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LA POUTINE WEEK 2022: Ain’t no thing but a chicken…tender?

Back in the day, it was an old-timey sales tactic to price something at, say, $14.99 instead of $15 so that folks would think they were getting a better deal. But when it comes to food delivery apps, places that do this are a real pain in the ass. Let’s say there’s a promotion where you hafta spend $30 to save 20% and you order something that costs $29.99. Well, even though it’s basically 30 bucks, you’re still one cent short, and you have to add another item to get the discount. Bad news, broseph!!!!

So, to recap, DoorDash’s La Poutine Week discount kicks in when you spend at least 15 bucks, including the special poutine. Now, most places are charging at least 15 bucks for their Poutine Week special — except for the Duke of York, which charges $14.99. Whether they are using old-timey sales tactics or just wanna make people add something else to their order, this really grinds my gears, bro! So that’s why you see a bottle of ice tea (which costs $2.49, natch) in the photo above. But hey, they did throw in a free cookie and a decent-sized container of ranch dressing, so I guess I can call it even…

duke_york_wing_poutine (8)

Now, the DoorDash description calls this Wing Poutine, but it’s pretty clear that these are chicken tenders. (To be faiiiiiir, they are described as “boneless breaded chicken” on the listing, although I guess I was expecting them to be chunkier or something.) They also let you choose your sauce — I went with “Hot,” figuring it would only be sports bar spicy — and I was right. It had about as much kick as a decent Buffalo wing. And hey, there is plenty of chicken to go around…

duke_york_wing_poutine (14)

Now, here’s the weird thing. My first few bites, the fries were still crispy…but the cheese curds weren’t melted at all. Then it hit me — did they even put any gravy on here? Well, I dunno if the gravy went on first, or if the chicken just weighed it down, but there was plenty of gravy at the bottom of the container. And the best bites were when you got some of that gravy, with the properly melted cheese, a couple fries and a piece of chicken. Just not sure what happened up top, bro???

wing_poutine_aftermath (4)

It’s like a pizza sub on top of a burger, bro!

Now, if you’ve ever been down to the ballpark in Hotlanta, they’ve got this honky-tonk redonkadonk culinary creation called The Burgerizza. This dish is so outta bounds bro, it ended up in the visitor’s dugout! You’ve got a 20-ounce patty between two eight-inch pizzas…I’m getting fatter just by thinking about it! Now Harvey’s Pizza Burger, well, let’s just say it pales by comparison:


Don’t get me wrong, I was totally prepared to hate this, bro. I was gonna be all like “This pizza burger is a pizza crap!” … but then it turned out to be magically delicious. Basically, you’ve got all the ingredients of a pizza sub—pepperoni, cheese ‘n pizza sauce—on top of a Harvey’s charbroiled burger. I only added toppings I’d actually put on a pizza, so, y’know, ixnay on the ettucelay! And hey, as strange as it sounds, this combination actually works. Maybe next time I’m at Subway, I’m gonna ask them to put a burger on my pizza sub, son!!!


But of course, you know that itty, bitty burger wasn’t gonna fill me up, buttercup! So I ordered a side of Buffalo chicken poutine, which just might be the funkiest thing on the menu. They take a chicken burger, douse it in Red Hot Sauce, then chop it up and put it on top of cheese curds, gravy and fries (which happens to be the Quebec version of Triple B – Vive la CCGF, mon fils)! Again, you wouldn’t think this would work…but the hot sauce actually goes well with the gravy. My only complaint is that they don’t cut the chicken into smaller pieces, cuz nobody eats poutine with a knife, bro!!!!!!