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Kicking off football season with a strong red beer!

Last year’s Grey Cup between Calgary and Ottawa was an all-time classic. I was right there on the goal-line when the Stamps tied it up late in the fourth quarter…only to lose in OT at the other end. And now, we’ve got not one, but two rematches to start the CFL season, starting tonight in the nation’s crapital.

Now, when it comes to football, you know I’m crackin’ cold ones, son, and tonight is no exception. I’ve got a fridge fully stocked of Dinner Jacket O’Red IPAs for every time those wannabe lumberjacks make it into the end zone…which probably won’t happen too often, but I’ll be prepared, just in case.


Now, when my team gives up a touchdown, I like to drink one per cent of alcohol for every point scored—so at 6.3%, this beer is pretty much perfect. And with 60 IBUs, it’s a pretty bitter brew…but not as bitter as the REDBLACKS fans will be when we take back the Cup in Ottawa this year!



12 BEERS OF CHRISTMAS: Arch Dinner Jacket O’Red IPA

For the ninth beer of Christmas, my Trudeau gave to me…


…Arch Dinner Jacket O’Red IPA


I dare you to find me a more hoser beer, bro! Brewed by Arch up in Newmarket, the Dinner Jacket is pretty much their signature beer–you’ll find it all over their website. And this ain’t yer grandpappy’s IPA, either, coming in strong at 6.3% with plenty of hops to go around.

You can find this one at a few local LCBO’s, but it’s kind of a funny story how I first heard about it. Y’see, back when the Ottawa REDBLACKS first joined the CFL, I asked the internet which beer I should be drinking whenever they lose to the Stamps. Somebody came up with this one, and it makes perfect sense. Not only does it have the team’s colours, but football fans in Ottawa like to roleplay as lumberjacks, so while they may not wear flannel to dinner, they definitely wear it to the games.

And yes, I’m even more bitter than a strong red IPA that the Stamps blew the Grey Cup in overtime to Ottawa this year!!!

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The bitter taste of victory beer

(Originally written August 10, 2014)

With the addition of the expansion Ottawa REDBLACKS!!!!, I needed to find a new beer to associate with the new team for my CFL drinking game.  So I took to Twitter, where some Rough Riders related account suggested I try Dinner Jacket O’Red IPA from Arch Brewing Co.  Hey, it has an O for Ottawa and the word “red” in its name, and it comes in a black can adorned with the kind of outfit that Ottawa mascot Grand Jos would wear. And it’s brewed in Guelph, so I can get it at the LCBO–although the closest three LCBOs were all sold out.  Still, I was kinda hoping to try this brew, and when Ottawa finally scored a touchdown on an extremely penalty-aided drive, I was compelled to crack one open:


Now for me, the idea of a strong red IPA is basically bad news.  While I do like red beer, I much prefer the smoother taste of a pilsner or the light, citrusy flavour of a wheat beer.  IPAs are just too bitter and hoppy for my liking…and this one, well, it tasted like an IPA.  Mind you, it wasn’t quite the sour-grapefruit flavour of Crazy Canuck, with the red adding a bit of smokiness to balance out the hops.  And at 6.3%, it’s not quite Maudite, but it certainly hits you harder than, say, Molson Canadian.  I’m not drunk or anything, but I have been singing “Pretzel bun, I hope you feeeel it too!” throughout the night…

Anyways, since Calgary won big, I’ve still got a few of these left in the fridge; but the next time they play Ottawa, I’ll probably stick with Rickard’s Red or something.  That won’t be until next season, mind you–I’ll be heading up to The City That Sleeps at 7:30 for the rematch in a couple weeks.

UPDATE: Despite my initial reservations, I have been drinking this every time Calgary beats Ottawa in football…which happened again last night. 😉