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Middle East beef stew feast @ Queen of Persia

With all the different cultures that call Toronto home, it’s safe to say not every restaurant is closed for Christmas — which is great when you’re a Pastafarian. (Dude, I’ve been touched by his noodly appendage, bro!!!) So, we’re hanging out at Queen of Persia, this cozy, family joint serving up comfort food classics from all over the map of Iran. Sure, they’ve got kebabs — five different kinds, bro —  but the menu has so much more…like this classic Persian dish, gheymeh nesar:

queen_persia_gheymeh_nesar (14)

This super-tender beef stew is cooked with barberries, almonds and a hint of orange peel, for that added tangy sweetness. Plus, it comes with enough rice for at least three people — but you KNOW it’s just dinner for one in Flavourtown, son!!!!

gheymeh_nesar_aftermath (5)

Now, the beer selection is pretty limited here — and they were all outta Moroccan Brown Ale — so I went for a couple Pom Pom Martinis instead:

pom_pom_ martini (2)

This ain’t yer grandpappy’s Manhattan, captain! This pomegranate and rose water martini is garnished with even more pomegranate…cuz you can never have too much pomegranate!!!!

queen_of_persia_baklava (7)

Now, I gotta say, I was pretty full after all that rice, so I barely even had room for dessert. These two little pieces of homemade baklava sure hit the spot, though!!!




Getting my money’s worth @ Maison Close

So, we’re hanging out at Maison Close 1888, this funky little gastropub in Kensington Market. This place changes up its menu so often that they can’t post it online, but you’re always gonna get some real-deal, homestyle comfort food, like this hearty-har-har beef stew…and it won’t cost ya a pound of flesh!

maison_close_beef_stew (3)

OK, let’s break it down. The beef is super-tender, you’ve got some carrots and potatoes in a nice gravy. And then there’s mashed potatoes on the side, and a big ol’ hunk of buttery bread. And all this for 14 bucks, bro! You won’t get that kinda deal at just any ol’ establishment!

canuck_ipa (1)

Not only that, but they’ve got some pretty great taps, too. Normally, when I drink Canuck IPA, it comes in a can, but they’ve got a hook-up at Great Lakes Brewery to serve it straight from the keg–and I gotta say, it’s better that way!