful, mysterious little dish does have a bit of a caesar flavour, thanks to the tomatoes and celery leaves. Plus, it’s topped with lotsa good things like green peppers, fried onions and bacon bits. I mean, you could make a Canadian Caesar Flip-Flop with those things, and it would still taste good!

And I gotta say, while I’d eat 10 poutine dogs on any given Tuesday (unfortunately, they are NOT part of Loonie Dogs Night), I gotta say, the Canadian Caesar is the winner, winner, hot dog dinner!!!!

bellwoods_jutsu (3)

Now, Schneiders Porch was closed for a private event, so I didn’t get to slay those dogs on their patio. Instead, I headed over to the WestJet Flight Deck, where they’ve got a new bar serving up some craft beers that won’t give Kid Rock a heart attack. Like, I never thought I’d find Bellwoods Jutsu at the ballpark, bro! Too bad they don’t have Jelly King, though…

rush_beer_rogers_centre (6)

But that’s not all, folks! The Flight Deck also has Henderson’s Rush Golden Ale on tap!!! Now, I wasn’t a big fan when I had it in a can, but on draught, it’s got a richer, maltier flavour that gets by on you. (insert drum solo here)