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This food court Chinese BBQ pork brings back childhood memories

So, most people don’t know this about me, but I was actually born in Etobicoke, before Ma and Pa packed everything into our chuckwagon and we saddled up and headed west to Cowtown. Now, I don’t remember too much about those days, but I do remember that we had this real-deal Chinese joint that was so legit, the menu was in Mandarin! (Can’t say I recall what it was called, though…)

Now, when I was a kid, my favourite Chinese food was called pua’a pua’a. It was this real-deal BBQ pork dish that was red around the edges, with a tangy sauce. Now I just found out that, apparently, that dish isn’t Chinese, but Hawaiian, which is like going on Ancestry.ca and learning you’re from a completely different place. That also might explain why we could never find it in Calgary…but just the other day, when I was going to the bank to get some Bolivian pesos, I came across it in the food court—at a Chinese stall, son!

chinese_bbq_pork (2)

Reunited never felt so good! Apparently, the proper Chinese word for this dish is char siu, but I’m just gonna call it delicious from now on. The pork is cooked perfectly; you’ve got a nice tang from the bean curd, and the sauce is sweet, but not too sweet. All this and a whole pile of noodles for only 8 bucks, bro!!!