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You have a bunch of Good Hombres right here…and they’re making some tasty tacos!!!

So, we’re hanging out at Good Hombres, this funky little taco joint on Bathurst, just a kidney stone’s throw from Toronto Western Hospital. This place is actually attached to a funeral parlour, and it’s a good thing, too…cuz their tacos are to die for, bro!!!!

good_hombres_tacos (2)

Now, ordering less than three tacos is a felony in Flavourtown…so I’m starting off with six. From the top, you’ve got carne asada, some killer carnitas, legit lamb barbacoa, both kinds of seafood tacos — fish AND shrimp — and then this culinary secret weapon, taco alambre. But the party don’t stop there, son!!!!

good_hombres_tacos_round_2 (5)

For Round 2, we’re throwing down chorizo y papas, portobello mushrooms — this was the hottest taco of them all for some reason — and el pollo (loco) asado. I pretty much had one of everything on the menu…except tacos al pastor. They were all outta al pastor — ¡qué horror!

good_hombres_alambre (5)

Now, it’s hard to pick a favourite among so many great tacos, but for this hombre, it’s gotta be alambre. You’ve got beef, you’ve got bacon, bell peppers and melty cheese, topped with cilantro and smothered in chipotle — you could make this taco with a flip-flop, and it would still taste good!!!!

12 tacos for 12 dollars @ Latin World

Talk about taking Taco Tuesday to the max! We’re hanging out at Latin World, this funky little joint on Bloor St, just south of the border of Lansdowne Station, where every night is $1 taco night…except for Thursdays, when it’s 2-for-1 pozole. On Mondays, they do chorizo, on Wednesdays it’s al pastor, and Fridays are for tacos de canasta — dude, I loves me some basket tacos! But we had to check it out on Taco Tuesday, when they’re serving up carnitas in a soft shell for just a buck each!!!

$1_carnitas_tacos (12)

OK, so these tacos are pretty tiny…but the flavours are on point. You’ve got the pulled pork, cilantro, onions, and a few sauces on the side for that extra kick. (I’m a fan of the chipotle.) And did I mention that you can order 12 of them for just 12 bucks???

latin_world_churros (8)

Of course, even after polishing off a plateful of tacos, you KNOW we’ve still got room for dessert, bro! These churros are made to order, so they take a little longer, but they’re coming in hot, straight outta the deep-fryer, with some icing sugar and chocolate sauce. These weren’t bad…but with three for five bucks, man, I couldda had five more tacos for that money!!!

Pork tacos three ways @ El Sazon Mexicano

Dude, you KNOW that Taco Tuesday is always my favourite day of the week, bro! So, we’re hanging out at El Sazón Mexicano, this funky little joint just east of the Italian part of St. Clair West. Now, I’d pretty much eat any kind of taco — you could make a taco out of a flip-flop, put it on a flip-flop, and it would still taste good! But when I heard they were serving up not one, not two, but three kinds of pork tacos…I pretty much had to try all of them!!!

el_sazon_chorizo_taco (4)

So, we’re starting off with chorizo. This meaty Mexican sausage was super greasy, but not too spicy. All of their tacos come the same way, topped with onions and cilantro, but I also added a little salsa verde to this one…

el_sazon_al_pastor (5)

Next up, we’ve got the Mexican radio star, Taco Al Pastor. This pork was nicely seasoned, super-tender…but maybe couldda used a slice of pineapple or two for that extra tangyness.

el_sazon_carnitas_taco (6)

Of course, we’re saving the best for last — las carnitas, cabron! This Mexican pulled pork had the perfect texture, with an extra squeeze of lime… Dude, this is body by carnitas!!!

el_sazon_choriqueso (3)

Now, because I didn’t get enough chorizo in my diet, I also went with an order of choriqueso. This dish is kinda like queso fundido, but less queso, more fun, bro! You pretty much get three large, cheesy chorizo tacos for just seven bucks here. Dude, all this food and a Mexican Coke was only 25 dollars after tax… That’s like 357 pesos, hermanos!!!

Cinco tacos locos @ Tacos El Asador

Dude, you know it’s miercoles, which can only mean one thing… Esta tiempo for some tacos, bro! So, we’re hanging out at Tacos El Asador, one of the OG Mexican joints in Toronto–right in the heart of Koreatown. Now, this place has got all kinds of Mexican food: tamales, burritos, tostadas, chicharones…but if you’re not slamming down at least a fistful of tacos here, then you’re definitely doing it wrong!

asador_chorizo_taco (2)

So, we’re kicking it off with the chorizo. This zesty Mexican sausage comes covered in traditional taco toppings like lettuce, tomato and pico de gallo. Ay caramba!

asador_fish_taco (1)

Next up, we’ve got the fish taco. Unlike most places, their fish isn’t breaded and deep-fried…but they totally smother it in mayo, though!

asador_carnitas_taco (2)

Now we’re moving on to the carnitas. Don’t let the veggies fool ya–there’s plenty of tasty cow face underneath!!!

asador_pastor_taco (4)

This hunka-funky taco al pastor don’t need no stinkin’ veggies–all we got here is a nice pineapple slice! (And I guess some onions…)

asador_goat_taco (3)

But you know we’re saving the funkiest of the funky bunch for last, Marky Wahl-bro! This is a birria taco, and no, that doesn’t mean it’s cooked in Corona. This goat taco is baaaad to the bone, bro!!!!

OK, so this place doesn’t have the most Instagrammable tacos–especially if you like pictures of meat. But did I mention that all this and a tallboy of Tecate was just 30 dolares? That’s like a five-taco discount in Flavourtown, hermanito!!!!!

These are the tacos in my neighbourhood…

You know me, this is body by tacos, bro! I’m pretty sure you could make a taco out of a flip-flop, and I’d still eat it. So when I heard there’s this funky neighbourhood joint serving up seven funky-fresh flavours, you know I had to try at least four of them. This is the Barrio on Queen Dream Team, dude!

pollo_adobado_taco (4)

Up first, we’ve got the pollo adobado, which is like a pollo loco, but with a better lawyer. Here’s some marinated grilled chicken, pickled red onions and cilantro heading straight down my piehole, bro!!!

barrio_carnitas_taco (2)

Take it from me, carnitas is my Taco Tuesday go-to, bro! And this place is 2 legit 2 quit, with salsa borracha, pico de gallo and cilantro rounding out the taco!

campechano_taco (2)

You ever get double the meat at Subway and go, “Man, I wish they did that with a taco?” Well, your prayers have been answered–say hello to mi amigo campechano! This super-delish dish combines steak and chorizo for a double down in Flavourtown!!!!

barrio_fish_taco (3)

And finally, we’ve got el pescado–the dopest fish in the sea. This one comes battered and fried with chipotle mayo and Mexican coleslaw–I don’t know what that is, but I’d still put it on a flip-flop!!!!

Taco Del Mar puts the Taco in Tuesdays (They’ve got a way with meats!)

OK, so check it out bro. Because I didn’t eat enough tacos last weekend, I’m taking a Tuesday trip to Taco Del Mar, where they’re serving up three of a kind, any kind, for only $6.50. I’m putting a big yum-yum in my future, son!


chicken_taco (2)

carnitas_taco (1)

It’s hard to pick a favourite among so many great tacos. The steak is tasty, but a little on the small side. The pulled chicken has more texture, but not as much flavour. But where they absolutely kill it is with the pork carnitas. Dude, this pork is super-juicy, mouth-watery, explode-in-your-mouth delicious! Next time, I’ll probably just get three carnitas…

Food Truck Feeding Frenzy Friday: Tastes like winning the taco lottery!

(Originally written May 5, 2014)

Back in December, food trucks started showing up at the foot of Bay Street…and then the weather went cold, and I didn’t feel much like venturing out of the office. Now that we’re under more reasonable climes, it’s time for the return of my street-food reviews, starting with this Cinco de Mayo special:


Hey, if you’re running a mobile nourishment unit, you’re pretty much in the business of getting food out fast. In that regard, tacos are always a quick pick. In fact, that’s all they serve at the Loteria food truck, with choices consisting of carnitas and chicken. The former offers succulent, juicy pork, while the latter, though somewhat saucy, was still notably mild. But what really makes it is the considerable meat-to-vegetable ratio, using diced onions and cilantro as little more than a garnish. You might not find this much carne in a taco twice this size…

That being said, I could probably pound a dozen of these—if I wanted to spend 40 bucks on tacos (3 for $10).