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All You Can Eat Asian @ Spring Rolls

Now, my motto’s always been “Why only eat some, when you can eat all?” So we’re hanging out at Spring Rolls, right at Yonge and Dundas, where you can get all you can eat Asian food for just 28 bucks, bro! And we’re not just talking sushi, we’re talking dim sum, bulgogi, calamari, lamb chops… and a whole lotta cupcakes for dessert! OK, now let’s break it down:

spring_rolls_apps (1)

This plateful of deep-fried goodness includes Japanese gyoza, deep-fried scallop cakes, and a beef satay skewer with a very uneven sauce distribution… But that’s not all we’re frying up here:

spring_rolls_takoyaki (3)

Holy Octopus Balls, Batman! This takoyaki was so hot it almost melted my face off!!!

spring_rolls_cheese_dumpling (3)

Now here’s something I’ve never even seen before — they take a wonton, stuff it with cream cheese, and then drop it in the fryer. Man, the only way this would be better is if they used nacho cheese, bro!

spring_rolls_calamari (3)

Of course, we’ve always got room for some calamari. Dude, this is body by calamari!

avocado_roll+green_dragon_roll (1)

Now, I guess we should probably order some sushi. On the right, we’ve got a salmon avocado roll, and then on the left, that’s a green dragon roll — crab meat, avocado and cucumber, with more avocado on top! Who needs a cherry when you can have avocado on top???

spring_rolls_spider_roll (4)

But now we’re about to funk it up a notch, homes! This spider roll, spider roll does whatever a spider roll does — it’s got deep-fried soft shell crab, with some regular crab, avocado, cucumber and mayo… It’s like a Tobey Maguire upside-down kiss in Flavourtown!!!


Now, I know at this point you’re probably asking “Where’s the beef, bro?” Well, it’s right here, son! This sizzling bulgogi beef is so chewy, you could pull it apart with a fork… Man, I could eat like 17 of these!

honey_ginger_chicken (1)

But that’s not the only thing they’re sizzlin’ at Spring Rolls, son! This honey ginger chicken wasn’t quite as spicy as advertised…but you KNOW it’s still heading straight down my piehole!!!

spring_rolls_lamb+steak (1)

Now, here’s something I wasn’t expecting. Imagine having steak and lamb, and lamb and steak. Imagine having both of them, on just one plate… OK, so both of these pieces were well beyond medium rare, but they can still tag team my taste buds any day, bro!

tango_mango_chicken (3)

Now, if you like your Chinese food deep-fried and saucy — dude, Deep Fried ‘n Saucy is my dating profile handle! — then this Tango Mango Chicken is for you. You’ve got crunchy, crispy bird, mango, sweet, sweet onion and bell peppers, sauteed in a house special citrus tango mango sauce. Dude, you could put that on a flip-flop, and it would still taste good!!!!

spring_rolls_dessert (1)

Of course, even after slamming all those Asian taste sensations, we’ve still got room for dessert. Mini brownies, mini creme brulees, and five different kinds of mini cupcakes. The ones with the Oreos on top were my Flavourtown favourites…


Sushi Legend: Come for the AYCE sushi, stay for the beef!

So, we’re hanging out at Sushi Legend, this funky AYCE sushi joint all up in an Asian strip mall at Finch and Leslie. Now, this place is pretty legit–you know they’ve got sushi, they’ve got sashimi, chicken katsu, fish cakes, peel-and-eat shrimp… But what really makes it is this tasty trio of beef dishes. Why settle for all-you-can-eat sushi when you can have all-you-can-eat beef, bro???

sushi_legend_torched_beef (3)

We’re starting out with some torched beef sushi. Man, I musta slammed at least 17 of these! The meat is nicely grilled, served on a bed of rice, with a little bit of fruit on top. One of the best beef dishes I’ve had this week!

sushi_legend_steak_bites (3)

Next up, you’ve got these garlic steak bites. They might be tiny little pieces of meat, but they’re packed with flavour, hot off the wok with crushed garlic overtop. Goes great with the garlic mushrooms, which they’re serving up the same way…

sushi_legend_beef_ribs (4)

But man, the best dish on the entire AYCE menu might be these Korean-style beef ribs. The meat is super tender, grilled to perfection, and you can just bite it right off the bone. Bro, I could eat my body weight in these babies and still have room for dessert! Oh, and speaking of dessert…


Can you say AYCE creme brulee, Jose???

Eating all the AYCE sushi @ Spring Sushi

Now, I don’t always eat sushi, but when I do, I eat all that I can. So, we’re hanging out at Spring Sushi, this funky joint that’s waaaay downtown at Yonge and Dundas. Now, there is so much stuff on their menu that you can be fully completely without eating a single piece of fish…but where’s the fun in that, son?

spring_sushi_ayce (2)

So, we’re starting off with a Fearsome Foursome of Flavourtown–BBQ eel in a cone, a deep-fried salmon croquette, a super-spicy salmon roll and then a piece of beef sushi–dude, I didn’t even know that was a thing!!!

spring_sushi_rolls (2)

But hey, not all sushi has to have fish in it, like this sweet potato pie roll on the left, and the chicken teriyaki roll on the right. But these ain’t even the funkiest rolls I’ve had tonight…

spring_las_vegas_roll (3)

They call this a Las Vegas roll, and it’s a high roller baby! You’ve got sashimi, cream cheese, crab meat and avocado all rolled into one–and they give you five to an order, bro!!!

spring_hawaii_roll (4)

But right here, right now, we’re about to kick it up a notch with this Hawaii roll. Apple, mango, crab and avocado, plus a sticky coating of bean curd and plum sauce make this a sweet treat that can’t be beat!!!!


But you know we’re not nearly done yet, bro! We’ve got shrimp tempura, we’ve got calamari, we’ve got takoyaki…all heading straight down my piehole!!!!

Oh, did you want chicken? Well, here’s some chicken katsu…

spring_chicken_katsu (1)

Or how about a chicken skewer?

spring_chicken_skewer (4)

And hey, I’m not gonna go to a joint like this and NOT eat steak…


…along with some sweet ‘n sour pork, and eel-fried rice!

But you KNOW we’re saving the best for last, so say hello to my little friend, bacon-wrapped shrimp:

spring_bacon_shrimp (5)

Man, I couldda slammed 17 of these…but then I wouldn’t have room for dessert:

spring_deep_fried_banana (5)

Dude, these deep-fried bananas are bananas…and bananas is good!!!!

LITTLE TOKYO: Eating all the sushi @ Kyoto House

Toronto’s hottest culinary area is turning Dundas St. West Japanese. In just a couple blocks, you’ve got sushi, mochi, curry, ramen and bubble tea–not to mention that freakin’ cheesecake place (no one goes there anymore though, bro!). Now, the only thing I know how to say in Japanese is “Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto,” but I still figured I’d try to eat everything…before Godzilla does.

Kyoto House has been here long before this was the place to be, and they’re serving up real-deal, funkalicious, all-you-can-eat sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner son! (Breakfast not included.) Now, I don’t always eat sushi, but when I do, I eat all I can. So you know this place is right up my alley, bro!

kyoto_house_menu-3This should be enough to start, I think?


So, we’re starting off with the pork katsu cutlet, a crispy Japanese dish that’s super delish. Pretty sure I polished off this place in less than 60 seconds, son!


This basket of deep-fried deplorables is like a culinary magic show in Flavourtown. You’ve got Japanese spring rolls, deep-fried gyoza dumplings, but the star of the show is the calamari. A nice, light, crispy tempura breading served up over an uber-chewy squid. Five stars!


Now, this is what 30 pieces of sushi looks like, right here. You can barely fit it all on one plate! And you’ve got pretty much all the greatest hits: the Boston roll is Smokin’ with salmon and cucumber, the Tokyo roll throws a little avocado into the mix, and the Rock ‘n Rolls are Spinal Tap approved. But the one that really threw me for a loop was the BBQ salmon skin and cucumber roll. The skin was so crispy, I didn’t even miss the fishy, bro!


And then you’ve got the sashimi, a perfect plate of red snapper, surf clam and crab. Great chew on all of these, but I though the snapper was the snappiest. Now, I was getting a little full from all this food, but nobody wants to be the guy who goes to an all-you-can-eat sushi plate and only fills out one card, so you know I had to be ready for round two:


I went back to see what I missed on the menu the first time around, and ordered up some sixers of spicy crab, shrimp tempura and crunch rolls. What’s a crunch roll, you ask? Well, it’s when they take tempura flour, masago and mayo and turn it into a crunchy orange concoction that helps me hang on. This is like the Crunch Wrap Supreme of sushi, son! Pretty sure I could slam 17 of these…if I hadn’t eaten 54 pieces of sushi already.


But you know that after eating enough fish to make Trey Anastasio yell “Wilson,” I still had enough room for dessert, son! Well, actually, not really. I had told my Little China Doll to cancel the ice cream order I indicated on the card, but then, not even two minutes later, another geisha girl stops by with this yin-yang of Flavourtown: one scoop red bean, and one scoop green tea. Hey, if you’re gonna put ice cream in front of me, there’s no way I’m not gonna eat it!!!

And you know what the crazy thing is? All that grub only cost me $13.99 plus tax, dude!!!! That’s less than a Molson Canadian at the Air Canada Centre, son! Come to think of it, it might just be the best 14 bucks I’ve ever spent…

How many sushis can you eat? All of them…

So, we’re hanging out at Yonge Sushi, this cozy neighbourhood joint a few blocks north of Lawrence. This place might not be very big, but they’re packing ’em in there for all the sushi you can eat for just 25 bucks, bro! Now, I don’t always eat sushi, but when I do, I make sure to get my money’s worth…so you know this joint is right up my alley!


We kicked things off with some hand-rolled sushi cones. You’ve got crab, spicy salmon, and a BBQ eel/avocado combo that’s totally outta bounds, bro!


Not sure that Bubba Gump ever served up shrimp like this, super fresh and tasty on a bed of rice!


Beef short ribs for the win, bro! I loves me some chewy, tender beef you can eat right off the bone!


Now here’s something you probably haven’t seen before. They call it an onion beef roll, and it’s pretty much what it sounds like–green onions wrapped in teriyaki beef. I could slam seven of these, son!


Now, it’s time for the main event. You’ve got some spicy salmon rolls, black dragon rolls and green dragon rolls. It’s like Dragonball Z in my mouth, bro! The spicy salmon had some crispy tempura bits for that extra crunch, while the green dragon combined shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber and green onions, and chucked some more avocado on top. The black dragon was sorta the same thing, but substituting avocado for eel. It was eely, eely good! Let’s zoom in for a close up:


Now, let’s set the dial to funkalicious with some fried chicken cutlet soup!


This dish was super funkalish. You’ve got fried chicken, some ultra-thick noodles, greens, carrots and sprouts in a warm and savoury broth. It’s like chicken noodle soup gone gangsta, son!


What Japanese joint could be complete without some crispy tempura squid? These deep-fried calamari were Captain Cruncherrific! Theyyyyyy’re great!


Sometimes, when you’ve got super-delish fish, you don’t even need rice, bro. Such is the case with this sashimi–a tasty trio of tuna, salmon and clam!


But the sashimi doesn’t stop there, son–we’ve got a whole plateful of white tuna and mackerel heading straight down my piehole!!!


But we’re saving the funkiest for last, friends. Say hello to my little friend, BBQ eel pizza! You’ve got a nice chew from the chicken of the sea-cave, a nice spicy mayo and a super-crispy, deep-fried rice crust. This only comes in one size, which kinda sucks, cuz I could probably polish off an extra-large…


Now, when I heard they had a Philadelphia roll, I was hoping for some Philly cheesesteak, served up sushi-style…but that’s not what this is. Instead, you’ve got salmon, avocado and Philadelphia cream cheese. Just call me angel of the morning, cuz you can really taste the Philly!


Now, you know I still had room for dessert, and since it’s all you can eat, I asked for every kind of ice cream that they had to offer. They were all outta ginger, but still served up some tasty scoops of vanilla, green tea, mango and red bean. I was kinda hoping for some chocolate sauce, or maybe a bit of butterscotch on top, but I guess that wouldn’t be authentic, eh?