Bacon cheeseburger avec gruyere, mon frere!!!!

Man, when France won the World Cup in 2018, Ricarda’s, this funky French bistro on Peter Street, was off the suitcase! People were packed into the courtyard, watching the game on the big screen, and losing their phoquing minds… Dude, I was so wastey-faced, I started singing along to La Marseillaise — and I don’t even speak French, bro! (OK, maybe un petit peu.)

So let’s just say it was un petit peu toned down when we stopped by for brunch last weekend. I mean, they did have a live jazz trio, so there’s that. But who needs live jazz when they’re serving up this festival of funk in Flavourtown — a bacon cheeseburger with gruyere and a side of truffle fries!? Fermez la porte en arriere!!!!

ricardas_beef_burger (5)

First of all, this bacon is amazeballs. Perfect thickness and just the right texture, not too crispy or too chewy. Dude, I would order a bacon sandwich with a side of bacon from this place! Nice tang from the caramelized onions, with a soft and chewy bun. The gruyere didn’t really shine through as much as I thought it would, though…

ricardas_truffle_fries (5)

Now these truffle fries were more like truffle-aioli-on-the-side fries. But still, you’ve got nice, hot, crispy taters, topped with shredded cheese and parsley… Nothing mauvais with that at all!!!!

ricardas_caesar (9)

Now, surprisingly, they don’t even serve Kronenbourg Blanc 1664 here. Their only beers were Peroni and Asahi, which get a big shruggy from me. So instead I had a couple caesars. The first one tasted like too much tomato, but the second one had a much stronger kick. Now that’s what I call Dirty Deeds Done for 16 Bucks in Flavourtown!!!!!

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