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Grilled meats & craft beer @ Melrose on Adelaide

Even though I’m a massive meatatarian, I don’t go for charcuterie very often. I dunno bro, but it’s like why eat a buncha little meats when you can have one great big one? So now we’re hanging out at Melrose on Adelaide, this new funky joint in the heart of the Entertainment District, and this place used to be the Corned Beef House, home of the 16 oz sammy, so I know they’ve got the meats…even if they’re serving ’em up on a cutting board:

melrose_grilled_pastrami (3)

So, we’re starting off with the grilled pastrami.. Call your mommy, that’s a lotta pastrami! Put it on a crostini, with some triple crunch mustard, and I’m all over that like Guy Fieri on garlic salt!!!

melrose_jalapeno_sausage (1)

melrose_turkey_sausage (3)

At this establishment, they’ve got both kinds of sausage — jalapeno AND turkey! The jalapeno smokie is nice ‘n juicy, while the turkey has got some extra chunks of cheesiness. And they give you three of both at this crazy sausage party in Flavourtown!!!

melrose_warm_pretzel (4)

But the best thing on this charcuterie board might not even be meat! Man, when I heard it came with warm pretzels, I was like sign me up, son! Dude, this is body by warm pretzels!!!

henderson_symington_saison (8)

jam_up_the_mash (4)

Of course, since this website ain’t Burgers, Bacon and Honey-Spiced Mead, you KNOW we’re diving in to some local craft beers, bro! Symington Saison from Henderson’s was light and refreshing, while Collective Arts’ Jam Up the Mash was even funkier than its Motor City counterpart. Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa, broseph!!!

Texas-style BBQ on a muthafuckin boat!!!

So, a couple weeks ago, we were sailing the seven seas of cheese on the Norwegian Bliss. Now they’ve got all kinds of funky joints all over this cruise ship — Mexican, Italian, French, teppanyaki, even a fancy steakhouse…but you KNOW the first place we’re checking out is the Texas BBQ joint! That’s right, Q Texas Smokehouse has got all the meats, and even though I didn’t see a smoker or smell the hickory, I can tell ya this shit is legit!!!!

q_pitmaster_platter (1)

What we’ve got here is their signature Pitmaster Platter, with beef brisket, pork spare ribs, smoked chicken, jalapeno cheddar two ways — sausage AND cornbread, and then a couple sides like pickles, potato salad and beans. Now, let’s break it down:

q_beef_brisket (1)

Now, unlike a real-deal Texas BBQ joint, this place don’t ask ya if you like yer brisket lean or fatty — they just give it to ya lean. But this thinly sliced meat has a perfect pink smoke ring, and tastes nice and tender with a side of Tennessee Whiskey (from the in-house country cover band).

q_pork_rib (3)

Now, normally I’d say if you’re eating ribs at a Texas smokehouse, you’re doing it wrong. But them bones are perfectly smoked, with a nice bark and a good chew. I might even order a whole rack of these bad boys next time!!!

q_bbq_chicken (5)

Likewise, a true Texas BBQ joint is more likely to serve you turkey instead of chicken, but man, you could cook anything in that smoker of theirs and it will still taste good!!!

q_jalapeno_sausage (1)

Now, I’m not a fan of the fact that they cut their jalapeno cheddar hot link in half — smoked sausage is all about the snap, son! But this still wasn’t bad. Not as good as Adamson’s, which is TheBomb.ca, but not bad…

q_jalapeno_cornbread (2)

Now, this might sound crazy, but even with all that meat on the platter, the jalapeno cheddar cornbread almost stole the show. It’s a bit sweet, with a nice chew, and just a little kick from those hot peppers… Dude, this is body by jalapeno cornbread!!!

q_cobbler+brownie (1)

Of course, you KNOW that after polishing off that Pitmaster Platter, I’ve still got room for dessert — we’re talking peach cobbler AND a chocolate brownie, bro! And yes, I did eat most of both of these myself…

pitmaster_platter_aftermath (1)


Eatin’ all the meats @ Adamson’s

So, a couple weeks back, we went to Adamson’s Barbecue, this real-deal, industrial-strength, Texas-style BBQ joint deep in the heart of Toronto for some super-legit turkey dinner. Now that bird WAS the word, bro! But with so many great meats on offer, you know I couldn’t eat just one, so now we’re back to try everything else on the menu. Feast your eyes on this, friends:


Man, this plate has everything: beef brisket, pulled pork, a fall-off-the-bone rib, beans, coleslaw, white bread, pickles, onions…but of course that wasn’t quite enough food for me, so I also got a jalapeno/cheese-curd sausage on the side. Talk about an unexpectedly tasty flavour combination—turns out jalapenos and cheese curds go together like maple syrup on poutine! (Three words, bro: cabane à sucre!)


Now, in order to find the optimal method to shovel all this grub straight down my piehole, I put together an outta-bounds double-pork slammin’ sammy. Check it out—you’ve got some pulled pork, beans and coleslaw on white bread, and then I stuck a trio of sausage slices on top for that extra kick. Now, this might get a bit messy—some of the sauce from the beans was starting to soak through the bread—but I can tell you, it definitely tastes delicious!


What else can I possibly say about this plateful of perfection? The brisket was so tender I could cut pull it apart with a fork, the pulled pork just melts in your mouth, and that might actually have been the best rib I’ve ever had in my life—and dude, this is body by ribs, bro! Next time I go back, I might just get a whole plate of ribs…and you know, there is definitely gonna be a next time, sooner rather than later!

Now, I know what you’re asking…could he possibly eat all that meat and still have room for dessert? Clown question, bro!!!


Say hello to my little friend sweet potato pie! This super-delish dish is like pumpkin pie on steroids—it’s Canadian Thanksgiving on a crust, son! And you wouldn’t even know from eating it that this is the same stuff they make sweet potato fries with…it tastes totally different! But hey, I would totally go for a pie made outta sweet potato fries, with a side of chocolate/peanut-butter aioli. How is this not a thing yet!?