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Takin’ bacon & eggs to the next level…with beef brisket!!!!!

Now, we ain’t gonna change the name of this blog to Burgers, Bacon & Brunch or anything… but for the second Sunday in a row, we’re setting our alarms and heading out for some funky brunch, Marky Mark! This time we’re hitting up Liberty Commons, this brewpub in Liberty Village, which seems like the only place you can get Big Rock beer in Toronto now — you KNOW I gotta have my AGD, bro!!!!

We’ve been to Liberty Commons a couple times before, and I wasn’t that impressed with their BBQ back in 2017, but when I saw they were serving up brisket & eggs for brunch, I still had to order it — dude, this is body by brisket & eggs, bro! And I gotta say, they’ve gotten much, much better at cooking brisket over the past five years…

brisket&eggs_w_bacon (16)

Now, here’s where I should mention that we made a little menu hack. Since I didn’t wanna be shittin’ my britches after a night out drinkin’, I swapped out the baked beans for a side of bacon. The First Rule of Flavourtown is always add bacon, bro! And having that bite of pork on top of the super-tender brisket and sunny-side up eggs just takes it up another notch, son!!!!!

breakfast_coffee_stout (6)

And since the name of this blog IS still Burgers, Bacon & Beer, let’s just say this Breakfast Coffee Stout had my name on it. At 6%, it’s definitely stronger than a Guinness (which I had for brunch last week), and it’s got a stronger coffee flavour, too. Now, I don’t normally drink coffee, but if you turn it into a beer, I would have at least four cups a day, bro!!!!!

Wolves in the Taproom @ Folly Brewpub

We’re back in Toronto now, and with all this talk of Omicron variant and new COVID restrictions, I could use a beer…or 10. So we’re hanging out at Folly Brewpub, this funky little joint at College and Dovercourt that’s serving up nine different beers brewed in house, along with a food menu that ranges from Italian to German. Shut the front, back and side doors, son!!!!

trust_no_one_lichtenhainer (2)

Speaking of German, we’re starting off with a Trust No One Lichtenhainer, which just happens to be what it says on my lower back tattoo. This wheat beer has a nice smokey smell and more of a sour, citrusy taste. I don’t know how they brew it, but they sure brew it good, Bro Scratch Fever!!!

folly_brewpub_arancini (6)

We’re pairing that with a classic Italian app — arancini. These creamy little rice balls are deep-fried to perfection, with a piece of cheese in the middle, and they soak up all the sauce on the place, son!

wolves_in_the_taproom (3)

Now, when I saw this next beer on their list, I knew I totally had to try it. This is Wolves in the Taproom, named after my second-favourite atmospheric blackened shoegaze band. (Deafhaven FTW, bro!) Although it’s an amber, they brew it with Belgian yeast to give it a nice, chocolately flavour. I could pound, like, 16 of these!!!!

folly_thai_mussels (4)

Did I mention that the food here is pretty funky? They’re actually serving up three different kinds of mussels — Provincial, Calabrese and Thai. (All that’s missing are some mussels from Brussels, bro!) Me, I went with the Thai ones, served in a curry coconut milk broth. Now, the ones on top aren’t too spicy, but when you get to the bottom, and they’re swimming in that broth, you definitely get a nice little kick…

how_about_some_coffee (7)

But you KNOW I’ve still got room for dessert, bro…and by dessert, I mean another beer. How About Some Coffee is a nice, heavy coffee stout with a creamy head. It only comes in bottles — but on the plus side, you can buy ’em to take home, so I think I might just do that. 😉






These ain’t yer grandpappy’s Buffalo wings, bro!

So we’re hanging out at Big Ditch Brewing Company, this funky craft brewpub in the city that put the Buffalo in Buffalo wings. But at this joint, they don’t just toss ‘em in Frank’s Red Hot and butter – they’ve got a secret ingredient, their Hayburner IPA.

hayburner_wings (5)

Now, these wings are super-crispy, straight outta fryer and very lightly sauced, with a side of blue cheese – dude, this is body by blue cheese! I went with mine medium, after the server said the only guy who likes ‘em hot is a fireman who burned off all the nerves in his tongue. I gotta say, there was not a whole lotta heat here…but I still hosed ‘em down with a couple beers, bro!

lemon_lime_pineapple_breeze (2)

This is a pint of Lemon-Lime Pineapple Breeze, a seasonal special from their not-quite-winter menu. You’ve got a light, fruity, crushable wheat ale with pineapple juice, lemon zest and dry hops, for that little extra kick.

cinnamon_apple_amber_beer (6)

Now, after pounding that plate of wings, I still had room for some liquid dessert! This Cinnamon Apple Amber Ale is brewed with apple cider, cinnamon, allspice, oatmeal and brown sugar, and tastes pretty much the way it sounds. Still better than last year’s Mill St. Christmas beer, though!