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NASHVILLE NOSH: Catch us up a little catfish dinner!

So, we’re hanging out at Acme Feed & Seed, this big ol’ honky-tonk right at the bottom of Broadway–which makes it the perfect place to kick off a night on the town. This place has got at least three floors, and there’s like a sushi bar or something, but the ground floor is where it’s at, with live bands and real-deal southern cooking, like this winner, winner catfish dinner:

acme_catfish_dinner (6)

Now, this dish is too legit to quit, bro! The fish is nice and flaky, with a crispy batter that tastes great with or without tartar sauce. Sides of fries and slaw, but what makes it are the hush puppies:

acme_catfish_dinner (10)

These crispy deep-fried balls of cornbread are like great balls of fire in Flavourtown! And you know, since I’m in the Music City, I gotta start my night with a Music City Light:

music_city_light (2)

Now, for a beer with Light in it, this is pretty dadgum tasty! It’s got enough of a wheaty, citrusy finish that you don’t feel like you’re drinking just water. I think I’m about to crush seven of these, bro!!!

Well, I’ll be a blackened Cajun chicken liver!

Now, you know I like my chicken fried, cold beer on a Friday night, and all that other southern stuff. We may not be from the South, but we’re in Southern Ontario, son, hanging out at Southern Accent, this real-deal funky neighbourhood joint serving up Cajun food since 1984–that’s 10 years before Joe Diffie, bro!

Now, this place has got some good ol’ fashioned Cajun cooking, like jambalaya, shrimp ‘n grits and catfish, but what really caught my eye was the blackened chicken livers. Hey, if I eat enough livers, maybe mine will grow back stronger?

blackened_chicken_livers (9)

Now, these are like blackened balls of goodness in Flavourtown, son! It’s sorta like chicken pate with Cajun seasoning, then you’ve got some garlic toast, and a little lemon butter on the side. One of the best appetizers I’ve had all year–and that ain’t no joke, cowpoke!

cracker_crusted_catfish (6)

But one does not simply snack on some chicken livers before calling it a night–and it wouldn’t be my kind of night without a little catfish dinner, dude! This farm-raised filet comes coated with crackers and served with greens, rice, and a holla-at-ya-peno tartar sauce. You may not find this dish in no Luke Bryan video…but gimme Alabama any day, bro!