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TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

Dude, this is body by fried chicken, bro! You KNOW I like my chicken fried, cold beer on a Friday night, pair a jeans that fit just right, and the radio uuuuuuup, so when I heard that Flame & Smoke, this funky little food container down around Dundas and Bathurst, was serving up a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner — it even says so on the menu — I was all over that like Zac Brown on a beanie, bro!!!!

flame&smoke_fried_chicken (7)

Now, this chicken only comes one way, and that’s extra crispy. Both pieces were boneless, like they do at Uncle Ray’s or at Union Chicken, except this chicken is even more crunchalicious, bro!!!

mac_n_cheese_bite (11)

Now, this chicken dinner comes with coleslaw ‘n cornbread, but for a few dollars more, you can upgrade to a mac ‘n cheese bite, which is definitely the way to go. Super crunchy, creamy, with a marinara sauce on the side… I could slam, like, seven of these, son!!!

deep_fried_cheesecake (11)

Now, I easily couldda crushed twice as much chicken…but that just means I’ve still got room for dessert. And we’re talking deep-fried cheesecake, crunchy on the outside, with a soft ‘n chewy centre. I’m all over that like Kid Rock on a tube sock! The only thing that would make this meal better was if the food had been a little warmer when it got to me…but I guess it is, like, -10 outside, so, y’know, I get it.

Winner, winner, Portuguese chicken dinner!!!

So, we’re hanging out at Bairrada Churrasqueira, this funky little chicken shack on College Street. This place is kind of a west-end empire, killin’ it and grillin’ it since ’89 with locations in Little Portugal, Little Italy, Corso Italia…and they’ve even got one in Mississauga. But no matter where you go, you KNOW that the bird is the word, bro!!!!

portuguese_chicken_dinner (9)

Now, this ain’t no Swiss Chalet quarter chicken dinner, son! For just $13.50, you get a drumstick, wing, breast and thigh, with a side of rice, potatoes and a buncha black olives, for a little extra kick. The chicken is super tender ‘n juicy, you get nice char marks from the grill, and it melts in your mouth like goody, goody gumdrops!

The sides are pretty decent, but nothing special. Apparently, you only get fries if you order the steak…so I guess I’ll just hafta save room next time. 😉

This is the real-deal, Bomb.ca, winner, winner chicken dinner!

Now, you won’t normally find me up in Forest Hill on a Tuesday, unless I’m pounding back the cold ones at Starbucks. But I heard there’s this funky little BBQ joint on St. Clair West that’s serving up real-deal chicken ‘n ribs on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays in the evenings—but only until they run out. The place is called Stockyards Smokehouse and Larder, so you know my lardass will be right at home!

stockyards_chicken (2)

What you see here is a hardwood-smoked chicken, whole buncha French fries and sauce on the side—all for $11.50 plus tax, son! The chicken falls off the bone, the sauce is sweet ‘n tangy, and the fries lay the smackdown on Swiss Chalet. They’re nice and thin, super-cripsy, with just the right amount of salt. Know who’s not super-thin, bro? Me—after I finish this dish:

stockyards_chicken (7)

And hey, even on Tuesday they were all outta chicken by 7:30, so you’d better get there early!