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Back bacon portobello kangaroo burger @ W Burger Bar

Now, kangaroo is not something you see every day–especially up here in Canada. Although I’ve had a kangaroo sausage at Wvrst before, and some grilled kangaroo mac ‘n cheese a couple years back…but a kangaroo burger? That’s definitely kicking it up a notch!

So, we’re hanging out at W Burger Bar, this funky little joint that’s right next to Fran’s at Yonge and College. This place is all about the burgers, but it’s not just beef. They’ve got a lamb burger, chicken burger, turkey burger, bison burger, wild boar burger, elk burger…and oh yeah, a kangaroo burger, too:

kangaroo_burger (5)

Not only are their burgers outta bounds, but they let you pick all your toppings, too! So, along with the standard lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles, I funked it up with some salsa, some tzatziki…and then I paid a couple bucks more for back bacon and portabello mushrooms. Dude, this is body by back bacon and portabello mushrooms!!!!

And I gotta say, this was one the top five burgers I’ve had this year. The patty was thick and juicy, the back bacon added a nice chew, you had the creaminess from the tzatziki, a little crunch from the onion… All that and a side of Greek fries, bro!

w_burger_greek_fries (5)

Now, this side dish was a hot mess in Flavourtown. You’ve got these shoestring fries, which were salty enough already, and then you add feta, olives and Greek dressing!? Dude, I just about salted myself! But you know what they say, if it ain’t salty, it ain’t tasty…

flying_monkeys_amber (8)

Of course, you KNOW those salty fries are gonna make me wanna chug about 57 beers, bro–like this Confederation Amber Ale from Flying Monkeys. Cuz you can’t have a kangaroo burger without some Flying Monkeys, amirite???

Are these Greek fries the new poutine?

True story, bro. This one time, I was going to make pizza poutine, but I couldn’t find any cheese curds at Longo’s, so I used feta cheese instead. It was less than fantastic, cuz feta doesn’t really go with gravy. But when you combine it with tomato sauce, oregano, and French fries, that’s a totally different story:

greek_fries (2)

OK, let’s break it down. You’ve got a nice, warm, thick fry. A little saltiness from the feta, just enough tomato sauce that you can taste it, but the fries aren’t swimming in it. And the oregano adds a nice bite. This was a pretty tasty dish for 6.99 in its own right, but you know me bro, I’m just getting started!

quail_dinner (1)

Winner, winner quail dinner! What I like about Astoria, this great Greek grill on the Danforth, is that they’re all about the meat. You don’t get a buncha vegetables, a big salad, and one little stick of souvlaki, no siree, the meat takes up most of this plate!

Now, they call these “charcoal-kissed quails” on the menu for a reason, son. You can really taste the charcoal, right off the grill. And I don’t think there’s really a civilized way to eat quail—you just gotta go at it. Man, I’m ripping, hacking and clawing away at these things like I’m in a mud-wrestling match with Steve-O from Jackass The Movie in 3D. I’m stuffing chunks of potato into my piehole, spitting out the bones, and shoveling rice right into my face, not to mention smothering everything in thick, creamy tzatziki. This stuff is like garlic wasabi for your tastebuds, bro!

But hey, your food tastes better when you hafta fight with it. I’d take this dish over chicken any day. Rudie can’t fail, she’s eating quail! But if you think that’s all, then b-b-b-b-baby, you just ain’t seen nothing yet!

bomb_baklava (1)

Call your mama, that’s a lotta baklava! You’ve got a nice crunchy phyllo pastry, a good chew from the almonds, and all sortsa sweetness from the honey-like sauce. Pretty sure I could eat three of these, bro, and still have room for dessert!