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TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: Bacon and egg and cheese…and beer!!!

The George Street Diner, this funky little joint in Corktown, is the kinda place that puts the Diner in Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. OK, so Guy Fieri has never been here — but as a matter of fact, Harry Potter actually has. We also hit this place up a couple years back for an Irish take on an English breakfast, so when I found out they were doing the Eggs Anytime deal on Skip the Dishes, you KNOW I had to check it out!!!!

egg_in_a_hole (31)

This Egg in a Hole sandwich has just about everything I want for breakfast. We’re talkin’ grilled cheese on challah bread, with Irish rashers (British style-bacon) and an egg in the middle! Now, you can eat this sandwich with your hands, although it gets a bit messy once you break the yoke…

egg_in_a_hole (49)

Served with your choice of seasonal salad or homemade coleslaw. Me, I couldda gone for some hash browns or potato wedges, but I guess I’ll settle for coleslaw…

george_street_homemade_coleslaw (10)

This slaw is a little stringier and more peppery than what you’d get in a container, which gives it a little more flavour, and a not-unpleasant aftertaste. Man, this would go really good with some fried chicken, or some BBQ, bro!!!

broadhead_blueberry_blonde (9)

And, because it’s Beer O’Clock somewhere, we’re washing this down with a Blueberry Blonde from Ottawa’s Broadhead Brewery. Now, some of the other blueberry beer I’ve had was pretty much purple, but this one has a nice blueberry aroma while still looking like an ordinary beer. And its nice, smooth taste goes good in the morning when we could all use a little Hair of the Dog after that Leafs loss in OT last night, am I right????

Well, I’ll be an Irishman’s breakfast!

You know what we don’t do enough of on Triple B? Diners, dude! So, we’re hanging out at the George Street Diner, this funky little joint that’s so authentic, it’s been in a buncha movies, like The F Word, with Harry Potter. And the menu is full of real-deal, comfort food, too–all for less than 15 bucks!

Now when I’m thinking diner classics, you can’t go wrong with an all-day breakfast. They do up a Canadian breakfast with eggs, bacon, fries, beans and toast…but they also kick it up a notch for the Irish breakfast, with your choice of peameal, ham or sausage, along with Irish soda bread. Of course, you KNOW I went with the back bacon, bro!!!!

george_st_irish_breakfast (4)

There’s just so much goodness in this bite, right here. You’ve got some tang from the beans, a nice scrambled egg and a thick piece of peameal. Throw in some tomato, and you’re good to go, bro! But what really makes it is the Irish soda bread:

george_st_irish_breakfast (8)

This ain’t no dry white toast, Blues Bro! This thick, bubbly bread is richer than most, and goes great with melted butter–I most definitely didn’t need no jam! Sheeet son, put me some eggs, cheese and some of that peameal in between, and you’ve got yourself a super-tasty sandwich in Flavourtown!