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Dessert with a side of dessert @ Demetres

So, we’re hanging out at Demetres Desserts, this funky dessert cafe on The Kingsway. Man, this place has everything — crepes, cakes, waffles, sundaes, milkshakes, smoothies, iced coffees… With so many great eats to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one — so you gotta order at least two, son!!!

demetres_cocoa_ono (4)

This here’s the Cocoa Ono: a chocolate fudge cake with a whole lotta ice cream — honey vanilla ice cream — and some Belgian milk chocolate sauce on top. Imagine all this sweet treat heading straight down my piehole, bro!!!

demetres_bohemian_raspberry (3)

But now we’re about to funk it up another notch. This Bohemian Raspberry sundae features two kinds of sorbet — raspberry lychee AND mango — with sliced bananas and a strawberry coulis on top. And believe it or not, but this entire thing is vegan…which makes it the best vegan dish I’ve ever had! Now get on your bikes and ride, son!!!!

Eating up on The Roof @ SOCO Food Fest

That’s right bro, last weekend we was hitting up not one, but two food festivals, son! On Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, SOCO Kitchen + Bar at the Delta Hotel was hosting this funky little food fest up on The Roof, its rooftop patio with a view of the CN Tower. Food tickets cost five bucks, but it’s not like they’re serving up burgers and fries — check out this Argentinian lamb sandwich!

roasted_lamb_sandwich (2)

Dude, they’re fire-grilling the lamb right up there on the patio, then serving it up on a potato bun with some salsa and chimi-chimi-churri! I definitely don’t mind paying five bucks for this sandwich!!!

pad_thai_fries (4)

Now, we’re scarfing that lamb sammy down with a side of Fidel Gastro’s legendary pad thai fries. These spuds are crunchy and super-spicy, with some bean shoots for a little extra bite. Haven’t had these bad boys since Lisa Marie shut down — reeeeunited, and it feels so good!!!

tromba_lime_margarita (3)

Oh, and did I mention there was free booze, bro??? This Tromba tequila lime margarita comes in a lil’ sippy cup, but it’s still got a bit of a kick!

roasted_suckling_pig (4)

Now, we’re heading back to the carving station for some slow-roasted suckling pig! This here piggy piggy is super-tender, fall-apart flavourful with a good ol’ fashioned German tater salad on the side!

strongbow_rose_cider (1)

Aaaaand we’re washing it down with a cup of Strongbow Rosé Cider. Rosé All Day, bro!!!

pork_belly_skewers (4)

Now, the only thing that’s better than some fresh-roasted pork…is even more pork. (Hey, this ain’t BurgersBaconAndTofu.com, bro!) These Adobo pork belly skewers are drizzled with a chili vinegar and served with chicharones, crispy shallots and coleslaw — that’s a Triple C, right here on Triple B!!!!!

estrella_damn_beer (1)

You know what’s my favourite kinda beer? Free beer, bro! When Estrella Damn was handing out samples, you bet I didn’t say no!!!

blueberry_cheesecake_ice_cream (3)

Of course, even after all this eatin’ and drinkin’, we’ve still got room for dessert! And they really knocked it outta the Rogers Centre with this blueberry cheesecake soft-serve cone, dipped in chocolate, with a Graham cracker crust and even more G-crackas sticking out. This dish is so outta bounds, it bounced right off the foul pole, Vladdy Guerrer-bro!!!

ImageAnd boom goes the dynamite!!!

Hard shell tacos for one @ La Carnita

If Taco Tuesday isn’t my favourite day of the week, then it’s a close second behind Guy Fieri Fridays. So, we’re hanging out at La Carnita, this funky little joint in the Entertainment District, just down the street from Hooters. But why go for wings when you can eat tacos, bro? And on Tuesday, they’ve got this sickass special–all the hard shell tacos you see here (and then some) for 28 bucks.


Now, they say it’s supposed to serve two people, but I’ve eaten more tacos than that more than once, so ocho tacos es no problemo, hermano! They actually give you enough fillings for 10 tacos–these shells are super-tiny–but then they charge you a buck per extra shell, so I just made some taco salad instead:

carnita_taco_salad (3)

Basically, I just threw whatever I had left over into the pan. You’ve got some chorizo, lettuce, a little pico, sour cream and guac. I had to eat it with a small serving spoon, but you know I ate it all, bro–and still had room for dessert!

rocky_road_rage (2)

Next door at Sweet Jesus, they call this Rocky Road Rage, and it’s so outrageous, I almost crashed the Camaro, bro! You’ve got chocolate soft serve, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, walnuts, cashews & Oreo cookie crumbles, all served up in a cone–shut the front, back and side doors, My Little Brony!!!!

Ice Cream Rolls Gone Wild, bro!!!!

Now, if you’re heading down to Chinatown, you might see a sign on Dundas Street for Thai ice cream rolls. I actually tried this delicious dessert last summer, but at Kooj Express, they funk it up a notch with more toppings than you can shake a skull ring at, son!

Now, this place is a bit of a hidden gem. You walk in, and they’ve got a buncha Chinese food sitting under heat lamps, like you’d find in a food court. But in the middle of the room, there’s this real-deal Rolltation 9000 cranking out frozen rolls of deliciousness, righteous bros!!!

thai_ice_cream_rolls (8)

This sweet scoop is heading straight down my piehole, son! You’ve got bananas, M&Ms, strawberries and a marshmellow on top of ice-cold chocolately goodness. And you can choose up to five toppings, so I couldda added one more, but unfortunately, they were all out of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Maybe next time, though?

FRONT STREET FOODS: Oreos & donuts & cookie dough, oh my!

Now, there’s outta-bounds ice cream, and then there’s ice cream so far outta bounds it takes out the anthem singer before he can sing “All Lives Matter.” This, my friends, is totally the latter. My super fresh bros at Junked Food Co had already won me over with their mac ‘n cheese, jalapeno Cheetos, Dr. Pepper pulled pork taco, but this cookie dough, Oreo, glazed doughnut ice cream just took our relationship to a whole new level:

oreo_donut_ice_cream (2)

OK, let’s break it down. You’ve got some ice-cold vanilla soft-serve painted black with Oreo crumbles, great big chunks of glazed donuts and a peanut butter drizzle sauce. But what really makes it is the cookie dough, which serves as a hard, crunchy vessel for the rest of this dish. Don’t eat this ice cream if you’re counting calories, cuz you probably can’t count that high!

FRONT STREET FOODS: You scream, I scream, we all scream for Thai-style ice cream rolls!

Dude, it was like 270 degrees in Toronto this afternoon. I sweated right through my Affliction tank-top, bro! And on a day like today, ice cream pretty much sells itself. But when they chop it, drop it and open up shop it right in front of you, well, that’s more than worth the price of admission—which is actually just five bucks!

ice_cream_rolls (1)

This stand is sandwiched in between Bacon Nation and a legit sammy shop, so it’s basically Murderer’s Row, bro. They offer up five different kinds of fresh fruit, and you can add as many as you want…oh, and Oreos. They also have Oreos.

Me, I went with the killer combo of banana, strawberry and Oreos. I dunno guy, but I’m pretty sure if the Righteous Brothers were triplets, they’d be this dish. Check out this Unchained Melody, son:

ice_cream_rolls (6)

OK, let’s break it down. We’ve got great big bursts of banana, some sweetness from the strawberries, and just a hint of chocolate. The Oreos don’t add a ton of flavour once they’re ground into dust, so the fruit was definitely the star of the show. And even though they just made this in front of me, like, five minutes ago, it was still as cold as my brother from another mother, Vanilla Ice, Ice Baby!