LITTLE TOKYO: The mother of all ramen

Now, there’s a whole buncha places serving up ramen in Toronto, but most people will tell you, Sansotei is the best. And lemme say, this place is tiny–they’ve got four six-top tables, two four-top booths and a counter for two up front. And people line the fuck up for this stuff, bro! They open at […]

LITTLE TOKYO: King Curry Challenge…accepted!

Now, there’s this funky little Japanese joint called Gyugyuya, which sounds like one of my heavy-metal warmup exercises from The Zen of Screaming. And you won’t find any sushi, sashimi or Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake at this place–all they do is curry. I’ve walked past this place a buncha times, and I’ve always seen the sign […]

Oh no, there goes Tokyo… Go, go Gosezilla!!!

So, we’re hanging out at Northern Maverick, this funky craft brewpub on Bathurst, where they’ve got eight beers brewed in house on tap, but there’s only one I wanna try…OK, make that two. They’ve actually got two different goses, which they call Gosezilla, and they’re like a funky one-two fruit punch in Flavourtown! Up first […]