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This Atlantic cod tajine didn’t actually come in a tajine. (Apparently, they were all out of tajines…)

I first had tajine at Sultan’s Tent, this funky Moroccan joint near St. Lawrence Market, and it was pretty legit. So now we’re hanging out at Luma, this seafood joint in the TIFF Bell Lightbox theatre, and I see they have an Atlantic cod tajine on the menu (although they spell it “tagine”), so I figure I should probably check it out…right after I go to town on this grilled octopus:

luma_grilled_octopus (4)

They say it’s just a starter, but this could probably be a meal in itself — if you’re on, like, a Mediterranean diet or something. Octopus was just tender enough, not too chewy, on a bed of spinach, with some tomatoes and black olives for an extra little kick. Nothing wrong with that at all.

atlantic_cod_tagine (15)

Now, when I saw the tajine come out to other tables in the proper clay pot, I thought this was gonna be good. But then they serve mine on a great big plate, like we’re at a French restaurant or something. Well, it turns out this place only has six main courses to choose from, and they happened to have a run on tajines before we got there, so they musta figured that if they brought it out on a plate, the white guy probably wouldn’t notice. WRONG!

But hey, the flavours of this dish were still on point. Nice, flaky fish, with a tangy sauce and just a little bit of heat that kinda sneaks up on ya. This might actually be the best tajine I’ve ever been served on a plate! 😛

PATIO LIT EATS: Killin’ it and grillin’ it @ Piri Piri Grill

Dude, if there’s one thing I love about eating outside, it’s grilled meat and seafood. I might not be throwing shrimp on the barbie, but you KNOW I can throw it down, bro!!! And when I saw that Piri Piri Grill, this funky Portuguese joint in The Junction, was grilling just about everything on the menu, I definitely had to come check it out:

smoked_chourico_sausage (13)

Now, we’re starting off with an all-time Portuguese classic — grilled, smoked chourico, aka Portuguese Flaming Sausage. Dude, whenever I’m at a Greek restaurant, I gotta get the flaming cheese, and at a Portuguese joint, Imma definitely order the flaming sausage. The last time I had this dish, they had both chourico and blood sausage, but here they double down on the chourico…aaaand now I know what a full order means!!!

piri_piri_grilled_octopus (7)

But even after polishing off those two little piggies, you KNOW I’m still hungry like the wolf, bro! So we’re headed under the sea for some grilled octopus. This baby’s a little chewier than the ock I had at Chotto Matte, and it’s also got a lot more char…but I definitely can’t complain about the portion size. Man, even these veggies were melt-in-your-mouth tender — I think this is the most vegetables I’ve had all month, son!!!!

super_bock_beer (5)

Of course, the name of this blog isn’t Burgers, Bacon and Vinho Verde, so we’re washing it down with a Super Bock, this well-known Portuguese beer. Is it better than Sagres, the other popular Portuguese brew? I dunno, they both kinda taste the same to me…

Tangy tzatziki & grilled octopus @ Soulas Modern Greek

Man, when I heard that Pan on the Danforth shut down last summer, I was breaking plates like Nia Vardalos, bro! But the good thing is that the owners just opened up this new funky joint a few doors down in Greektown called Estiatorio Soulas, so I know they know what’s up. This place looks like a cozy, neighbourhood gastropub…if your local gastropub served Greek food. And lemme tell ya, their tzatziki is totally on point:

soulas_tzatziki+pita (3)

Now, that’s the real-deal cucumber spread, son–it’s even got a cucumber garnish! The tzatziki is super creamy, with a nice tang, and it goes great with some fresh hot pita bread… Dude, I’m about to get freaky with this tzatziki!!!

greek_grilled_octopus (7)

But you KNOW we’re not here to fill up on bread, bro! This grilled octopus gets down with the tangyness in a white wine grape vinegar dill sauce, with spinach, onions and peppers. This might only be on the appetizer menu, but after enough tzatziki to feed a small army, it totally eats like a meal!

volkan_blonde_beer (3)

When I walked into this funky joint, I saw they had a few Woodhouse taps at the bar…but when you’re in Greektown, you gotta go with the Greek brews! Now, they were all outta the Volkan Wheat beer, so instead I went with Volkan Blonde, which is kinda like a slightly better Heineken…cept you won’t find this one at the LCBO, bro!!!