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TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: Ringin’ in the new year with a rack of ribs!

Waaay back in February, when it looked like 2020 was gonna be just another year, I destroyed some beef ribs at a funky BBQ joint called Smoque N’ Bones. So, now that we’re hoping that 2021 will be just another year, I am ending 2020 with some baby back ribs, also from Smoque N’ Bones. This place was offering up a new year’s special of a full rack and two sides for 73 bucks, which is almost twice as much as the KISS PPV NYE concert…but at least it doesn’t start at 1 in the afternoon. Cuz you KNOW I’m gonna rock ‘n roll all nite and eat ribs every day, bro!!!!!!

baby_back_ribs (26)

These bones were still smokin’ when my order arrived after about 40 minutes. Lots of char, but not too much sauce — although the BBQ sauce on the side had a nice little kick. I went with mac ‘n cheese and sweet potato fries on the side, and they definitely give you a full container of taters!

sweet_potato_fries (4)

These waffle fries were nice ‘n crispy, with a side of chipotle donkey sauce, son. You could put that on a flip-flop, and I’d still eat all of it!!!!

smoque_mac_cheese (5)

This mac was Mac Daddy, with a sharp-dressed-man white cheddar and some garlic-herb bread crumbs. They don’t really give you a lot, compared to the rest of the food, but that just means more room for ribs, bro!!!

smoque_n_bones_aftermath (2)

Now that’s what I call a new year’s countdown in Flavourtown!!!!!



Beer-braised baby back ribs @ Blake House

Now, sometimes the best ribs don’t always come from a real-deal BBQ joint. We’re hanging out at The Blake House, this funky little pub on Jarvis that’s been around since the ‘90s – the 1890’s, son! And while you can watch the Leafs on TV, they ain’t all about burgers and wings. Instead, you’ve got steaks, you’ve got meat pies, and you’ve got these babies – stout-braised baby back ribs!

blake_house_ribs (8)

Oh man, these babies are super-tender, meat is perfectly moist. You get a nice BBQ sauce, not too saucy, and maybe a bit of richness from the beer coming through. You get a decent helping of fries and purple slaw, and it comes in a half rack or a full…but you KNOW a full rack is just a light snack in Flavourtown!!!

blake_house_aftermath (3)

What to do when you don’t know what kinda BBQ you want

So, we’re hanging out at Breakwall BBQ & Smokehouse, this funky neighbourhood joint in The Beaches, where they actually took this little house, and turned it into a BBQ hut. Man, this place has everything: beef brisket, pulled pork, baby back ribs…it’s hard to pick a favourite among so many great dishes, so why not try ‘em all? This is what they call the Indecisive Sampler:

brisket_ribs_pulled _pork (2)

OK, let’s break it down. You’ve got super tender, smoky brisket, ribs that literally fall off the bone, a pile of juicy pork—and some fries and coleslaw in the background. You can actually choose any two sides, including carrot sticks and quinoa, but why eat quinoa when you can eat fries, bro?

They’ve also got some solid side sauces, like a zesty horseradish aioli and a tangy house BBQ for dipping. Dude, I would so dip my face in a vat of that BBQ sauce! There was so much food on this plate that I had to eat a bunch in order to fit everything into one picture, so here you go:

brisket_ribs_pulled _pork (6)

And believe it or not, but I still had room for dessert!