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Korean triple meat platter for one @ KOKO! Share Bar

Now, we’re not big on sharing here on Triple B. Dude, if I’m sharing food, it means that someone else is going hungry — cuz Imma eat most of it, bro! So when I heard about KOKO! Share Bar, this Japanese/Korean joint bringing some underground funk to Yorkville, I was like, yeah, I’ll check it out — as long as I don’t hafta share. 😉

Actually, you don’t really need to share most of the stuff on their menu. You could just order your own appetizer, main course, sushi, sashimi, etc. But they do have a couple Signature Share Platters that were meant to serve two…but are more like a nice, light snack in Flavourtown!!!!

koko_beef_bulgogi (2)

So, I went with their Bossam platter, which is giving me a little BPC — that’s beef, pork and chicken, son, along with rice and lettuce (I can’t call them lettuce wraps when only two out of seven pieces of lettuce were big enough to wrap the meat in). And man, this bulgogi beef was the star of the show. Super-tender, with a nice chew… I could eat a triple meat platter of just bulgogi, bro!!!!

koko_spicy_chicken (5)

Now, if bulgogi’s number one, then this spicy chicken is number two with a bullet, bro. It’s got a nice little kick, enough to let you know it’s there, but doesn’t melt your face off. And it definitely works better with rice than lettuce…

koko_sauteed_pork (2)

That means I would hafta put the sauteed pork in third place on this platter. It’s not that it was bad, just didn’t have a ton of flavour. Adding some ssamjang sauce helps a bit, though.

koko_bossam_aftermath (5)

Like I said, this was just another dinner for one in Flavourtown. All that was left behind was some green stuff, and maybe a couple onions. And dude, I’m not even full yet — you KNOW I’ve still got room for dessert, bro!!!!!!

green_tea_cheesecake (7)

Now, at KOKO, dessert is either green tea cheesecake or mochi ice cream, and if I had known how small this piece of cheesecake was, I mighta asked for both. You do get a few nice, creamy bites, though, and the green tea isn’t overpowering. But if this is one serving of cheesecake, then I could easily mow down a triple cheesecake platter, bro!!!!!!!!!!!




Eating all the tacos @ Wilbur Mexicana

Man, I don’t think we’ve had any tacos since we got back from Texas. It’s been a little while, bro! But last night, I got this crazy Taco Tuesday craving, so we headed down to King St West to Wilbur Mexicana, this funky joint that’s only open for takeout, serving up eight different kinds of tacos — so you KNOW we had to try em all. Hey, there aren’t many things I’d do in the rain, Bro-ran Juice Jones, but eating tacos is definitely one of them!!!!

wilbur_mushroom_taco (3)

Now, these tacos came in three takeout containers, and I just happened to open the one with the vegan tacos first. But man, this is some of the best vegan food I’ve ever had in my life, bro! This mushroom taco is full of tender, chewy shrooms, and they’re packing sweet potatoes on top for a little extra something.

wilbur_grilled_avocado_taco (4)

This grilled avocado taco is soooo next level, bro! They take a great big chunk of avocado, grill it up nicely, and put it in a tortilla with pico and cheese, so you get that creaminess in every bite!

wilbur_taco_supreme (5)

This Taco Supreme is like a teenage dream in Flavourtown! Seasoned chicken, topped with a whole lotta guac and cheese in a hard shell. Better than yo mama used to make!!!!

wilbur_fish_taco (3)

This fish taco didn’t really stand out among all the fish tacos I’ve had. But it still wasn’t bad, with a nice crunchy slaw and a bit of a kick from the donkey sauce.

wilbur_chicken_tinga_taco (2)

I think the chicken tinga taco uses the same chicken as the Taco Supreme, but this one has a little more flavour, with lettuce, pico and crema on top.

wilbur_bulgogi_beef_taco (5)

This bulgogi beef taco is like a fusion explosion in my mouth, bro! About the only thing on the menu that wasn’t authentically Mexican (or at least Tex-Mex), but one of the tastiest tacos here. Beef had quite a bit of a kick, while the onions and slaw added a nice crunch. I could use a beer to wash it down…but I’m eating outside in the street, son!

wilbur_carne_asada_taco (4)

This carne asada taco is taking it up another notch, bro! Nice, chewy grilled steak — but the crispy onions on top is what makes it!!!!

wilbur_cochinita_pibil_taco (4)

Now, last but not least, we’ve got cochinita pibil. Nice, tangy pulled pork, with some crunch from the onions and a healthy helping of queso fresco. I could pound a few more of these, bro!!!!

Overall, I’m gonna say carne asada first, bulgogi beef second, and the mushroom taco taking a sneaky third place on the podium. But I don’t think there wasn’t anything here I wouldn’t get again, and that’s saying something!

I’m gonna squash some squash poutine, son!!!

Now, we’ve had all kinds of poutine here on Triple B — and this classic combination of fries, curds and gravy almost always involves potatoes. So when I heard that Neon Tiger, this funky little joint on Dupont, was serving up a squash poutine, well, that is something you definitely don’t see every day. So I had to go check it out, bro!!!!

neon_tiger_squash_poutine (2)

I gotta say, the squash was actually the best part of this dish, coming in all hot and crispy. You’ve also got a bit of a clash between the hot, melted cheese and the cold kimchi…but man, there was so much gravy in this dish that it was practically poutine soup. And that’s not cool.

neon_tiger_bulgogi_cheesesteak (2)

On the other hand, their Bulgogi cheesesteak really hits the spot. This simple sammy is just steak and Swiss cheese on a soft, chewy roll — nothing wrong with that at all!!!!

tiger_beer (3)

Now, you ain’t gonna find any craft beer here — they just stick to Asian macrobrews. But hey, this Tiger beer ain’t bad, and it is in the name of the restaurant, so… I think I’ll have a couple of these.

TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: Bulgogi Beef Benedict for brunch, bro!!!

Now, I don’t always get up in time for brunch — especially during Lockdown Number 3 — but since the late game on Hockey Night in Canada was between Vancouver and Ottawa last night, I actually went to bed early. And since I had more than a couple beers during the first game on Hockey Night, let’s just say I was a little hungover this morning.

So we’re looking for some classic comfort food, with a bit of a Toronto twist… which brings us to Sisters & Co, this funky little joint on Dundas West that’s only open from 9 till 3, serving up some funky brunch dishes like a Chicken Katsu Club Sandwich, Thanksgiving Chicken and Waffle and Cinnamon Bun Pancakes. But when I saw the Bulgogi Beef Benedict, I was all over that like Calgary over Montreal, bro! You KNOW I love the taste of beef in the morning!!!

Now there’s a forkful of flavour in Flavourtown, right here! The English muffin was a little too toasty, but the nice chew of the beef and oozy egg more than make up for it. They serve the hollandaise on the side, so it doesn’t get too soggy on the way over, and there’s more than enough sauce to go around, son!

Speaking of forkfuls of flavour, I couldn’t stop shoveling these home fries into my mouth, homes! They’re nice ‘n small, with just a little bit of a kick from the seasoning, and there’s almost two forkfuls for every bite of benedict. (This dish also came with a side salad…but hey, if I could substitute the salad for bacon next time, that would be great.) All in all, I’d say this was just the right amount of food for a hazy Sunday morning without making your stomach feel too heavy. Sisters & Co 1, Hangover 0.

All You Can Eat Asian @ Spring Rolls

Now, my motto’s always been “Why only eat some, when you can eat all?” So we’re hanging out at Spring Rolls, right at Yonge and Dundas, where you can get all you can eat Asian food for just 28 bucks, bro! And we’re not just talking sushi, we’re talking dim sum, bulgogi, calamari, lamb chops… and a whole lotta cupcakes for dessert! OK, now let’s break it down:

spring_rolls_apps (1)

This plateful of deep-fried goodness includes Japanese gyoza, deep-fried scallop cakes, and a beef satay skewer with a very uneven sauce distribution… But that’s not all we’re frying up here:

spring_rolls_takoyaki (3)

Holy Octopus Balls, Batman! This takoyaki was so hot it almost melted my face off!!!

spring_rolls_cheese_dumpling (3)

Now here’s something I’ve never even seen before — they take a wonton, stuff it with cream cheese, and then drop it in the fryer. Man, the only way this would be better is if they used nacho cheese, bro!

spring_rolls_calamari (3)

Of course, we’ve always got room for some calamari. Dude, this is body by calamari!

avocado_roll+green_dragon_roll (1)

Now, I guess we should probably order some sushi. On the right, we’ve got a salmon avocado roll, and then on the left, that’s a green dragon roll — crab meat, avocado and cucumber, with more avocado on top! Who needs a cherry when you can have avocado on top???

spring_rolls_spider_roll (4)

But now we’re about to funk it up a notch, homes! This spider roll, spider roll does whatever a spider roll does — it’s got deep-fried soft shell crab, with some regular crab, avocado, cucumber and mayo… It’s like a Tobey Maguire upside-down kiss in Flavourtown!!!


Now, I know at this point you’re probably asking “Where’s the beef, bro?” Well, it’s right here, son! This sizzling bulgogi beef is so chewy, you could pull it apart with a fork… Man, I could eat like 17 of these!

honey_ginger_chicken (1)

But that’s not the only thing they’re sizzlin’ at Spring Rolls, son! This honey ginger chicken wasn’t quite as spicy as advertised…but you KNOW it’s still heading straight down my piehole!!!

spring_rolls_lamb+steak (1)

Now, here’s something I wasn’t expecting. Imagine having steak and lamb, and lamb and steak. Imagine having both of them, on just one plate… OK, so both of these pieces were well beyond medium rare, but they can still tag team my taste buds any day, bro!

tango_mango_chicken (3)

Now, if you like your Chinese food deep-fried and saucy — dude, Deep Fried ‘n Saucy is my dating profile handle! — then this Tango Mango Chicken is for you. You’ve got crunchy, crispy bird, mango, sweet, sweet onion and bell peppers, sauteed in a house special citrus tango mango sauce. Dude, you could put that on a flip-flop, and it would still taste good!!!!

spring_rolls_dessert (1)

Of course, even after slamming all those Asian taste sensations, we’ve still got room for dessert. Mini brownies, mini creme brulees, and five different kinds of mini cupcakes. The ones with the Oreos on top were my Flavourtown favourites…