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Holy chicken mole & guacamole!!!

Don’t get me wrong, this is body by tacos bro (especially Doritos Locos Tacos)…but there’s more to Mexican food than just tacos. We’re hanging out at Barrio Cerveceria, this funky joint on Queen St East. And yes, I did go for tacos last time I was here — almost 5 years ago — but I decided to go with something totally different this time.

barrio_mole_poblano (11)

Dude, this Mole Poblano is soooo outta bounds, bro! You’ve got a fistful of chicken, served in a thick, brown sauce that’s a little sweet, and more than a little spicy — let’s just say they put the Poblano in Mole Poblano… And there’s enough sauce on this plate that I could take a bath AND fill up the Camaro with it!!!!

guacamole_del_barrio (3)

Now, I thought I’d be getting mucho mas guacamole for 16 bucks — but at least the chip-to-dip ratio was on point, with enough nachos for all the guac…and I didn’t even hafta double dip the chip, George Bro-stanza!!!!!

negra_modelo (5)

Now, for a place with Cerveza in its name, I was disappointed that they didn’t have any beers on tap. When we were there, the only options were Corona, Negra Modelo or the house lager. I gotta say, though, a couple Negra Modelos took some of the edge off that Mole Poblano, hermano!!!!

12 TACOS OF CHRISTMAS: All the tacos in the Barrio!


For the eighth taco of Christmas, my Trujillo gave to me…

barrio_tacos (4)

All the tacos in the Barrio!


Now, back when I used to live in the east end, there was a certain stretch of Queen St that you wanted to avoid, on the other side of the tracks from Degrassi St up to about Pape. There used to be a buncha dive bars, pawn shops and greasy-looking diners that you didn’t wanna mess around in…but that area’s pretty nice now. I mean, you’ve got cozy little pubs like the Brooklyn Tavern, at Queen and Brooklyn, and a few killer Mexican joints, like Barrio Cerveceria, where they’re serving up seven different kinds of tacos at $5-$6 a pop.

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These are the tacos in my neighbourhood…

You know me, this is body by tacos, bro! I’m pretty sure you could make a taco out of a flip-flop, and I’d still eat it. So when I heard there’s this funky neighbourhood joint serving up seven funky-fresh flavours, you know I had to try at least four of them. This is the Barrio on Queen Dream Team, dude!

pollo_adobado_taco (4)

Up first, we’ve got the pollo adobado, which is like a pollo loco, but with a better lawyer. Here’s some marinated grilled chicken, pickled red onions and cilantro heading straight down my piehole, bro!!!

barrio_carnitas_taco (2)

Take it from me, carnitas is my Taco Tuesday go-to, bro! And this place is 2 legit 2 quit, with salsa borracha, pico de gallo and cilantro rounding out the taco!

campechano_taco (2)

You ever get double the meat at Subway and go, “Man, I wish they did that with a taco?” Well, your prayers have been answered–say hello to mi amigo campechano! This super-delish dish combines steak and chorizo for a double down in Flavourtown!!!!

barrio_fish_taco (3)

And finally, we’ve got el pescado–the dopest fish in the sea. This one comes battered and fried with chipotle mayo and Mexican coleslaw–I don’t know what that is, but I’d still put it on a flip-flop!!!!