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Green shells & octopus at Union Station

So, we’re hanging out at Amano, this funky underground pasta joint beneath a train station in downtown Toronto. For people who don’t speak Eye-talian, they use words that you can understand like Little Ears, Black Trumpets and Pope’s Hat. It’s actually kinda cute. Me, I went with the Green Shells, aka conchiglie. Conchi-whaa???

amano_green_shells (7)

OK, let’s break it down. You’ve got a perfectly cooked, al dente pasta, with some spicy sauce, a bit of basil, chunks of black olives…and a whole lotta octopus, son! Nice chewy, rough ‘n tender octo-meat is what makes it bro! And you know I chowed down this entire dish and still had room for dessert—can you say holy cannoli?

amano_cannoli (3)

Slaying 100 layer lasagna @ La Palma

You know how you walk past a place a buncha times, but never go inside? That was the case with me and La Palma, this funky joint on Dundas St. West. This place sorta skews Italian, but with a twist, and an all-white décor that looks straight outta Miami Vice.

Speaking of the 80’s, they were rocking a cheese-rock soundtrack up until the food arrived, at which point they played “The Final Countdown”—a song that should be playing every time food arrives at the table in Flavourtown! Dude, if there’s one dish that deserves a final countdown, it’s this 100 layer lasagna, bro!!!

100_layer_lasagna (8)

OK, so there’s not quite 100 layers here. Maybe 10 or 20. But it’s nice and crispy, hot outta the oven, with a nice sprinkling of mozza on top. There was nothing wrong with this lasagne at all—except that I probably couldda finished three of these, Jefferson Bro-ship! We built this body on pizza rolls!

Tis the season for PSR: pumpkin stuffed ravioli, bro!!!

Now, I don’t think I’ve ever had a latte in my life. I don’t even go to Starbucks unless they serve booze. But if you put pumpkin in ravioli, I’ll probably try it at least once. Chef Boyardee taught me everything I know, bro!!!!

So we’re hanging out at Trattoria Nervosa, this funky little Italian joint in Yorkville. I know you hear Yorkville and you go “that’s super expensive,” but this place is serving up pizza and pasta for under 20 bucks–including this dish, ravioli di zucca:

pumpkin_ravioli (4)

OK, now let’s break it down. You’ve got some nice, creamy, pumpkin-stuffed squares of goodness, in a brown butter sauce, with pine nuts, sage and some pumpkin seeds, cuz you can never get enough pumpkin. Now, this dish was tasty ‘n all, but I probably could have eaten twice as many raviolis. Dude, this is body by ravioli, bro-li!!!!

(Where can I get me some of those shorts???)