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MUCH MORE MUNICH: Dude, they even have a beer hall at the airport!!!

Now, when you’re flying outta Munich, and looking for a place to eat at the Flughafen, you don’t hafta settle for some soggy steak sandwich, son! Right after you take the escalator up from the S-Bahn station you’ll see Airbräu, a beer hall brewing its own beer and serving up local Bavarian favourites.

airbrau_kumulus_wheat_beer (7)

Unlike some of the beer halls I’ve been to, your choices aren’t limited to a litre of helles here — you can get a litre of any of their other beers, like this Kumulus wheat beer, bro! I’ve had a couple other weissbiers in Munich, and this one checks all the boxes — dude, a litre of this is only 6.40 Euros!? Shut the front, back and side doors!!!!!

bavarian_roast_pork (4)

For dinner, I’m having the Bavarian roast pork, cooked for 12 hours with homemade dumplings and a side of coleslaw with bacon bits. Pork is pretty tender, with nice crispy skin, and both the pork and the dumplings go great with gravy. It’s airport food that doesn’t suck — and it’ll only set ya back 14 Euros, bros. All that plus a litre of beer is just over 20 Euros… I feel like you can barely get a burger for that price at an airport across the pond!!!!

bavarian_roast_pork (12)

MUCH MORE MUNICH: Eating all the victuals at Viktualienmarkt

I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, you can’t go to Munich without hitting up Viktualienmarkt. This giant food market, right in the heart of the city, is equal parts groceries, street food and beer garden. And unlike all the other beer gardens that close in October, this one is open all year round! It might only be 8 or 9 degrees outside, but when you pack enough people into the biergarten, you don’t feel cold at all!

metzgerei_schabitz (2)

Right when you walk in from Marienplatz, there’s a whole row of butchers. So I gotta stop here for a Munich classic — a leberkase sandwich. Although its name means liver cheese, there is neither liver nor cheese here — it’s more like meatloaf on a bun. And at Metzgerei Schabitz, they’ve got all the meats — pork, veal, beef and even venison. It’s like Bambi’s mom on a bun, son!!!!

leberkase_hirschkas (11)

Meat is hot and freshly sliced, so it’s super tender. The bun adds a nice crunch, and you’ve got a bit of a kick from the spicy mustard. And did I mention it’s only three-fifty???

karnoll's_pretzel (3)

Speaking of great deals, you won’t find a better one than at Karnoll’s, where they’re serving up Munich’s best pretzel for 60 cents a pop. It’s super crunchy, but soft on the inside… I might hafta go back for seconds!!!!

viktualienmarkt_currywurst (5)

But first, it’s time for another Munich classic — currywurst with fries. Sausage is super tender, with a red sauce (not ketchup) and curry powder that really kicks it up a notch! Fries are nice and crispy, and also covered in curry powder. I’d put that shit on anything!!!!

viktualienmarkt_litre_beer (2)

Washed it down with ein mass bier — a litre of Helles, for less than 10 Euros. You can get other kinds of beer, too, but only the Helles comes in the big glass. (Apparently, you can also get a litre of radler, but you gotta ask. The beer litres are sitting out on the counter, so you can just grab one.) Pro tip: instead of hanging on to the handle, grab the side of the glass beneath it for a stronger grip.

But you KNOW we’ve still got room for dessert, bro! We’re heading across the street to Cafe Frischhut for some traditional German pastries called krapfen and schmalznudel. Say what now?

cafe_frischhut_krapfen (1)

Krapfen is like a German jelly donut, topped with powdered sugar. Nothing wrong with that at all!!!

cafe_frischhut_schmalznudel (5)

But the schmalznudel really kicks it up a notch. It’s basically a German Beavertail, hot n crispy with a light, flaky centre. I’ll take 10 to go, bro!!!!!

Funky takes on German beerhall food @ The Golden Pigeon

Now, I’ve never been to Germany (yet), but any place with Beerhall in its name is gonna be on my radar. Dude, this is body by beerhall, bro! So, when I heard that this funky joint called The Golden Pigeon Beerhall opened up on Parliament St, you KNOW I had to come check it out!

And while you can order “Eine Maß bier” here — more on that in a bit — they’re also putting a funky twist on German food with dishes like the Auto Bahn-Mi, Baked Spaetzle Mac ‘n Cheese, and this must-have in Flavourtown, Chicken Schnitzel Double Down!!!!

chicken_schnitzel_double_down (10)

Dude, the KFC Double Down is one of the best things that ever happened to me, so when I saw they were givin’er its own Teutonic spin, I knew I needed this in my life. Chicken is coming in hot from the fryer — I needed to keep it in the wrapper cuz it was too hot to touch. And then they put sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and grainy mustard in the middle. All that’s missing is an Oktoberfest ham hock!!!!

spaetzle_mac_n_cheese (16)

But of course I couldn’t come here and NOT order the baked spaetzle mac ‘n cheese, right? This dish was super-creamy, cheesier than that Poison and Def Leppard tour, and baked in a french onion soup pot, so it’s also coming in hot. Looks like I’m gonna need a few beers to cool this down…

muddy_york_black_opal (5)

The Pigeon has 11 beers and two ciders on tap, so you’re not stuck choosing between light and dark lager. But we still started off with a German-style schwarzbier from Muddy York called Black Opal. Even though it’s blacker than a banker’s heart, it goes down nice ‘n easy at 4.6%.

junction_irish_stout (9)

Speaking of black beer, this Junction Irish Stout gives off major Guinness vibes. I’m pretty sure an Irish stout at a German beerhall is something you’ll only find in Toronto, bro!!!!!!!!

golden_pigeon_house_lager (5)

And yes, you can order a litre of beer here — but it has to be their Golden Pigeon House Lager, which is brewed by Common Good. I was hoping for a nice, crisp helles, but this was more watery and tasteless. I guess a bigger beer isn’t always better.

hatch_pale_ale (14)

So from there I switched to a Hatch pale ale from Slake Brewing in Picton. It’s got the hops of an IPA, without being as heavy, at 5.2%. I think I’ll have a couple more of these…

black_forest_cheesecake_parfait (2)

For dessert, there’s just one thing on the menu (unless they have a daily special), and that’s this Black Forest Cheesecake Parfait. Now, I like black forest cake — or any chocolate cake, really — but this parfait seemed to be more whipped cream and cherries, and less cake. It did add some flavour to the house lager, though…

TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: Schnitzel and salad(!) from a German-style pub

Lately, it’s gotten harder to find some real-deal schnitzel in this city. Schnitzel Queen shut down a few months back, and so did Schnitzel Hub in Midtown. But when I heard that the Town Crier Pub on John St. was serving up all kinds of German and Belgian food, you KNOW I had to check it out, bro!!!

jagermeister_pork_schnitzel (6)

This here’s the Jagermeister Peppercorn Pork Schnitzel, which is pretty much what the name says, topped with a Jagermeister peppercorn sauce, and served with fries and coleslaw. Now, this dish did get a little soggy in delivery, but the pork was still pretty tasty…and with the fries and slaw on the side, it’s a pretty decent-sized meal.

munich_sausage_salad (1)

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t eat a whole ‘nother meal, at exactly the same time. When I saw the Munich sausage salad on the menu, I thought I’d just be getting a couple sausages with some onions and pickles, which would make for a nice side dish. But instead, it’s pretty much a meal-sized Cobb salad, complete with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and hard-boiled eggs. I really didn’t need to eat this at the same time as the schnitzel… but you KNOW I still did, bro!!!

town_crier_aftermath (10)

Now, you can’t wash down German food with like a Canada Dry — I’m pretty sure that goes against the Bavarian Purity Laws, or something. So instead, we’re chugging this local craft beer that pairs pretty much perfectly:

lost_craft_divercity (8)

Divercity is a German-style Helles Lager brewed in Toronto by Lost Craft, with a nice crisp finish that almost makes me forget I’m eating salad. Apparently, you can’t find it in stores anymore, but I was able to order it from Fresh, a vegan joint that’s selling four packs of local craft beer for 15 bucks via DoorDash….which makes it the best thing I’ve ever ordered from a vegan restaurant, son!!!