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Pairing Belgian beer with Atlantic seafood @ Pearl Diver

Now, I don’t usually think seafood when I think of Belgium — hey, the country is surrounded by land on three sides. But at Pearl Diver, this funky little seafood joint on Adelaide, they’re importing Belgian beers from across the pond to go along with some off-the-hook seafood dishes…so naturally, I had to try two or three.

blanche_de_chambly_blueberry (1)

We’re actually starting off with a beer that’s not Belgian, though. I’m a pretty big fan of Blanche de Chambly, a Belgian-style wheat beer from Unibroue in Quebec, so when I heard they had a blueberry version, Blanche de Chambly Bluet, I totally had to check it out! It’s more tart than fruity, but still not too strong — it definitely tastes more like beer than fruit punch, which is a good thing.

pearl_diver_scallops (14)

We’re pairing that with the one-two punch of scallops and pork belly, along with some asparagus, almonds and a green, minty sauce. The menu says these come three to an order, but they actually gave me four…not that I’m complaining!

saison_dupont (2)

But now we’re heading across the pond with Saison Dupont, a blonde ale straight outta the farmhouse. Unlike most saisons you see over here, this isn’t a sour beer, but rich and malty at 6.5% — which is actually kinda light for a Belgian.

pearl_diver_atlantic_cod (5)

For the main course, we’re going with Atlantic cod with grilled zucchini, potatoes, avocado and pineapple salsa, along with some sort of spicy donkey sauce at the bottom. Fish was cooked perfectly, zucchini added a nice touch…but this dish was actually quite spicy. Guess I’m gonna need another beer, bro!!!

westmalle_trappist_tripel (7)

This Westmalle Trappist Tripel kicks things up a couple notches at a hearty 9.5%. It’s got a strong flavour that’s literally bananas — and bananas is good! I think I’m gonna need some dessert with this one, though…

pearl_diver_chocolate_brownie (1)

Their chocolate brownie seems pretty tiny, but it’s also quite tasty. You’ve got nice bites of chocolate, along with some raspberries, blackberries and a white chocolate sauce. Doesn’t quite soak up the booze when you’re drinking Belgian tripels, though. I guess that’s what the sticky toffee pudding is on the menu for…

This place used to be a laundromat…but now it’s a funky craft beer joint!

So, I was cruising the streets of Moncton in the Camaro, looking for a place that could get gravy stains out of a tie-dye t-shirt, when I came across this laundromat on St. George Street. I figured it was my lucky day, but then I walked inside to find that there aren’t any washing machines here, just a buncha ice cold beer. This is the Laundromat Espresso Bar, bro!


This cozy neighbourhood joint kept some of the original signage, but they also added artwork of their own, along with a bar counter, an espresso machine, a couple tables and a beer fridge. And because I didn’t eat enough cheese already, I went ahead and grabbed some salty cheese curds, along with my new favourite pirate brew:


This was kinda like eating Cheesestrings back in the day, cept they’re a bit more bitter and you can’t really pull ‘em apart. Also, my mom never backed Pilsner in my lunchbox; I used to chug it with Terry and Deaner while rockin’ out to Dio behind the Moontower at recess. Good times!

Now, you probably can’t get Old Style Pilsner in Moncton, but on the other hand, they did have about 99 bottles of Unibroue beers in the fridge:


Blanche de Chambly dans la maison, son!