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TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: Hungarian and Thai food, at the same time, dude!!!

The great thing about Toronto is that you can find pretty much any kind of food on earth, and it’s all right here, right now in T-Dot-O. There’s even some pretty crazy mash-ups, like Rasta Pasta, this funky Jamaican/Italian joint in Kensington Market. But just a couple blocks away, in the same damn hood, there’s another joint serving up an even crazier cuisine combination — Hungary Thai Bar & Eatery. Who knew that you’d even want Hungarian and Thai food at the same time, dude???

Now, when I saw this place, I knew I had to try a bit of both. And it turns out they’ve got a Thai & Hungarian Combo for 2 that comes with everything you see above — schnitzel, spring rolls, cabbage rolls and enough pad thai to feed at least two people on its own. Of course, since we’re still in Second Lockdown, there was no second person to share this with…but when has that ever stopped me, bro!!!!!!!!!!??????????

hungary_thai_schnitzel (14)

Now, I’ll admit I’m kinda glad this combo only came with one massive chicken schnitzel instead of two. Don’t get me wrong, I have done two schnitz at the same time before, but let’s just say I didn’t feel like a million bucks afterwards. Plus, this schnitzel platter also comes with soft, roasted potatoes and a pile of bitter, peppery coleslaw, so it’s not like there isn’t enough food here…

hungary_thai_cabbage_rolls (10)

Cabbage rolls almost never look pretty in a picture, and these ones were no exception. The combo comes with one roll per hypothetical person, topped with sour cream and paprika and served with a side of hot sauerkraut, in case you didn’t get your monthly serving of cabbage from the coleslaw already.

hungary_thai_spring_rolls (14)

Spring rolls are four to an order, and they’re pretty much what you’d expect, although the shell was a little softer and not as crunchy as your typical Chinese takeout. After polishing off these bad boys, I actually dropped the bean sprouts on top of my pad thai to make sure there was no food left behind, bro!

hungary_thai_pad_thai (6)

Now, this almost seemed like a bottomless bowl of pad thai, bro. I mean, even after I ate everything else, it felt like I had barely put a dent in this dish. But the noodles were nice ‘n chewy, with that tangy tamarind taste. They give you the choice of chicken, shrimp or tofu… but I asked for shrimp and still got chicken. Maybe there were all outta shrimp, Bro Supply???

pad_thai_schnitzel (4)

Of course, you know this had to happen — when I ordered this combo, I had to get some schnitzel and pad thai in the same bite, bro! And actually, this combo kinda works, with the crunchy, breaded chicken offsetting the soft, chewy noodles. I mean, if schnitzel with noodles is one of Kelly Clarkson’s favorite things, then I guess that’s good enough for me…

val-dieu_cuvee_800 (13)

Now, what beer goes with both Hungarian and Thai food, you might ask? Well, this Cuvée 800 from the Belgian monks at Val-Dieu would probably do the trick. This banana-y Belgian ale meshes well with both the lemon juice squeezed on the schnitzel and the citrusy notes of pad thai noodles, without being too heavy at 5.5%. Hey bro, I don’t want no heavy beer when I kinda need to save room for food…

hungary_thai_aftermath (5)

And yes, I did devour every last bite, bro! I was feeling a little uncomfortable after all those oodles of noodles, but it’s still just another dinner for one in Flavourtown, son!!!!!!

TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: I’m soooo hungry for Hungarian, bro!!!

Now, a couple years back, when we hit up Country Style Hungarian, this little family-run joint in The Annex, I saw a couple college kids order the platter for two, and not even come close to finishing it. Ever since then, I wondered if I could eat all that by myself — and now we’re about to find out!

Y’see, Country Style’s platter for two comes with cabbage rolls, dumplings, sausage, potatoes, beets and not one, but two kinds of schnitzel — Wiener AND Parisian!

country_style_wiener_schnitzel (5)

Now, the wiener schnitzel is the more traditional kind — crunchy, munchy, and so big, it barely fits in the container! Throw in some sour cream, and a couple potatoes, and it’s the perfect hangover food…and I ain’t even drunk yet, bro!!!

country_style_parisian_schnitzel (2)

But if anything, I think I prefer the Parisian schnitzel. The meat is thicker, breading is lighter, kinda like a chicken-fried steak…gravy not included!

country_style_cabbage_roll (4)

Cabbage roll was too legit to quit! Stuffed with all kinds of meat, swimming in a sea of hot sauerkraut — dude, Hot Sauerkraut was my nickname in Call of Duty, son!!!

country_style_spaetzle (2)

But what really makes it are these Hungarian dumplings. They’re sorta like spaetzle, made with egg noodles and dropped into boiling water for that nice, soft, texture. Man, I could eat a whole container of these…oh wait, I just did!!!

rosee_d'hibiscus (9)

Now, because they ain’t serving up Malnaszorp in a to-go cup, I’m washing this feast down with a Rosee d’Hibiscus from Dieu Du Ciel brewery. This fruity wheat beer is brewed with hibiscus flowers, giving it a nice, tropical flavour. Man, I could slam at least seven of these…if I wasn’t polishing off a full platter of food!!!!

country_style_aftermath (12)

Now, I know what you’re thinking — did he really just eat all that? Well, in the end I came pretty close. I only left a few beets behind…cuz you know what I say, why eat beets when you can eat meat!!!