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FINAL FOUR FOOD: Double cheeseburger, chili cheese fries…and a Diet Coke

I told you Gonzaga was going all the way, bro!!! Well, OK, they lost to Carolina in the NCAA Final, so I probably owe Eric Church a cold one or two. But as soon as the Zags punched their ticket to Phoenix for the Final Four, so did the Triple B Crew. And you know we’re not (just) loading up on carbs before the game, dude! So, over the next few days, we’re rolling out the Final Four of funky fresh Phoenician eateries…can you smell what the desert is cookin’?

So, after watching the Zags beat the Cocks in an epic game on Saturday, I went to grab some grub, bro. But there were so many people on the concourse, that I could only go as far as the closest concession stand–the Gridiron Grill.

gridiron_grill (1)

By this point I hadn’t eaten anything since airport food at 8 am, so you know I went BIG. Why have a burger when you can get a double cheeseburger, bro? And why settle for fries when chilli cheese fries are on the menu? Of course, I washed it all down with an extra large Diet Coke, cuz I’m counting my calories…still counting…OK, so maybe I can’t count that high.

phoenix_stadium_burger (4)

OK, let’s break it down. The burger patties are nice and meaty, although they’re well beyond medium well. The pickles add some freshness, and the cheese is as processed as a clinical procedure. The fries are thick ‘n crispy, but when you pour concession stand chilli on em and put concession stand cheese on top, this dish is a hot mess and a half, dudeson!!!

Wendy’s is selling its classic burgers for 3 bucks…so I bought 3 of em.

Now, you know me, I’m all about the Triple B–Burgers, Bacon & Beer. I’m also all about value, so when I saw Wendy’s was selling its classic single hamburger for just three bucks till the end of the month, I was like “Dude, three burgers for the price of one, bro!” Check out this tasty trio:


Of course, I know what you’re asking, could he really scarf down three Wendy’s hamburgers…and still have room for bacon poutine? You bet yer ass, buddy!


Now, it’s been a long time since I had poutine at Wendy’s–the last time I did, I think they put pulled pork and freakin’ onions on top. That was a total disasterpiece, dude! But I gotta say, this bacon poutine is pretty legit. You’ve got real-deal cheese curds, the sauce is on point, and I love that there’s some nice, big pieces of bacon on top, not just shitty bacon bits. This poutine might not be Hall of Fame-worthy, but it definitely gets my seal of approval. Now, let’s get back to the burgers…


Man, there is nothing wrong with this at all. You’ve got a nice, fresh beef patty, two slices of cheese, some lettuce, tomato and onion and just a little messiness from the ketchup and mayo. Sure, I normally eat my burgers between two bacon grilled cheese sandwiches, but for three pops a pop, I certainly ain’t complainin’, compadre!