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Croque Madame in a crepe?? Holy crap!!!

So we’re hanging out at Maison Selby, this funky French joint on Sherbourne. We were here a couple years back for some especially good escargot, but now it’s brunch time, and they’re about to funk it up another notch. They’re taking this classic French sandwich, la Croque Madame, and turning it into a crepe!? Shuttez le phoque up ET fetchez la vache, bro!!!!

maison_selby_crepe_madame (21)

Of course, here on Triple B, we took it up another notch by adding a side of bacon. And man, their four-dollar side of bacon is enough bacon for two people — non-citizens of Flavourtown, that is. You’ve got ham and cheese on the inside (plus some spinach at the end for some reason), two runny eggs on top, and then that bacon giving it a nice little chew. Man, I’d eat that every day of the week!!!!

indie_alehouse_lemonade_stand (5)

Now, I really wanted to order their cocktail called Sacre Bleu, add a bacon garnish and call it Tabarnak, but it seems they were all out of the ingredients last weekend. So instead I went with a Lemonade Stand, this tart ‘n tangy lactose sour from Indie Alehouse. A glass of this Lemonade Stand costs a lot more than a quarter, though — at Maison Selby, it’s $11.25, bro!!!!!!

Curry duck that doesn’t suck @ Alma!

The other day, we had some real-deal (non spicy) Chinese food at Mimi, but now we’re switching it up just a bit. Alma, this funky little joint about three doors down from the Burdock Brewery, near Bloor and Dufferin, is definitely more Asian fusion, and their menu changes so often that they don’t even put it on their website. While you can expect some Chinese classics like char siu and shrimp fried rice, tonight we’re gonna funk it up a notch, starting with these morcilla dumplings:

alma_morcilla_dumplings (9)

You definitely don’t see Spanish blood sausage inside a pan-fried dumpling every day, dude! Since this place is pretty small, this dish — along with everything else I ordered — was coming in too hot to touch, so I actually needed a fork to pick it up. Man, this is like Empanadas Gone Wild in Flavourtown, bro! Rich meaty texture inside that nice chewy dumpling skin — I’ll take 20 more to go!!!!

alma_chili_chicken_wings (5)

But you know I gotta save room for (at least) a couple more courses, right? These chili chicken wings are nice ‘n crispy, with a bit of a dry heat — I wouldn’t lick that chili paste off the plate, put it that way…

alma_duck_leg_rendang (18)

But now it’s time for the main event… and it’s all it’s quacked up to be! This duck leg rendang is super-tender, meat just falls off the bone. Served in a tangy curry with literally two potatoes and a side of white rice. The duck is definitely the star of the show here, and it doesn’t disappoint!!!!

coconut_peanut_crepe_brulee (25)

But you KNOW we’ve still got room for dessert, and this time we’re taking a break from your regularly scheduled chocolatey programming with this coconut peanut crepe brulee. The crepe is nice ‘n thick, and you get a lotta nutty texture from the coconuts and the peanuts. But the caramel sauce on the plate is what makes it. Dude, this is like Pancakes Gone Wild in Flavourtown!!!!!

GRAND REOPENING: Seafood crepes gone country @ Bumpkins

Now, I don’t always get up early enough for brunch, so when I do, it’s gotta be something funkalicious. We’re hanging out at Bumpkins, this funky little French joint that’s been dishing it out just north of Yonge and Wellesley since 1971, son! They’ve got classics like French onion soup and escargot, along with French toast, omelettes, and not one, not two, but three kinds of eggs benny… but when I saw the seafood crepes, I was all over that like Tintin on a rowboat, bro!!!

bumpkins_seafood_crepes (12)

Now, this dish isn’t exactly how they described it on the menu, topped with bechamel and tomato sauce — instead, it came with melted cheese and salsa. But I really can’t complain…this is body by cheese and salsa! And while we got some nice, juicy shrimp in here, along with fish and maybe some crab meat, I didn’t see any scallops, either. But that didn’t stop me from slamming down this French/Mexican crepe-aritto au completo, bro!!!

seafood_crepes_aftermath (5)

Do you even know escargot, bro???

Now, I wouldn’t say that French food is my favourite foreign cuisine…but it’s probably somewhere in the Top 10. I mean, you’ve got French onion soup, duck confit, and my personal Flavourtown Flava Fav, poutine. OK, I guess that one’s French-Canadian, but hey, they still speak the same language, right?

Of course, they also eat things like snails and frog’s legs, too. Now, I don’t know if we’re still in grenouille season, but when it comes to escargot, you can get ’em for brunch at Le Papillon, this funky French bistro on Front Street, just a short crawl from the St. Lawrence Market.

escargots_le_papillon (1)

These slippery little snails are served up as a six-pack, swimming in a garlic parsley butter. Dude, I would put that on a flip-flop! But you know that’s just a pre-brunch snack in Flavourtown, bro!!!!

crepe_saint_laurent (9)

Dude, this bacon apple crepe is LaBombe.qc.ca! The bacon is cooked perfectly, the right balance between crispy and chewy. Then you’ve got baked apples and mad cheddah stuffed inside a light, fluffy pancake with maple syrup on top. It costs extra for the syrup, but dude, this is body by maple syrup, bro!!!!