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Cannelloni, maitake & Birra Moretti @ CKB

You KNOW this is body by Italian food, bro! So, when I heard about CKB, this funky new Italian joint on Roncy, I totally had to check it out. This place has a small menu, which changes every month, so you know they’re keeping it fresh. And we’re starting out with a stuffed Italian classic — Holy Cannelloni, Batman!!!

ckb_cannelloni (4)

Now, we’re no strangers to cannoli, but we don’t see the entree version at many restaurants in this city. To me, though, this is classic comfort food, dude; noodles stuffed with cheese and topped with sauce. The only problem here was they put a whole lotta spinach inside. I mean, the filling is like 80% spinach, 20% cheese — and that’s not my kinda ratio, bro!

ckb_cannelloni (15)

But moving right along, these fried maitake mushrooms more than make up for any disappointment back there.

ckb_fried_maitake_mushrooms (15)

These crispy, crunchy creatures in Flavourtown are heading straight down my piehole, bro! This batter doesn’t shatter, making things super-crunchalicious. They’re served on a bed of polenta with some pickled veggies — those pickled peppers really kick it up a notch!!!!

ckb_birra_moretti (4)

Where it comes to beer here, you’ve got three choices: Peroni, Birra Moretti or Guinness, none of which are on tap (which means we ain’t drinkin’ Guinness, mate). Peroni might be more popular, but I think Moretti has a bit more flavour, so let’s just say I had un pugno di Moretti, Clint the Squint!!!!

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PATIO LIT EATS: Real-deal Italian food on Mount Pleasant Road

Now, Mount Pleasant might not be the first place that comes to mind when you’re thinking Italian food in Toronto. But just before Second Lockdown, we had a righteous last supper at Positano. And now we’ve found another old-school, red sauce, checkered tablecloth joint just down the street… This is Florentia!

florentia_salsiccia_cacciatore (13)

So, we’re starting off with salsiccia cacciatore aka sausage and peppers. Dude, this is body by sausage and peppers! Nice, meaty chunks of sausage with a bit of a kick, some sweetness from the peppers, and a real-deal tomato and basil sauce… I’d put that on a flip-flop!!!

florentia_veal_scaloppini (11)

But now it’s time for the main event — real-deal veal scaloppini. And they’re giving you a choice of not one, not two, not three, not four, but five different sauces, son! I went with the gorgonzola, which was nice ‘n creamy, but not too cheesy. And I went with pasta over veggies. As you can see, they didn’t cook the pasta in the gorgonzola…

birra_moretti (15)

Now, when it comes to beer here, you’ve got three choices — Peroni, Moretti and, uh, Creemore. So I went with Birra Moretti. I gotta say, though, it tastes an awful lot like Peroni, bro…