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GRAND REOPNING: I’m gonna slammy some Wagyu at Minami!!!

Now, I’ve got nothing against sushi, but when we’re at a Japanese restaurant, I usually go for beef. We’re talking real-deal, A5-grade Wagyu at places like Minami, this funky joint on King St in the Entertainment District. Where’s the beef? It’s right here, bro!!!!

minami_wagyu_nigiri (7)

Now, you can probably expect to pay a pretty penny for such premium meat; each piece of Miyazaki A5 tenderloin nigiri will set ya back 12 bucks. Lightly seared on a bed of rice with the wasabi melted right in, it’s a tasty little flavour nugget in Flavourtown. OK, so you could buy like a 24 of Molson Dry for the price of three of these, but gimme A5 Wagyu over Molson Dry any day, bro!!!

minami_beef_tenderloin (3)

But the beef don’t stop there, son! While it’s not Wagyu, this Alberta beef tenderloin is still rootin’-tootin’ tasty, with some killer wild mushrooms and a nice peppercorn au jus. I also ordered some potatoes with my steak…although they actually came as an appetizer, which was kinda weird.

brown_butter_potatoes (4)

Dude, these brown butter gratin potatoes were 2 legit 2 quit! Served super-hot out of the oven in a Gruyere/Parmesan sauce… it even has a cheese crust!!!!

minami_japanese_cheese_tart (4)

Of course, even after all that meat ‘n potatoes, you KNOW we’ve still got room for dessert, bro!!! This Japanese cheese tart was more Uncle Tetsu than Pablo, with more of a creamy, cake-like texture. That’s not to say I wouldn’t crush, like, six of these, though…





Who needs Japanese cheesecake when you’ve got a Japanese cheese tart?

Now, I’m not a big fan of Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake, unless they’re serving it up after some chicken karaage and waffles. But when I saw they had a competitor around the corner, I was curious enough to check it out. Pablo Cheesetart is this funky little bakery serving up all sorts of sweet eats…but you know I gotta go for the original, signature Japanese cheese tart:

pablo_cheese_tart (18)

Dude, this was like a festival of funk in a box, bro! You’ve got a rich, cheesy filling with a layer of apricot jam on top. And then there’s the crispy crust–the crispy crust is what makes it! There’s just a lot more flavour here that what you’re getting around the corner–although at 15 bucks a pop, it’s quite a bit more expensive, too. Now, if only they could cook me up some fried chicken, then I’d definitely be back for the sequel, bro!