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Cannelloni, maitake & Birra Moretti @ CKB

You KNOW this is body by Italian food, bro! So, when I heard about CKB, this funky new Italian joint on Roncy, I totally had to check it out. This place has a small menu, which changes every month, so you know they’re keeping it fresh. And we’re starting out with a stuffed Italian classic — Holy Cannelloni, Batman!!!

ckb_cannelloni (4)

Now, we’re no strangers to cannoli, but we don’t see the entree version at many restaurants in this city. To me, though, this is classic comfort food, dude; noodles stuffed with cheese and topped with sauce. The only problem here was they put a whole lotta spinach inside. I mean, the filling is like 80% spinach, 20% cheese — and that’s not my kinda ratio, bro!

ckb_cannelloni (15)

But moving right along, these fried maitake mushrooms more than make up for any disappointment back there.

ckb_fried_maitake_mushrooms (15)

These crispy, crunchy creatures in Flavourtown are heading straight down my piehole, bro! This batter doesn’t shatter, making things super-crunchalicious. They’re served on a bed of polenta with some pickled veggies — those pickled peppers really kick it up a notch!!!!

ckb_birra_moretti (4)

Where it comes to beer here, you’ve got three choices: Peroni, Birra Moretti or Guinness, none of which are on tap (which means we ain’t drinkin’ Guinness, mate). Peroni might be more popular, but I think Moretti has a bit more flavour, so let’s just say I had un pugno di Moretti, Clint the Squint!!!!

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