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Real-deal Cajun BBQ…deep in the heart of Mississauga!

Now, with all the awesome-sauce BBQ joints right here in The Big Smoke, I wouldn’t normally go all the way out to Mississauga for some slow-cooked southern comfort food. But when I heard RD’s Southern BBQ was serving it up Cajun style, then I had to come check it out!

Now, this place has all kinds of ragin’ Cajun classics, like po’boys, red beans and rice, gumbo and even etouffee…but they also have Cajun BBQ, which I didn’t even know was a thing. I was gonna start with some rib tips, but they were all sold out, so I went with hush puppies instead:

RDs_hush_puppies (9)

These goodness gracious great balls of corn were a lot better than the ones I had in Nashville, which were a little overdone. You still got the nice texture of the cornbread, with some actual chunks of corn, which was a nice touch. And that sauce on the side was legit!

RDs_beef_brisket (3)

Now, I don’t normally put BBQ sauce anywhere near my brisket, but with the way they cooked it, the sauce was the boss. The thinly sliced, lean brisket probably tasted better with the sauce than without. And their medium sauce has more kick to it than you might expect!

RDs_jumbo_wings (4)

Now, the beef brisket platter comes with your choice of a quarter chicken, jumbo wings or Creole shrimp. These wings were alright, but maybe not as jumbo as I expected. If I’m ever back here again, I think I’ll go with the Creole shrimp…

…oh, and beef ribs. I am definitely ordering the baby back beef ribs next time!

TORONTO BEER WEEK: Heeeere, piggy piggy!

Now, it’s been a little while since I’ve had some real-deal BBQ, so when I heard that Great Lakes Brewery was serving up some pulled pork and beef brisket, along with five-dollar craft beers, I took the subway almost all the way out to the end of the line, then got on a bus, son!


The brewery is just north of the Gardiner, on the way out to the airport. And today they’ve got some BBQ, craft beers on tap, and a roots-rock cover band, to boot! Not that I needed an excuse to get afternoon drunk, or anything…


I think I had at least one of all of these. Nice pumpkiny flavour on the Saison, the Chill was pretty chill, and the Canuck IPA was famously bitter. I will say that the Karma Citra tasted very similar to the Canuck, cept with a bit more citrus and a lot more alcohol. But of course, I’m mostly here for the food…


Now, the pulled pork was pretty legit. Nice chewy tang, cooled off by the coleslaw, and the BBQ sauce was on point. But the hush puppies were definitely the star of the show. You take some deep-fried falafel balls and throw some tartar sauce on top, and that’s more country than Aaron Lewis, bro! Pretty sure I could eat eight or 10 of these, and hey, they’re serving ’em up till 6, so I just might go back for seconds…