Breakfast of Champions @ The Wickson Social

Now, I don’t always get up in time for breakfast, but when I do, it’s gotta be legit. So we’re hanging out at The Wickson Social, this funky little joint just offa Yonge Street, where they’ve got some wicked awesome brunch, bro! When I came here for Summerlicious, I had a pork chop that was super-delicious, so you know I’m gonna come back for some back bacon—even if it is six dollars extra.

wickson_banoffee_french_toast (7)

But for the main event, we’re talking Banoffee French Toast. It’s bananas (and bananas is good), it’s toffee, it’s nice thick slices of bread with a mascarpone whipped cream—you could put it on a flip-flop, and it would still taste good! And did I mention the duck fat home fries???

wickson_duck_fat_fries (6)

These taters were so hot they put an alligator in yer radiator! You’ve got some nicely seasoned crispy potato, which goes great with back bacon, a little whipped cream, candied banana and French toast—this is the perfect bite right here, bro:

wickson_social_brunch (12)


Well, I’ll be an Irishman’s breakfast!

You know what we don’t do enough of on Triple B? Diners, dude! So, we’re hanging out at the George Street Diner, this funky little joint that’s so authentic, it’s been in a buncha movies, like The F Word, with Harry Potter. And the menu is full of real-deal, comfort food, too–all for less than 15 bucks!

Now when I’m thinking diner classics, you can’t go wrong with an all-day breakfast. They do up a Canadian breakfast with eggs, bacon, fries, beans and toast…but they also kick it up a notch for the Irish breakfast, with your choice of peameal, ham or sausage, along with Irish soda bread. Of course, you KNOW I went with the back bacon, bro!!!!

george_st_irish_breakfast (4)

There’s just so much goodness in this bite, right here. You’ve got some tang from the beans, a nice scrambled egg and a thick piece of peameal. Throw in some tomato, and you’re good to go, bro! But what really makes it is the Irish soda bread:

george_st_irish_breakfast (8)

This ain’t no dry white toast, Blues Bro! This thick, bubbly bread is richer than most, and goes great with melted butter–I most definitely didn’t need no jam! Sheeet son, put me some eggs, cheese and some of that peameal in between, and you’ve got yourself a super-tasty sandwich in Flavourtown!

EATS OF BALTIMORE: Chicken ‘n biscuits ‘n gravy…on an omelette!!!???

So, we’re hanging out at Miss Shirley’s Cafe, this Zagat-rated, Triple D, breakfast/lunch joint just a couple blocks from the Inner Harbor. This place is serving up some of the best brekkies in Baltimore—and they’re pretty packed by 9 am.

Now, I know they’ve got some crazy French toasts, slammin’ sammies and pancakes, but when I saw a chicken and biscuit and gravy omelette, you KNOW I had to check it out:

chicken_biscuit_omelette (8)

Dude, this is like a southern smorgasbord in egg form! The chicken is nice ‘n tender, you’ve got some onions and sweet peppers, and then they put two buttery biscuits on top!? Shut the back door! And then there’s the gravy, with a bit of Old Bay seasoning for that extra kick—down here, they put that shit on everything!

Man, after that scrumptious breakfast, I didn’t even eat anything for lunch!

I like my bacon black just like my metal!

So, we’re hanging out at Graffiti’s Bar & Grill, this funky little dive in Kensington Market. Normally, you could expect to hear all kinds of music in this joint–there’s even an old, battered piano–but on Sundays, it’s all about the ‘bangers. And no, I don’t mean bangers ‘n mash, bro!

Black Metal Brunch has been a neighbourhood staple for 13 plus years. The bar’s been blasting out heavy riffs and serving up hearty eats to long-haired freaky people every Sunday since back when Limp Bizkit was still cool…and it looks like their prices are still stuck in 2004, bro! I mean, I’m pretty sure a spread like this will set ya back at least $12.50 at Denny’s:

black_metal_brunch (7)

They call this The Big One, and it’s only nine bucks, son! You’ve got three eggs, two types of bacon–peameal and bacon strips–toast and potatoes, with a couple pieces of fruit for dessert. And this ain’t no skinny sliver of back bacon, bro!!!

black_metal_brunch (10)

Dude, this is like a breakfast blast beat of blasphemy in Flavourtown! The peameal is about the size of a pork chop, the eggs are scrambled up nicely, you’ve got some seasoning on the potatoes, and rye toast that’s about as black as a Norwegian dance party. All that’s missing is the pointy hat!

NASHVILLE NOSH: Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy!

So, we’re hanging out at The Southern Steak & Oyster, this real-deal funky joint that’s serving up some funkalicious breakfast, bro! Now, I coulda gone for the chicken ‘n waffles or the meatatarian omelette, but I heard they’re serving up some of the best biscuits in town, so I had to see for myself:

southern_steak_biscuits (2)

Now, these little nuggets of love come two to an order, but you’ll probably wish you had more. Equal parts flaky and crunchy, they taste great on their own, or with butter ‘n jelly. But you can only get gravy on the weekends–they serve it with brunch, not breakfast!

southern_steak_breakfast (2)

But the biscuits are just the beginning, bro! You’ve also got eggs, your choice of grits or potatoes, and your choice of meat–and all for just 10 bucks! Of course, when I saw the jalapeño bacon, I knew this was a match made in Flavourtown:

jalapeno_bacon (1)

Now I don’t know how they do it, but they sure do it good! This stuff is chewy and tender like beef jerky, and even though you don’t see any hot peppers here, it definitely packs a punch! Man, I could probably polish off a whole plateful of jalapeño bacon…and still have room for a jalapeño bacon sundae for dessert!!!

EATIN AUSTIN: Cinco tacos por desayuno, hermano!

Now, there’s some debate over who first started eating tacos for breakfast, with both Austin and San Antonio laying claim to the title. But if you’re in Austin, and you want tacos for desayuno, then you gotta go to Tamale House East, bro!


Now, I got there right at 8, but they didn’t open till 8:35, at which point a whole pile of people showed up behind me. I got three of the in-house specialties–migas & queso; egg, bacon, cheese and ranchera; potato, egg, bacon and cheese–and then built two culinary creations of yo mismo–a chorizo egg & cheese and a bacon egg & mushroom–cuz you gotta get some chorizo, bro!

It’s also worth noting that the prices on their menu online are off; instead of $1.25 a taco, you’re paying $3.25 for the house specialties–or $2.75 for a build-yer-own with three toppings. But hey, cinco tacos for $16.50 still ain’t a bad deal, though…


So, we’re starting off with the migas and cheese, a Tex Mex breakfast staple. There’s definitely nothing wrong with crispy fried tortilla strips, eggs and cheese–and when you put ’em in a taco, it’s even better, bro!


Next up is one of my Triple B creations, the chorizo, egg and cheese. I can now see why they don’t include chorizo in any of their specialties–they don’t give you very big chunks of it here, either. Probably my least favourite one.


Now, these last three all had bacon, and if I’m every back in Austin, I would just do five with bacon, bro! Their bacon is cooked to perfection, finding the right balance between crispy and chewy. And the potatoes in this one were on point. 5/5


This Triple B creation was a personal favourite–bacon, egg n mushroom, son! And the mushroom is what makes it–thick, juicy and they totally don’t taste like the come from a can! If I go back here, I’m adding mushrooms to everything!


Aaaaaand that brings us to the last taco of the morning, the in-house specialty of bacon, egg, ranchera and cheese. I was scared this might be too spicy for me–but the sauce was definitely on the mild side. I normally like salsa on my taco, but it doesn’t work quite as well for breakfast, though. Still, if I ever feel like eating five tacos for breakfast again, then this is definitely the place to be!


HELLO CLEVELAND: Little Italy’s Greatest Eats

Happy Hour in Cleveland is very much a thing, and in Little Italy it means they’re dishing out deep discounts on pizza pies and Peroni beers at Maxi’s Ristorante. You could get the same deal on Bud or Miller Lights, but as they say, when in Rome…pound some Peronis, bro!

It’s hard to pick a pizza when they’re all just 10 bucks, but I went with the meatball pie. You’ve got some beef & pork balls thinly sliced on a nice, crisp crust and two kinds of cheese: mozzarella and provolone. Dude, this pizza is 80’s hair-band cheesy, bro! I could hear the Poison power ballads playing in my head while I scarfed it down.


And while you could probably feed 2-3 people with a pie this size, you know I slammed it all down, son! What can I say–this is body by pizza, bro!


Speaking of pizza, one night after an Indians game, I headed down the cobblestone streets of Murray Hill to La Pizzeria, this home style neighbourhood joint that does it up right. Only I wasn’t here for pizza, but for one of their real-deal, Italian-style sub sandwiches.


Now dude, you can’t really get a really good Italian sub in Toronto. There might be some little place tucked in off St. Clair that I’m not aware of, but you can bet your Bautista bobblehead that Pizza Pizza doesn’t do it up like this! What you’ve got is a garlic bread baguette heated in the pizza oven with melted cheese, sliced roast beef, giant mushrooms, onions and peppers. It may not be big Philly style…but last time I checked, the Phillies were watching the playoffs at home, bro!


When it comes to Italian breakfast, the place to be in Cleveland is Presti’s Bakery. This place has been serving up fresh-baked goodies ahead of a century, and they’ve been overheard on Mayfield since 1943. Man, this place has everything–brownies, gelato, fresh-baked bread… They even make their own pizza and deli sandwiches, so you could probably eat all three meals there. But for breakfast they’re serving up all sorts of egg and cheese croissant sandwiches that take a huge dump all over Dunkin Donuts, dude!

Of course, I got mine with bacon, because bacon makes the world go round. I washed it down with an iced coffee, cuz hey, I hear it’s hot in Cleveland or something…