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Cassoulet all day @ Parquet!!!

Now, we’re no strangers to duck confit here on Triple B. Dude, I’ve even had it in Iceland, bro! So when I heard that Parquet, this funky new French joint on Harbord, was serving up the duck with pork belly and beans in their cassoulet, you KNOW minus-10 degree weather wasn’t gonna keep me away from you!!!!!

parquet_potato_croquettes (3)

But first, let me bite into these balls, bro. These potato croquettes are kinda like deep-fried poutine, stuffed with cheese curds and served with a side of gravy. At least they say they’re stuffed with cheese curds — I couldn’t taste the cheese, bro. 😦

parquet_cassoulet (37)

Dude, this duck definitely doesn’t suck! Meat is fall-apart tender, skin is super crispy, you’ve got the added unctuousness of the pork belly, and a couple bites of beans — you could put that on a winter boot, and it would still taste good!!!!!

brasserie_pigeonnelle_loirette (3)

What makes this place even better is they’ve got my favourite French beer here — Loirette from Brasserie de la Pigeonelle. I’ve had this a couple times before at fancy places like Sorrel and Auberge du Pommier, and I gotta say, it’s probably one of my top five wheat beers. I don’t even mind that it’s 14 bucks a bottle, bro… I mean, it’s not like you can get it at the LCBO!

gueuzerie_tilquin_stout_rullquin (1)

But now we’re gonna funk it up about three notches with a Rullquin from Belgium’s Gueuzerie Tilquin. This beer was formerly known as Stout Rullquin, so I was expecting something dark and chocolately — but while it’s a dark beer, it’s also 1/8 lambic, and it’s got the pruney taste of a Belgian trippel. (It’s listed at 7%, but it hit me a lot harder than that.) Just goes to show, you can’t judge a beer by its colour, bro!!!!

malted_chocolate_mousse (7)

For dessert, your choices were apple tart, chocolate mousse or ice cream — so I had to go chocolate, bro. This looks much more like a chocolate bar, though, with a layer of chocolate cookie on the bottom, and some caramel and walnuts on top. Pretty good, but I just wish there was more of it… Don’t bring me dowwwwwn, mousse!!!

Why settle for a lobster roll when you can have three lobster rolls???

Now, back in 2020, at the height of First Lockdown, I ordered this super-legit lobster burger for takeout from this funky joint called Lobster Burger Bar on King West. And let’s be clear, it wasn’t just a bit of lobster on top of a hamburger — the whole burger was made outta lobster, bro! Well, it mighta taken me a couple years, but you KNOW we gotta check this place out in person. And if you think a burger made outta lobster sounds funkalicious, then you gotta see this!!!!

lobster_roll_trio (11)

They call it the Lobster Trio, and it’s the Atlantic Division first line at the Flavourtown All-Star Game, bro! You’ve got a classic lobster roll, served cold with mayo, a crispy shrimp and lobster roll in the middle, and then they funk it up with their black truffle roll — a dish best served hot, bro!!!

classic_lobster_roll (6)

You can’t go wrong with a classic, and this classic lobster roll is money. Nice meaty chunks of lobster, with a little creaminess from the mayo, on a nice ‘n chewy bun. I’ll take three more to go!!!!

crispy_shrimp_lobster_roll (4)

Up next is the crispy shrimp & lobster roll — Asian fusion on a bun, son! But I gotta say, between the crispy breading and chipotle donkey sauce, I almost don’t taste the difference between the lobster and the shrimp, and that’s a bit of a bummer…

black_truffle_roll (5)

And we’re saving the most luxurious for last with this black truffle roll. Now, I probably shouldda taken a knife and spread that truffle around more, but after polishing off two lobster rolls, three beers and a shot of Newfie screech, I guess I wasn’t thinking too clearly. But man, that hot lobster is the TheBomb.PEI, and when you do get a bite of that truffle, it really kicks it up a notch!

lobster_fries_supreme (17)

Now, all that lobster and a side of truffle fries comes to $69.99 — but we’re kicking it up another notch with some Lobster Fries Supreme, son! You’ve got McDonald’s style fries topped with cheese curds, roasted peppers, and even more lobster, and then it comes with these cheese sauce on the side that you pour over top. Dude, cheese curds and cheese sauce!? Shut the cheese door!!!!

voodoo_ranger_ipa (1)

LBB’s craft beer game is also pretty strong. They’ve got New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IPA on tap, a beer that I hadn’t seen anywhere in town until a couple years ago. At 7%, it’ll sure shiver ye timbers!!!!

velvet_bubble_lord (12)

And in the can, they’ve got something I’ve never ever seen before — Velvet Bubble Lord, a tangy blueberry sour from Flying Monkeys. Now, this thing’s only like 4.5%, so it’s practically dessert. Oh, and speaking of dessert…

chocolate_lava_cake (7)

Their chocolate lava cake wasn’t exactly molten, but it still got the job done. Dude, this is body by chocolate lava cake!!!!

I’m impressed with this iberico pork presa!

Now, we’re all about dat piggy on Triple B, so it’s rare that there’s a pork product we haven’t had yet. Last year, we learned the pork secret handshake of Iberico pork secreto, but it turns out there’s more than one way to skin an Iberian pig. And at Lapinou, this funky French nouveau joint on King West, they’re serving up a different kind of Iberico — this is Iberico pork presa:

iberico_pork_presa (34)

I definitely had to look this up, but it turns out that Iberico pork presa is the juiciest and most flavourful part, attached to the shoulder, while pork secreto is the end of the flank, next to the headboard of the spine. Well, the Spanish butcher shop I got that info from ain’t lying — this pork is very juicy and flavourful, with a texture like a ribeye steak, cooked to a nice medium rare. It comes with a whole buncha Swiss chard, which is braised until tender. But just like at Vela, where the pork secreto was hidden by a heap of shishito peppers, the green-stuff-to-meat ratio was a little too high over here…

lapinou_beef_tartare (2)

Mind you, I did eat a little more meat to help balance things out. This beef tartare is seasoned with green peppercorns, chives and an anchovy sauce — the peppercorns give it a nice little kick. I could maybe have used one more piece of toast to go with all that meat… but man, you could serve that beef tartare on a flip-flop, and it would still taste good!!!!!

blood_brothers_inner_eye (5)

Now, they’re definitely more about wine than beer here, but they did have a couple Blood Brothers brews on tap, including this Inner Eye Pale Ale. Man, this tastes so much like Blood Light that I feel they almost served me that beer instead (I think that’s what it said on my bill, anyways), but in any case, I can’t complain about this slightly citrusy, not too hoppy APA.

lapinou_chocolate_dessert (20)

Now, if I do have one complaint, it’s that the portions were pretty small. I definitely still had room for dessert… and of the three items on the dessert menu, Chocolate was the obvious choice. They described this one as tasting like a chocolate orange, and they weren’t kidding — the orange zest really cuts through the mix. They also added some sesame seeds for a grainy texture, which made things a little more interesting. Hey, I’ll take this over panna cotta any day!!!!!

Havin’ a Folly Jolly Christmas bar crawl!!!

Now, we don’t always celebrate Christmas on Triple B, but when we heard that Folly Brewpub, at College and Dovercourt, was decking the halls and serving up some Christmas cocktails this year, you KNOW we’ll be there with jingle bells on, bro! And we showed up just in time for Happy Hour, where a few of their craft beers were less than six bucks:

dovercourt_pale_ale (6)

This here Dovercourt Pale Ale, named for their closest cross street, is nice and hoppy, checking in at 5.3%. This kind of reminds me of a few of my favourite IPAs, like Goose Island or Great Lakes Canuck, so I am quite happy here.

folly_gatekeeper_ipa (4)

Speaking of IPAs, their Gatekeeper IPA is actually less hoppy than its pale ale counterpart. It’s got a sweet, citrusy taste that’s not too bitter, and doesn’t seem as strong as its 6.3%.

folly_brewpub_pretzel (12)

Now, I’ve been craving soft pretzels ever since I got back from Germany, so when I saw Pretzels & Dip on the menu, I had to order ’em. However, they warned me ahead of time that instead of two giant pretzels, I only get one smaller pretzel — and they also replaced the beer cheese dip with a green salad. But hey, it’s still better than not eating a soft pretzel, I guess?

folly_brewpub_brisket_sando (15)

I also went with the smoked brisket sando, coming in so hot it almost melted my face off. This is definitely more pot roast than Texas BBQ, with the texture and the sauce tasting more like pulled pork. Still a decent little sando, though…

minty_white_russian (1)

And hey, with them donating $1 from every Christmas cocktail to Sick Kids, you KNOW I had to have at least one, son! This here’s a Minty White Russian, with vodka, Kahlua, mint schnapps and cream. You could say it really ties the room together, dude…

steadfast_chicken_tamale (14)

But even though Folly was closing early for a private Christmas party, we ain’t done drinking yet, bro! So we headed down to Steadfast Brewing at Dundas and Lansdowne for an unexpected Mexican Christmas treat — Holy Tamales, Batman! This chicken tamale had a nice little kick from the hot peppers, so you KNOW I’m gonna need a couple beers to wash it down…

lochside_scotch_ale (10)

This Lochside Scotch Ale had a similar taste to a British bitter, but a little heavier on the caramel — and just plain heavier, at 6.5%

going_steady_amber (13)

Their Going Steady amber ale is very bready, reminding me of Anchor Steam. I’m guessing this one ain’t gluten-free, haha.

white_men_cant_dunkel (7)

But we’re saving the best for last with White Men Can’t Dunkel, this funky Dunkelweizen. Dude, I’m all over this one like Woody Harrelson, son! This beer tastes bananas like the wheat beers in Germany — can I get seven to go????

wizard_of_gose (7)

But there’s one last stop before we go — we’re off to see the wonderful Wizard of Gose, bro! Bandit Brewery in The Junction is serving up this blackberry and sour cherry sour that makes me feel like I got at least one serving of fruit today…

beer_battered_cheese_curds (1)

Dude, when I saw they had beer-battered cheese curds on the food menu, you KNOW these were going straight down my piehole! Battered with a dry-hopped pilsner, garnished with bacon bits and served with a spicy donkey sauce, these are a few of MY favourite things, son!!!!!!!!!

bandit_cookie_thief (2)

But even after all that commotion back there, we’ve still got room for dessert beer. Cookie Thief is an oatmeal stout brewed with cocoa nibs and Graham crackers — it’s like a liquid s’more in Flavourtown!!!!!!!!!!!










MUCH MORE MUNICH: Dude, they even have a beer hall at the airport!!!

Now, when you’re flying outta Munich, and looking for a place to eat at the Flughafen, you don’t hafta settle for some soggy steak sandwich, son! Right after you take the escalator up from the S-Bahn station you’ll see Airbräu, a beer hall brewing its own beer and serving up local Bavarian favourites.

airbrau_kumulus_wheat_beer (7)

Unlike some of the beer halls I’ve been to, your choices aren’t limited to a litre of helles here — you can get a litre of any of their other beers, like this Kumulus wheat beer, bro! I’ve had a couple other weissbiers in Munich, and this one checks all the boxes — dude, a litre of this is only 6.40 Euros!? Shut the front, back and side doors!!!!!

bavarian_roast_pork (4)

For dinner, I’m having the Bavarian roast pork, cooked for 12 hours with homemade dumplings and a side of coleslaw with bacon bits. Pork is pretty tender, with nice crispy skin, and both the pork and the dumplings go great with gravy. It’s airport food that doesn’t suck — and it’ll only set ya back 14 Euros, bros. All that plus a litre of beer is just over 20 Euros… I feel like you can barely get a burger for that price at an airport across the pond!!!!

bavarian_roast_pork (12)

MUCH MORE MUNICH: Yes, you can get a hoppy beer in Munich…if you know where to look.

Now, I’m all for Helles lager, especially when it comes in a litre glass…but after a few days in Munich, I was looking for something with a little more flavour. Luckily, I stumbled across Higgins Ale Works, this craft brewery owned by an American transplant couple that’s serving up hoppy beers, heavy beers, dark beers… and other stuff you won’t find in your average biergarten.

Their taproom fits maybe 30 people, but it was completely packed when I walked in, with most of the people inside chatting in English, not German.

testbrau_ice_cream_stout (2)

For starters, we’re going with this milk ice cream stout by Testbrau. At 6.3%, it’s a lot heavy than a Guinness, but it actually tastes smoother — less coffee, more vanilla. And that works for me…

basecamp_mild_brown_ale (4)

Next, we’re going a bit lighter in colour — and a lot lighter in flavour — with this Basecamp Mild Brown Ale. It’s only 3.6%, lighter than Bud Light, but waaaaaay tastier. Nice malty kick that punches above its weight!

alpental_american_pale_ale (7)

Of course, I couldn’t go this long without ordering a pale ale, so I went with their Alpental American Pale Ale. It’s definitely a hoppy beer, tastes like your favourite NEIPA, with German-grown Amarillo and Cascade hops(!) coming in not too heavy at 5.5%. If you’re in Germany and you’ve been missing the hops, it hits the spot!

green_business_lager (5)

This Green Business Fresh Hop Lager from Munich Brew Mafia is a much better lager than you’ll find in a stein. I have never had a lager that tasted this hoppy, and it’s got a pretty good kick at 6%.

flanders_style_bruin_ale (1)

Not the biggest fan of Belgian beers, so I held off on their Flanders Style Mild Bruin Ale until now. But you know, this one’s not so bad. It does have that rich malty taste of a Belgian, but this one doesn’t go to 11 — it checks in at a mild 4.5%. And I actually kinda like the caramel aftertaste. Might be the best Belgian-style non-wheat beer I’ve had…

mocktoberfest_marzen (1)

This place has six beers on tap, so we’re saving the most German for last. This Mocktoberfest Marzen perhaps caters more to the local tastes with a slightly reddish lager with a decent amount of malt. Hey, I’d happily drink this at any bierhalle that didn’t have a weissbier…but give me Green Business or Alpental any day!!!

Funky takes on German beerhall food @ The Golden Pigeon

Now, I’ve never been to Germany (yet), but any place with Beerhall in its name is gonna be on my radar. Dude, this is body by beerhall, bro! So, when I heard that this funky joint called The Golden Pigeon Beerhall opened up on Parliament St, you KNOW I had to come check it out!

And while you can order “Eine Maß bier” here — more on that in a bit — they’re also putting a funky twist on German food with dishes like the Auto Bahn-Mi, Baked Spaetzle Mac ‘n Cheese, and this must-have in Flavourtown, Chicken Schnitzel Double Down!!!!

chicken_schnitzel_double_down (10)

Dude, the KFC Double Down is one of the best things that ever happened to me, so when I saw they were givin’er its own Teutonic spin, I knew I needed this in my life. Chicken is coming in hot from the fryer — I needed to keep it in the wrapper cuz it was too hot to touch. And then they put sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and grainy mustard in the middle. All that’s missing is an Oktoberfest ham hock!!!!

spaetzle_mac_n_cheese (16)

But of course I couldn’t come here and NOT order the baked spaetzle mac ‘n cheese, right? This dish was super-creamy, cheesier than that Poison and Def Leppard tour, and baked in a french onion soup pot, so it’s also coming in hot. Looks like I’m gonna need a few beers to cool this down…

muddy_york_black_opal (5)

The Pigeon has 11 beers and two ciders on tap, so you’re not stuck choosing between light and dark lager. But we still started off with a German-style schwarzbier from Muddy York called Black Opal. Even though it’s blacker than a banker’s heart, it goes down nice ‘n easy at 4.6%.

junction_irish_stout (9)

Speaking of black beer, this Junction Irish Stout gives off major Guinness vibes. I’m pretty sure an Irish stout at a German beerhall is something you’ll only find in Toronto, bro!!!!!!!!

golden_pigeon_house_lager (5)

And yes, you can order a litre of beer here — but it has to be their Golden Pigeon House Lager, which is brewed by Common Good. I was hoping for a nice, crisp helles, but this was more watery and tasteless. I guess a bigger beer isn’t always better.

hatch_pale_ale (14)

So from there I switched to a Hatch pale ale from Slake Brewing in Picton. It’s got the hops of an IPA, without being as heavy, at 5.2%. I think I’ll have a couple more of these…

black_forest_cheesecake_parfait (2)

For dessert, there’s just one thing on the menu (unless they have a daily special), and that’s this Black Forest Cheesecake Parfait. Now, I like black forest cake — or any chocolate cake, really — but this parfait seemed to be more whipped cream and cherries, and less cake. It did add some flavour to the house lager, though…

Dude, this is Korean like you’ve never see-an!

Now, you KNOW we’re hardcore carnivores right here on Triple B — but we’re actually not the biggest Korean BBQ fans. (Unless maybe they cook it for you, then it’s a different story, morning glory!) But man, gimme Korean fried chicken and rice hotdogs any day… They’re ain’t fancy, but they shure is tasty, son!!!

Let’s just say that’s a world away from a 6-course tasting menu. But here at Orote, this funky little joint just a couple blocks from Bloor and Dufferin, they’re serving up a prix fixe menu of Korean-infused flavours — and unlike Don Alfonso, it won’t break the bank, bro!

orote_jeon (3)

We’re starting off with some jeon, a mung bean pancake. Basically like a latke —  I can’t believe it’s not potato!!!

orote_pumpkin_tart (15)

This pumpkin tart is creamy on the outside, crunchy on the inside. Consider my bouche amused.

orote_lobster_skewer (7)

This lobster skewer is soooo outta bounds, bro! Four tasty chunks of super succulent lobster meat — can’t go wrong with that!

orote_yellowtail (3)

Raw fish is not really my thing, but this yellowtail was pretty tasty. I could do without the gritty greens, though.

orote_scallop (5)

Scallops with ginger, mustard greens, eggplant — nice combinations of flavours. Scallop is super-tender and the eggplant and ginger kicks it up a notch.

orote_branzino (7)

Branzino with roasted cabbage and kimchi — this fish just melts in your mouth, bro! Cabbage adds a nice crunch… it’s like Korea meets Germany. Whaaaa????

orote_rice&chan (4)

They call this Rice & Chan, and it’s like a Korean kitchen sink in Flavourtown! You’ve got barley tea infused rice, miso soup, kalbi beef, kimchi and pickles, turnip, daikon, kale and potato salad… And this is all one course, bro!!! Beef is super tender, clam adds a nice bite to the miso, kimchi has a good kick. Even the cauliflower rice doesn’t suck!!!!

orote_jujube (11)

Dessert is a black sesame rice cake with roasted rice ice cream and miso caramel sauce. Basically ice cold vanilla ice cream on top of rice. Don’t knock it till ya try it, eh?

trou_du_diable_bretteuse (11)

And they’ve also got some pretty decent beer here, like La Bretteuse, a strong wild beer from Trou du Diable in Quebec. They age it 18 months in pinot noir and zinfandel barrels — basically, it’s the closest thing to wine I’ll ever drink!!!!!!

13 glasses of craft beer @ C’est What Fall Festival

Patio season is almost officially over, but we’re getting in one last beer festival before the season ends. We’re hanging out at the C’est What Beer Garden where for 20 bucks, you get 10 sample tickets at their Fall Festival of Craft Breweries. Or, if you happen to know someone who can’t use all 10, you might end up with a couple more… 😉

tea&bullshit_belgian_blonde (3)

Little Beasts Tea & Bullshit Belgian Blonde 5.5%
Time to spill the tea, bro! This malty, malty Bosstone had a slight hit of sweetness, but not a ton of taste.

ales_from_the_crypt (4)

Chronicle Ales from the Crypt 5.5%
This ruby red ale is sour like a saison with some nice fruit punch flavour.

gorgeous_peach_hefeweizen (3)

Titled Glass Gorgeous Peach Hefeweizen 5%
Maybe more banana but still a little peachy. Not too shabby.

fresh_pots_coffee_stout (5)

Town Fresh Pots Coffee Stout 6.5%
This pretty much tastes like coffee. And at 6.5% it’ll wake you up!!!!

washer_toss_lime_lager (4)

Town Washer Toss Lime Lager 4.6%
Almost like a saison or a Corona with lime. Tony Romo would love it!

lon_lon_vanilla_milkshake_ipa (6)

Chronicle Lon Lon Vanilla Milkshake IPA 6%
Very hazy and hoppy with a slight vanilla aftertaste. I could drink at least 3 more of these…

cest_what_hemp_haze (3)

C’est What Hemp Haze APA 5%
Not hoppy, but more of a funky taste. More of a English style pale ale than American.

cest_what_oktoberfest_kolsch (4)

C’est What Oktoberfest Kolsch 5.5%
Nice and crisp but with a very interesting slightly bitter aftertaste that I can’t quite place. (Hey, it’s my eighth beer of the day, bro…)

hip_hop_anonymous_ipa (2)

Titled Glass Hip Hop Anonymous hazy IPA 6%
Pretty classic IPA. Nice hoppy flavour. Nothing wrong with that at all!

wait_so_long_tropical_stout (1)

Little Beasts Wait So Long Tropical Stout 7.5%
Not so much tropical, but definitely tastes like a stout.

little_beasts_saehrimnir_grisette (5)

Little Beasts Saehrimnir Grisette 4.5%
Nice, light slightly fruity beer

town_little_buddy_dipa (1)

Town Little Buddy DIPA 8.8%
Hoppy, hazy and deceptively strong — doesn’t taste any stronger than the 6% IPAs.

town_snicklefritz_ipa (1)

Town Snicklefritz IPA 6.2%
Another hazy IPA that does what it says on the label. What’s up with that name, though?

cest_what_sausage+pretzel (5)

And because we’re not drinking on an empty stomach, we’ve got a baked pretzel and homemade beet, onion and tarragon sausage. Pretzel is buttery and crispy(!?) while the sausage has a nice meaty chew and a few crunchy bites of onion.

Storming the all-palace meal @ Prime Seafood Palace

Duuuude, ever since my main man Matty Matheson opened Prime Seafood Palace, this funky joint so outta bounds it doesn’t have a sign on the door and you gotta go around the courtyard to get in, I have wanted to go here — and last night, the wait was finally over, bro!!!!! And you KNOW that here on Triple B, we’re not about to eat a small dog or a medium dog meal… we’re going right for the big dog, with every single one of this palace’s signature dishes, son!!!!!!!!!

prime_seafood_palace_bacon (3)

That means we’re starting out with some Palace Bacon. It’s not every day that I eat bacon as an appetizer, but when I do, you KNOW it’s gonna be a good day, bro!!!!!!!!!

palace_cut_prime_rib (9)

But the hits keep comin’ and they don’t stop comin’, back to the rule and you hit the ground runnin, Guy Fieri wannabe my lover! We’re talking Palace Cut Prime Rib, 20 ounces of the thickest, tenderest, most delicious slab of beef this body has ever known! Dude, I even ate all the fatty bits — this is body by fatty bits!!!!!!!!!!

prime_seafood_palace_potatoes (1)

We’re pairing that with a side of Palace Potatoes, 27 layers of deep-fried tater goodness, crispy on the outside, soft and chewy in the middle. Come and get you some, son!!!!!!!

palace_cut_prime_rib (20)

Now, I don’t normally put sauce on steak — and trust me, this prime cut does NOT need it — but it wouldn’t be an all-palace meal without some of their signature Palace Sauce. It’s kinda like HP Sauce, but then they kick it up a notch with some horseradish — I can go for that, Hall and Bro-ates!!!!

prime_seafood_yorkshire_pudding (5)

Now, they don’t call this Prime Pudding, and that’s a big-time missed branding opportunity, if you ask me. Still, you KNOW we gotta have Yorkshire Pudding with prime rib, bro — and this one gets the job done, son!!!!

long_lunch_ipa (4)

And we don’t drink champagne in this palace, bro! Their beer list is pretty small, but they’ve got a couple interesting ones, like this Long Lunch Pale Ale from True History. This beer tastes a lot like Blood Light — the champagne of light IPAs — so there’s nothing wrong with that at all!

matron_bobo_farmhouse_sour (8)

But I prefer this Matron Fine Beer, Bobo Farmhouse Wheat. Another super-light one, it’s got a slight aftertaste of bananas — and bananas is good!!!!

prime_seafood_aftermath (3)

3 strips of bacon, 6 potatoes, 20 ounces of prime rib, one Yorkshire pudding, 3.5 beers and half a ramekin of Palace Sauce later…. and you KNOW we’ve still got room for dessert, bro!

prime_seafood_chocolate_cake (9)

Dude, this place puts the cake in steakhouse!!!! This ain’t no dairy-free, flourless, semifreddo lava cake, son — this is the real-deal Big Kahuna! Best chocolate cake I’ve had since Wildfire Steakhouse in 2018…and unlike Wildfire Steakhouse, this place is still servin’ it up and throwin’ it down, Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown! Man, when you’ve got a place that has not only the best prime rib but also the best chocolate cake of my life, dude, they’re gonna hafta start charging me rent, one $300 all-palace meal at a time!!!! 😉

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