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TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: Hasta la vista, patties!!!

Now, you KNOW that I have destroyed some pretty massive burgers on this blog, whether it’s the triple-double cheeseburger at Holy Chuck or the multiple layers of flavour in The Burger Priest’s 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I even took down a double fried-chicken, double beef burger a couple months back… this is definitely not my first rodeo, bro!

So when I heard that The Burgernator, this funky little joint in Kensington Market, was serving up its signature, namesake triple cheeseburger, with mushrooms and onions, between two grilled cheese buns, I was like, bring it on, son!!!

burgernator_burger (13)

This burger was like a Fistful of Dynamite in Flavourtown! You’ve got not one, not two, but three patties, oozy American cheese, mushrooms, onions and special sauce — plus I paid an extra $2.50 to add beef bacon, the only kind of bacon they have, cuz the Number One Rule of Flavourtown is Always Add Bacon, bro!!!

burgernator_chili_fries (5)

As if I didn’t already have enough on my plate, I topped off my order with a side of Burgernator Fries, with chili, cheddar cheese and sour cream. These fries could be a meal on their own for most people, but let’s just say that between the Burgernator Fries and The Burgernator burger, I didn’t have room for dessert!!!

(Their deep-fried Mars bar explosion does look pretty legit, though!)

TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: This burger’s gonna knock me out!

Now, I’ve had some pretty crazy burgers right here on Triple B. We’re talking double, triple, all the way up to six patties, and even some with grilled-cheese sandwich buns, son! So when I heard that Knockout Chicken, this funky, boxing-themed chicken and burger joint in Kensington Market, was serving up a burger so big that it came with extra napkins, so big that they couldn’t even close the takeout box, then you KNOW I had to order it. This is The Greatest:

knockout_chicken_the_greatest (2)

Dude, this burger is kinda like when you take a KFC Double Down, and then you double down again. You’ve got two beef patties, two great big pieces of fried chicken, slathered in their sweet ‘n tangy KO sauce, and stuffed between two grilled cheese buns. As you can see, it’s a real fistful of dynamite!!!!

Now, the app said this burger comes with beef bacon, so either there’s a beef bacon shortage going on, or they just forgot to put it on. But with no veggies to be found, it was just round after round of meat connecting straight with my jaw. Chicken was definitely the star of the show, but the beef was pretty good, too. Only problem was that once I got half way through, the sandwich started falling apart — the grilled cheese buns just couldn’t hold everything together. But I wasn’t gonna thrown in the napkin until I went all 15 rounds, bro!!!!

knockout_chicken_aftermath (4)

Man, I already feel like I need a nap. It’s gonna be lights out pretty soon…

Killer grilled cheese cheeseburger @Montana’s, of all places…

Now, I don’t usually go to Montana’s, unless it’s like AYCE ribs or AYCE fajitas or something, cuz they’re waaaaaay out in the suburbs and I don’t wanna drive the Camaro on the 401, bro! Turns out they actually are doing AYCE ribs right now, and I was just about to rack ’em up…but then I saw this tasty two-hander in Flavourtown, the Grilled Cheese Cheeseburger:

montanas_grilled_cheese_burger (5)

Man, this sandwich is like two great things rolled into one thing! The patty’s thick and nicely grilled, you’ve got a bed of lettuce between two grilled-cheesy Louise-y buns. There’s supposed to be some bacon in there, and sriracha ketchup, but you don’t really taste it. What you do get is a whole buncha crispy Cajun onion strings. Dude, this is body by crispy Cajun onion strings!!!!

grilled_cheese_aftermath (1)

Now, that mighta looked like a pretty big burger to you, but it’s really just another light snack in Flavourtown! Let’s just say, if this joint ever had AYCE burgers, I could probably pound 4-5 of these… Sheeeet son, somebody at Montana’s betta get on that one–if I had my little way, you KNOW I’d eat burgers every day!!!!

(Picture this, but with burgers.)

Welp, I know who’s winning Le Burger Week Toronto…

While it might be spreading across the country, Le Burger Week in Toronto is still not really a thing. This year’s competition only includes six burger joints…and half of them aren’t even in the city. Hey man, I’m not gonna go to Norwood or Cornwall just for a burger—but I don’t mind heading over to my burger bros at Holy Chuck, home of the mac-tastic Go Chuck Yourself, where they’ve got a Le Burger Week special that’s gonna blow the (lack of) competition away!

holy chuck_smokey_cowlorie (15)

They call this one The Smokey Cowlorie, and it’s like breakfast, lunch and dinner in a bun. They start by taking their Smokey Cow burger, which you can get on the regular menu, and then they kick it up a notch. You’ve got a nice, juicy, double bacon burger, with some smokey, melty, aged cheddar cheese, a nice bite of maple on the bacon…and then they add a fried egg, and put it all between two grilled cheeses, son! The yolk broke on my first bite, making this one all ooey, gooey, big and mooey. It’s definitely got my vote, dude!!!

It’s a bacon mac ‘n cheese grilled cheese burger, bro!!!!

So, we’re hanging out at MELTwich, this friendly neighbourhood sandwich shop on Richmond Street in downtown Toronto. Now, YOU KNOW this is body by grilled cheese, and they aim to please with all sorts of cheesy sammies, son! You’ve got a chicken club, a steak melt, chipotle tuna…even a goat cheese ‘n mushroom melt, bro! But dude, anytime there’s a burger on the menu, I’m probably gonna order it. This here’s the Monster Melt, and it’s a graveyard sm…elt?

monster_melt_burger (9)

OK, so maybe that doesn’t rhyme, but nothing rhymes with funkalciousness, bro! This honky-tonk redonkadonk mouth candy has got bacon, it’s got lettuce, pickles, onions, tomatoes–and oh yeah, mac ‘n cheese between two grilled cheese sandwich buns! The last time I saw this much mactastic cheesaliciousness, I was at the Mac ‘n Cheese Festival, homes!

Now, I gotta say, this burger was pretty darn messy. There’s really nothing to hold the mac attack together, so it pretty much just slid out of the back of the bun, and I had to scoop it up with a fork. But man, that patty was on point, nicely seasoned, the veggies were fresh and crisp, and that chipotle sauce added a nice little kick. The grilled cheese buns weren’t pretty, but they got the job done!

Man, this has gotta be in the top three grilled cheese burgers I’ve ever had. But of course, it’s not nearly as outta-bounds as the one at the top of the list! Can I get a little Metallica to go, bro???

This six-patty burger just told me to go chuck myself (before I wruck myself)

So, when Holy Chuck opened up its brand-new burger joint at Yonge and Wellesley, I knew it was only a matter of time before I came rolling up in the Camaro. This place puts some of the craziest flavours you’ll find between two buns, son—and their fries are just as outrageous. But the big kahuna, mac daddy of them all is called Go Chuck Yourself. It’s got six patties, six slices of cheese, three strips of bacon, sautéed onions, lettuce and tomato, all between three grilled cheese sandwiches. Check out this melody, yo:


That’s right, dude, it’s basically one triple grilled-cheeseburger on top of another triple grilled-cheeseburger. You could probably feed a family of four with this sandwich—if they all had small appetites. But for me, this is just dinner and a movie in Flavourtown.

Now, you’re probably wondering, how could I possibly shove this all down my piehole? Luckily, I’ve perfected my burger smooshing technique at the Guy Fieri Culinary Academy. So yes, this does all fit in my massive man mitts:


Now, they’ve actually got a Go Chuck Yourself Challenge, where you get a free t-shirt if you finish the burger—and a large shake—in six minutes or less. Some righteous brozilla has the Wellesley record of two minutes 24 seconds, which has gotta be hard to beat. I wasn’t counting or anything; I think I mighta come close to six minutes. But 2:24, bro!? That dude is like a Greek god in Flavourtown!

You might think that sounds super redonkulous, but it’s actually pretty easy to pound this many patties in such little time—if you’ve got big hands and an even bigger appetite. Unlike that time when I ate that 67 oz steak, a burger of these epic proportions doesn’t make you stop and cut it up, so you can just dive right in. I didn’t even start feeling full till the last couple bites, and it didn’t really hit me until I was on my way home. Maybe next time, I’ll go for the shake, too…


(Yeah, you could say things got a little greasy back there…)

Why have a bacon grilled cheese sandwich when you can have a burger between two bacon grilled cheese sandwiches?

So we’re hanging out at Stack, this funky neighbourhood joint in North Toronto that’s serving up some real-deal ribs, Bomb.ca burgers and homemade donuts for dessert. I could just park the Camaro outside and sleep here, bro! Now the other day, I had a pretty decent bacon grilled cheese sandwich at Front Street Foods, but here, they take it up to a whole new level. Check out the Double Grilled Cheese & Bacon Burger:

grilled_cheese_burger (2)

Now, I’ve had a couple grilled-cheese burgers before, but this one is pretty legit. Nice toasty bread, gooey American cheese, and I like that the bacon is inside the sandwiches, not on top of the burger. But lemme tell ya, the burger patty is what makes it. That’s a half pound of beef right there, and it’s super tender, juicy Lucy caboosy! One of the better restaurant burgers I’ve ever had—even without the grilled cheese buns!

pulled_pork_fries (1)

Of course, you can’t have a burger without fries, and these are no ordinary fries, homeslice! These Carolina pork fries are topped with pulled pork, deep-fried jalapenos and a spicy ranch sauce. It’s pretty much like redneck poutine…tailgate sold separately!