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Football by the lake @ The Dock

Not only can you eat seafood by the seashore in Seattle, but you can also drink beers and watch football, bro! We’re hanging out at The Dock Sports Bar and Grill, this funky joint by the lake, that’s got all the games on flat screen TVs, with plenty of local craft beers on tap (along with lots of, uh, Bud Light…)

And since the early games start at 10 am on the West Coast, we start drinking at 9:30 — I think I could get used to this, bro!

elysian_dank_dust_ipa (2)

We’re starting off with an Elysian Dank Dust IPA, and the name is no joke — this beer smells like weed, bro! But once you get past the odour of marijuana, it’s a pretty tasty, hoppy IPA.

Now, maybe there’s no weed in this beer, but I’m definitely getting the munchies over here. So let’s see what they’ve got to eat…

ultimate_cheese_curds (1)

These Ultimate Cheese Curds are the perfect game day snack. Deep fried balls of cheese that go great with ranch — not so sure about the strawberry sauce though.

the_dock_totchos (1)

On the other hand, these Dock Totchos sound better than they taste. On paper, there’s nothing wrong with tater tots topped with cheese, ground beef, sour cream, jalapeños, onions, beans and tomatoes — but the tots get soggy pretty quickly, so instead of being the main vessel, they become just another bit player in the mix.

elysian_space_dust_ipa (4)

From there, we switched to Elysian Space Dust, their signature IPA. Not as heavy or as hoppy, but it gets the job done.

fremont_brewing_sky_kraken (3)

This Fremont Brewing Sky Kraken might be the best beer I’ve had so far. Hazy, slightly hoppy, but still very crushable. I think I’ll have a couple more of these.

the_dock_wings+fries (3)

Dude, these Buffalo wings are outta bounds, bro! Beyond the buttery heat, they’ve also got a lemon peppery kick. And the meat is super-tender — I don’t think I’ve had a chicken wing that melts in my mouth before!!!!

On the other hand, while the parmesan fries were hot and crispy, the hardened layer of cheese on top doesn’t really add much. You’d be better off with the plain fries.

Happy hour is here with The Tragically Hip’s new beer!

Now, Big Rock has gotta be one of my favourite craft breweries. Dude, this is body by Big Rock, bro! So when I heard they were putting out the official beer of the Tragically Hip, Lake Fever Lager, I was all over that like a 50 mission cap!!!

lake_fever_lager (7)

Now, I gotta say, this beer is pretty basic. I mean, it’s got a little more character than Molson Canadian… actually, it kinda reminds me of Labatt 50, which isn’t actually a lager, but has a similar mouthfeel. Let’s just say it’s not one of those beers that you buy one or two to pair with some fancy cheese plate — more like something you’d shotgun a 24 by a bonfire at the cottage (and there’s nothing wrong with that at all). Know what it does go good with, though? Buffalo wings, bro!!!

lake_fever_lager+buffalo_wings (14)

Turns out these Pinty’s frozen Buffalo wings were like 7 bucks off at Metro, which makes for the perfect at-home Happy Hour special in Flavourtown! They came with two packets of Buffalo sauce, which was more than plenty — as you can see, these bad boys were super-saucy! And the sauce was on point, too. It’s been hard for me to find a really great Buffalo wing in town since they turned my former favourite wing joint into a Wild Wing’s, but I feel like Pinty’s really nailed it. They even came with some blue cheese dressing on the side, son!

lake_fever_little_bones (2)

Baby, eat this chicken slow — it’s full of all them little bones, bro!!!!

These ain’t yer grandpappy’s Buffalo wings, bro!

So we’re hanging out at Big Ditch Brewing Company, this funky craft brewpub in the city that put the Buffalo in Buffalo wings. But at this joint, they don’t just toss ‘em in Frank’s Red Hot and butter – they’ve got a secret ingredient, their Hayburner IPA.

hayburner_wings (5)

Now, these wings are super-crispy, straight outta fryer and very lightly sauced, with a side of blue cheese – dude, this is body by blue cheese! I went with mine medium, after the server said the only guy who likes ‘em hot is a fireman who burned off all the nerves in his tongue. I gotta say, there was not a whole lotta heat here…but I still hosed ‘em down with a couple beers, bro!

lemon_lime_pineapple_breeze (2)

This is a pint of Lemon-Lime Pineapple Breeze, a seasonal special from their not-quite-winter menu. You’ve got a light, fruity, crushable wheat ale with pineapple juice, lemon zest and dry hops, for that little extra kick.

cinnamon_apple_amber_beer (6)

Now, after pounding that plate of wings, I still had room for some liquid dessert! This Cinnamon Apple Amber Ale is brewed with apple cider, cinnamon, allspice, oatmeal and brown sugar, and tastes pretty much the way it sounds. Still better than last year’s Mill St. Christmas beer, though!

What do you get when you cross Buffalo wings with a hot dog?

OK, so check it out. This one time, I was hanging out at Let’s Be Frank, this funky juke joint in Chinatown. I told a buddy to meet me there, but he actually went to Fancy Franks instead. But hey, it was an honest mistake—you can never have too many gourmet hot dog joints in one neighbourhood, is what I say.

Speaking of neighbourhoods, this well-dressed wiener is taking me straight down to Allentown. They call this one Frankie Goes to Buffalo, and I gotta say, it just screams “Relax” son!

buffalo_hot_dog (1)

OK, let’s break it down. You’ve got a lotta crunch from the panko-breaded, deep-fried wiener; a nice, buttery kick from the Buffalo sauce, balanced out by a creamy Blue cheese dressing—and some carrot sticks and celery, y’know, for that one serving of veggies. Man, I could go all Kobayashi on six or seven of these…I’d just need some extra napkins!


St. Louis is serving up all-you-can-eat wings. Guess how many I ate?

When I heard about the shooting at the Anchor Bar yesterday, I was outraged beyond belief. What kinda dipshit walks into the Chicken Wing Palace and shoots two people in the kitchen, where all the magic happens!? They even had to close the Wing Temple on the May Long Weekend, which is really bad for business. Man, if I ever meet the guy who did this, I’d love to spit some beechnut in that dude’s eyes and shoot him with my old 45! (Cuz a country boy can survive, son!)

But let’s face it, that’s probably not gonna happen; I don’t think they’d let me take my old 45 across the border on a Greyhound bus, no matter how lonesome, on’ry and mean I may be. So I wanted to pay tribute to the victims of the Anchor Bar Massacre in the best way I know how: by stuffing my face with Buffalo wings. And it just so happened that St. Louis is serving up all you can eat wings for $19.99. This one’s for Buffalo, bro!

ayce_wings (1)

So, here’s the deal. They start you off with a pound and a half of wings, along with fries and dill dipping sauce. And then from there, they give you a pound at a time, so you can pace yourself. Now, I used to pound two pounds of wings every week on 2-for-1 night at The Puck in The Annex, so I felt that I could get through the first couple rounds, but I also knew I had to do better this time for the city of Buffalo.

ayce_wings (2)

Pound #2.5 came out of the fryer fast and furious, and I chowed down on these when they were still screaming hot. Temperature hot, that is. St. Louis’ Buffalo wings really aren’t that spicy; I think they just throw some Frank’s Red Hot Sauce on ‘em or something.

ayce_wings (3)

By the time the third batch hit the table, I wasn’t really hungry, but I still wasn’t full, so I made pretty quick work of these ones, too. After three and a half pounds of wings, I was wondering if I could eat more meat than that time I tried to tackle a 67 oz steak…and in the end, I came pretty close.

ayce_wings (4)

Now, if my eyes were smaller than my stomach, I might’ve only asked for a half-pound for my fourth go-round. I made it through the first four no problem, but then my stomach started to hurt, and I wasn’t sure if I could get through the last half-pound. But that’s when I dug down deep and called on all the strength and resilience of the people of Buffalo in this trying time. I knew that justice would not be done unless I finished these wings …so I did. And now I need to lie down for a couple days. But at least I can rest knowing that Buffalo’s been saved, cuz I’ve done my part by eating 36 chicken wings.

#NeverForgetAnchorBar #PrayForBuffaloWings

Wings + Burritos: The two things I miss most about The Annex

(Originally written April 28, 2013)

It’s nearly impossible to pick between these two fine establishments, both within a rocket-armed QB’s throw from my soon-to-be-former apartment.  For my money’s worth, Puck ‘n Wings has the best buffalo wings north of Buffalo, and when it comes to chicken wings in this city, only the Crown and Dragon comes close.  The place is also always almost-empty on Sunday afternoons, so they have no problem putting the Seahawks game on one of their flatscreen TVs for me.  That said, I only caught a couple Hawks games at the Puck last year, as I was able to watch a lot of them at home.  A winning record gets you a lot more televised broadcasts on Sportsnet–and it seems they even have a handful of prime-time contests this upcoming season.  Let’s Go Hawks!!!!

Speaking of the Seahawks, I’ve developed a post-game ritual that incorporated the Mexican joint around the corner from the Puck, Burrito Bandidos.  See, I’ve made a habit of going for a victory meal after every Hawks win, and ever since the fish ‘n chips joint at Bloor and Albany became a poutinerie, said ritual involves the halibut burrito from Bandidos:

halibut_burrito (2)

Now, I know there’s a burrito joint near my new digs, but I’ve heard they don’t have hali.  And when it comes to wings, St. Louis simply can’t pass the Puck.  Looks like I need a new Sunday ritual–or a healthy supply of subway tokens, anyways. 😦

UPDATE: While I had to make due with some weakass burrito action for too many months (let’s just say that place has since shut down), I am now blessed with a Burrito Boyz within walking distance. For those who don’t know, Burrito Bandidos is basically a Burrito Boyz tribute joint–they’ve got all the same recipes ‘n shit. So while I can have my hali again, there still aren’t any good wing joints ’round here, which really blows, bro!