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65-dollar, 66% buffet brunch on Mother’s Day

Now, we may have been raised by wolves in the wilds of Alberta, but that doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate Mother’s Day on Triple B — especially when there’s a buffet involved. We’re hanging out at Dia, this funky joint on the second floor of the new Canopy by Hilton at Bloor and Sherbourne, where they’re serving up a $65 Mother’s Day brunch that’s not quite a full buffet, but pretty close.

Y’see, while they have a buffet-style spread for starters and desserts, you order your entrees a la carte from their Mother’s Day menu… which means you only get to pick just one. But there is plenty of food to go around for starters, though:

dia_mothers_day_starters (3)

What we’ve got here is garden breakfast pizza, bacon breakfast pizza, a bacon & marscapone shooter, marble cheddar, hummus + goat cheese, Greek pasta salad, Virginia ham, sopressata and some bread for hummus dipping. I deliberately avoided adding any veggies to this plate, but there are some onions, peppers and mushrooms on the pizza, so that counts. The bacon breakfast pizza was TheBomb.ca, but the hummus on fresh bread was actually the best thing on this plate, bro!!!!!

dia_prime_rib_roast (11)

Now, there were six main courses to choose from, but you KNOW I went with the prime rib roast — dude, this is body by prime rib roast! But while I was expecting some freshly carved prime rib, Toronto Beach Club style, this piece of meat clearly came out of the kitchen. It wasn’t bad, but it was only the third best prime rib I’ve had in the past six weeks. At least the carrots and asparagus helped me not die of scurvy this week, so there’s that…

dia_mothers_day_desserts (5)

But you KNOW we’ve still got room for dessert — and I grabbed one of almost everything on the dessert table, bro! We’re talkin’ strawberry chocolate truffles, strawberry trifle, vanilla crème brûlée, chocolate explosion brownie AND pecan pie… oh my! Now, we don’t normally trifle with trifle on Triple B, but I gotta say, this trifle was quite tasty. You’ve got strawberry jam topped with whipped cream, topped with shortcake, more whipped cream, and a couple strawberry slices on top. It’s like a festival of funk in Flavourtown!!!!!!!

Beach-ter feaster buffet @ Toronto Beach Club

Now, I know we just went to town on an Easter Sunday brunch buffet last weekend, but when I heard the Toronto Beach Club, this upscale funky joint right on Woodbine Beach, was serving up its own Oasis Brunch, a $75 AYCE buffet on Sundays, let’s just say I’m not gonna wait until the next holiday to check it out, bro! I’ve already had a great big steak dinner here in 2021, so I know this place is pretty fancy. And while it’s almost twice the price of HOTHOUSE… I gotta say, it’s a lot tastier, too.

Plate 1: Brioche French toast, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs with cheese and guac, frittata

Now, my biggest complaint about the HOTHOUSE buffet was their badly undercooked bacon. But the bacon here is much better — just crispy enough without being too hard. We’ve also got a couple tasty sausages, a nice piece of brioche french toast, with maple syrup and berries, scrambled eggs with guac and cheddar cheese — and then a fritatta. Because why not?

Plate 2: tuna tataki, mussels escabeche, seafood salad, sea bream, salmon gravlax, tiger shrimp, BC oysters

Plate number two is strictly seafood — and this is where the Beach Club sets itself apart. You’ve got fresh oysters, mussels, great big tiger shrimp, along with tuna tataki, smoked salmon and a seafood salad with squid, scallops and shrimp. Plus, in the middle of the plate (although you can’t really see it here) you’ve got a couple pieces of hand-carved sea bream. I mean, there wasn’t a whole lotta fish left by the time I swung by (probably around 12:30 or so), but I can kinda see why it goes so fast — where have you ever seen a hand-carved fish station before, bro????

Plate 3: roast beef, lamb shoulder, Greek potatoes, baked short rib pasta

Speaking of carving stations — they’re not just carving up fish, but roast beef and lamb as well. Now, I thought the beef at HOTHOUSE was the best part of that buffet, but this roast beef is even better; nice ‘n thick and juicy. Goes great with the lemony greek potatoes and the baked short rib pasta, which is sorta like mac ‘n cheese on steroids. The lamb here was also more seasoned than at HOTHOUSE… but on the other hand, The Beach Club does not have an omelette station, so there’s that.

Plate 4: lemon square, chocolate brownie, carrot cake, baklava, chocolate chip cookie

Of course, you can’t go to a buffet and NOT eat dessert, bro! This plate has got a few of my favourite things — chocolate chip cookie, carrot cake, chocolate brownie… they’ve even got baklava. How many buffets have baklava???

Now, you also won’t get any $5 caesars here — plus, a pint of beer was like 13 bucks. But I gotta say, this buffet was the closest thing in Toronto I’ve seen to the famous Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace in Vegas. Don’t get me wrong, it’s about half the size, but the seafood and carving stations are on point. Plus, I ate enough food for like 3 people, so I’m not complaining about the price, either!

Easter feaster buffet @ HOTHOUSE Cafe

Now, we don’t really celebrate Easter on Triple B (I just wait for all the chocolates to go on sale next week, bro!) but when we heard that HOTHOUSE, this funky joint on Church Street, just an Easter egg toss from St. Lawrence Market, was serving up an AYCE Easter buffet for 40 bucks plus tax, you KNOW I’ll be there with bunny ears on, bro! And let’s just say I made sure I got my money’s worth…

hothouse_plate_1 (2)

Plate 1: Salmon Wellington, penne, chicken leg, cold mussels, coleslaw, olives, apple turnover

My first go-round wasn’t very well thought out — I pretty much just grabbed stuff at random. I think the best thing on this plate was the salmon, which was perfectly hot and flaky.

hothouse_plate_2 (4)

Plate 2: scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles

Plate 2 was all about breakfast, boo! They were all outta French toast when I came around, so instead I went with waffles, which they were cranking out at the waffle iron all day, so they were pretty hot and tasty. Bacon was basically the opposite of crispy, super undercooked. Maybe the best thing on this plate were the sausages, which tasted amazing by comparison.

hothouse_plate_3 (3)

Plate 3: roast beef, lamb, jerk chicken, cheese capellini, roast potatoes, potato salad

Plate 3 is when I hit up the carving station, where they were serving up both lamb AND roast beef — the beef was super tender and juicy, too! We’ve also got two kinds of potatoes — roasted AND salad — some white-guy-spicy jerk chicken, and an underrated scene-stealer with these cheese capellini. What’s the difference between capellini and tortellini? Beats me-linni!!!!

hothouse_plate_4 (4)

Plate 4: Omelette with bacon, mushrooms, green onion, tomato with side of bacon and potatoes

The omelette station is super-efficient, with two omeletteers working three burners each — that’s six in total — so I didn’t have to wait in line. I added some more potatoes and not-very-good bacon to this plate, cuz even if the bacon’s not very good, I mean, it’s still got bacon in it, right?

hothouse_plate_5(dessert) (3)

Plate 5: bread pudding, caramel square, white chocolate chip cookie, two kinds of chocolate cake

Dessert was a lavish affair, with about twice as much stuff to choose from as what you see here. (I did not have room for Second Dessert, but I did grab two plates, so there’s that.) I think the cake on the right was gluten-free aka flourless chocolate cake — it wasn’t bad, but not as moist as the one on the left.

hothouse_$5_caesar (9)

And yes, all the grub you see above only cost me 40 bucks — but the deals don’t end there, bro! They were also serving up two caesars for 10 bucks, son! Now, I dunno if you could get only one caesar for five bucks, or if you had to order two for the discount to kick in…but dude, when you can get two of anything for 10 bucks, you order two. That’s like the seventeenth rule of Flavourtown, bro!!!!!!!

Getting stuffed like a turkey at this Thanksgiving buffet, bro!

Now, the last time the Jays made the playoffs (in a non-COVID-shortened season), we headed out to the Old Mill Inn for a righteous Thanksgiving spread. Well, the less we say about the Jays the better — but at least the buffet is back, and you KNOW we’re going back for seconds, thirds and fourths, son!!!!

old_mill_buffet_plate_1 (2)

This first plate is breakfast bar meets salad bar, with some eggs, bacon, roast potatoes, salami, coleslaw and German potato salad. Dude, that German salad is potatoes — and potatoes is good!!!!

old_mill_buffet_plate_2 (2)

Next up, we’ve got turkey and stuffing, alongside eggs benny, calamari, butternut squash ravioli…and goat curry. I gotta say, the turkey was pretty good, but that goat curry is what makes it!!!!!!!!

old_mill_buffet_plate_3 (7)

But you KNOW we can’t go to a buffet without hitting up the carving station — this is body by roast beef, bro! Meat is nice ‘n tender, with some mashed potatoes, mussels, shrimp, and this funky yam salad with walnuts… I’d put that on a flip-flop!!!!!

old_mill_chocolate_fountain (3)

Of couse, we gotta save room for dessert — especially since they brought back the chocolate fountain, son!

old_mill_dessert_plate (2)

We’ve got chocolate mousse, pecan pie, cheesecake, a chocolate brownie and some chocolate-dipped strawberries. Dude, I’d take the Old Mill’s dessert spread over Caesar’s Palace any day, bro!!!!!!

SOUTH BY SOUTH AUSTIN: $16 Middle East Feast @ Dimassi’s Mediterranean Buffet

Not only is everything bigger in Texas, but it’s usually cheaper, too. So when I heard about Dimassi’s Mediterranean Buffet, this funky joint with an AYCE lunch buffet for just $15.99, you KNOW I had to check it out, bro!!!

dimassis_plate_1 (2)

Plate 1: fried chicken, gyros, kofta, chicken breast, meatloaf, hummus, tzatziki, tabbouleh, coleslaw, pasta salad

Kofta was hot and tasty, but the highlight was the spicy meatloaf, topped with a potato and a hot pepper. And I don’t even know what this dish is called, bro…

dimassis_plate_2 (4)

Plate 2: chicken breast, pulled beef, fried fish, potatoes, okra, brown rice, potato salad, chickpea salad, fattoush, avocado hummus, baba ganoush

The pulled beef was outstanding, tender and tangy, while the fried fish was nice and crisp. And avocado hummus!? Shut the back door, bro!!!!

dimassis_plate_3 (4)

Plate 3: fried chicken, baked fish, eggplant, cauliflower, grape leaves, falafel, spicy flatbread

Fried chicken was tastier this time around, coming in hot and juicy. And that eggplant melts like butter, bro! Not sure about that spicy flatbread, though. I thought it was pizza…but no!

And you KNOW we’ve still got room for dessert! But after some rice pudding, baklava and halawa (which I forgot to take a picture of), that oughtta do’er.

$25 AYCE Filipino Fiesta Brunch @ Kanto

Now, I’m always up for AYCE, and this is body by buffet, so when I heard that Kanto by Tita Flips, this funky Filipino joint in The Junction, was serving up an AYCE Filipino buffet on Sundays, I shut the back door and bought a 25-dollar ticket. You KNOW I’m gonna get my money’s worth, bro!!!!!

kanto_brunch_lechon (1)

Now, you won’t find a prime rib carving station at this buffet, but they do have lechon, a roast suckling pig, freshly carved and ready to go. Man, I musta grabbed at least 10 pieces of this here piggy piggy…

kanto_brunch_sisig (3)

Another famous Filipino pork dish is sisig, with bits of pork belly and jowl mixed with chicken liver, chili peppers, and a poached egg on top. Dude, this dish is magically delicious!!!!

kanto_fried_chicken (2)

We may not be at Jollibee…but they’re still serving up some boneless fried chicken, which is nice ‘n crunchy, and tender on the inside. I think I had at least five pieces of this…

kanto_ube_pancake (7)

While you can’t get some waffles with that chicken, you can have a made-to-order ube pancake, which is nice and fluffy, with just a bit of purple sweet potato punch.

kanto_chocolate_porridge (6)

And if you like it sweet, give this chocolate porridge a try. Actually, I think this might taste good on top of those ube pancakes…

kanto_easter_cupcake (4)

And, since it was Easter Sunday, they passed around these little mini ube cupcakes with a chocolate Easter egg on top. Nice little finishing touch…

Of course, this is just barely scratching the surface of all the various soups, stews and sausages we scarfed down yesterday. And did I mention they have a sweet tea station? For 25 bucks, you really can’t go wrong, bro!!!!!

ICE ICELAND BABY: Feast fit for a Viking in Vik

Now, Iceland ain’t all about Reykjavik, bro! Sure, it might be to Iceland what Toronto would be to Canada — if Toronto had 20 million people and no other city was over 250K — but to see the sights, like the Black Beach or Skogafoss… you gotta head to Vik, this tiny town of 300 deep in the south of Iceland. And Hotel Katla, just a couple minutes outside of Vik, is ready to welcome you with a real-deal Icelandic dinner buffet, bro!!!

hotel_katla_plate_1 (3)

Now, on this plate you’ve got classics like leg of lamb and dill & garlic cod, along with tater tots and carrots. Sure, there were some other veggies to choose from…but I’ll stick with tater tots.

hotel_katla_plate_2 (4)

On the side plate, we’ve got funky hors d’oeuvres like bacon rolls — dude, this is body by bacon rolls! — pulled lamb blinis (no such thing as too much lamb, bro), smoked salmon, beetroot carpaccio and a few green things, for research purposes.

hotel_katla_dessert_plate (6)

Of course, you KNOW we’ve still got room for dessert bro…but this chocolate mousse, red berry cake, white chocolate brownie, tiramisu square AND chocolate cake oughtta do’er.

icelandic_winter_ale (8)

And we’re washing it all down with an Icelandic Winter Ale from Einstok. They brew this bad boy with smoked Icelandic barely and whiskey-soaked spruce tree tips — sounds like a balanced Icelandic breakfast to me!!!!!

EATING LAS VEGAS: The buffet to end all buffets…

Dude, now that the USA is finally letting fully vaxxed Canucks back in, it’s time for Triple B to go on our first Flavourtown Roadtrip since 2019! And what better place than Sin City, baby!? We’ve crammed two weeks’ worth of high-end eating into the U.S. Thanksgiving long weekend…and we’ll be rolling it out on the blog over the next two weeks, bro!!!!

Now, the last time I was in town, I tried to get a table at the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace — but even at 9 am on a Sunday, the line was over 90 minutes long (I ended up at the Flamingo instead). So this time, making a reservation was one of the first things I did when I booked this trip — 5:30 pm was the latest time they had available. But hey, that just gives me more time to digest?

With international food stations representing Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Middle Eastern, Italian and Mexican food, along with roast beef and turkey carving stations, a seafood bar and an entire section of desserts, you can’t possibly eat it all in 90 minutes. In fact, you’ll probably fill up before your time’s up. Me, I was outta there in an hour…but not before polishing off five plates of food.

Plate 1: BBQ pork, fried rice, kalbi beef, Wagyu hot dog, pork skewers, crab rangoon, lechon

The Asian stations were the closest to where I was sitting, so I started off there — and probably grabbed too much pork, what with the pork skewers, BBQ pork and Filipino lechon. All that was missing was the bacon, bro!

Plate 2 (right): Pepperoni pizza, pozole, cheese tortellini, pretzels, blue cheese, pita bread

Now what sets this buffet apart are the side quests — dishes that already come pre-plated on their own little plates, so you can’t really pile them up on top of your plate with all the other stuff on it. So that’s how I ended up bringing two plates back to my table at the same time…

Plate 3: falafel, chips n guac, Mexican street corn

Of the side quests, the highlight had to be the Mexican corn station. They had a guy roasting corn on a spinning grill, and topping it to order with your choice of toppings — I just went with butter and Mexican cheese, which is really all you need…

Plate 4: Prime rib, stuffing, potato salad, shrimp, mussels

Now, even though they had turkey, brisket and ribs at the carving stations, it wouldn’t be a buffet for me without prime rib, bro! And while there were plenty of people who pretty much just filled up on crab legs, I didn’t even take one. (Gimme crab cakes over crab legs any day!!!) But I did make this a surf ‘n turf plate by grabbing some shrimp and mussels, though…

Dessert: confetti cupcake, red velvet cake, macaroons, pumpkin pie

Now, at this point I was getting pretty full. I had to limit myself to only five desserts, bro! Man, I actually think I set a record for steps on my Apple Watch that day…but let’s just say I didn’t lose any weight after this buffet. 😉

Slaying the best Sunday brunch buffet in Mississauga…

So, we’re back in Port Credit, hanging out at the “Best Sunday Brunch in Mississauga” (according to themselves, anyways), where we’re scarfing down bacon, beef and breakfast tacos–that’s like three of the four essential food groups right there, bro! This is Breakwater Restaurant:

breakwater_brunch_plate_1 (4)

Now, we’re going all around the world with this first plate: mushroom pizza, breakfast taco, shrimp roll and two kids of salad: potato AND pasta! (Hey, I don’t always eat salad bro, but as long as it’s not all green stuff, we’re good.) The breakfast taco was super-messy; one bite and the egg yolk sprayed all over my face like goat semen at a testicle festival. But the shrimp roll was the best thing on this plate, by far!

breakwater_brunch_plate_2 (4)

Next up, we’ve got a flaky croissant, deep-fried fish with tartar sauce, a waffle with strawberries, some home-fried potatoes, a couple pepperonis, for added colour, and a whole buncha bacon–because why settle for sausage when you can stuff your face with bacon, bro???

breakwater_brunch_plate_3 (1)

Of course, I couldn’t wait any longer before hitting up the carving station, son! We’ve got some roast beef, mushroom medley (served cold, unfortunately), foccacia with hummus and a few breakfast sausages, just to make it a two-meat plate. The beef was a little too well-done, but still pretty tasty…

breakwater_brunch_omelette (5)

And hey, you can’t hit up a Sunday brunch buffet without taking a trip to the omelette station. This egg-on-egg action is crammed with ham, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and cheddar. Plus a whole pile of bacon on the side. Dude, this is body by bacon!!!!

breakwater_brunch_dessert (1)

And YOU KNOW we’ve still got room for dessert, bro!!! There’s a piece of carrot cake, blueberry flan, a double-dose of chocolate square and some chocolate pudding/mousse, with a two-bite brownie and a giant blackberry. It’s like research in motion…heading straight down my piehole!!!!