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Wild boar two ways on a pizza? Whoa…

Now, I don’t always eat wild boar… but when I do, I don’t mind if I do. So when I heard that Local 1794, this cozy gastropub on the Danforth, was serving up a pizza with wild boar two ways — ground meat AND sausage — you KNOW I had to try it, bro!

Dude, this pizza is outta bounds! Nice chewy crust, with a crispy edge. The ground boar has more flavour than the sausage, and goes nicely with the caramelized onions. But the double-smoked bacon really kicks it up a notch. It may not be boar bacon, but it’s still a triple-pork three-way in Flavourtown!!!!!

Of course, beer and pizza go together like peanut butter and bananas (and bananas is good!), so I’m washing this big boy down with a Juicy Ass IPA from Flying Monkeys. We’re no stranger to this beer on Triple B, but it’s not very often that we see it on tap, served in its own pint glass. It even has a re-order line!!!

We’re off to chug the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Gose!

So, we’re hanging out at Craft Beer Market, this massive new brewpub that just opened last week, right at Yonge and Adelaide. Man, this place has got so many different kinds of brews that I don’t even know where to start…but like a tin man once said, just follow the yellow brick road, bro!!!

wizard_of_gose (1)

This here’s the Wizard of Gose, a funky sour beer from Bandit Brewery on Dundas West. Now, I’ve never gotten drunk on apricots before, but I could probably slam at least three of these…if there weren’t so many other beers to choose from!

juicy_ass_ipa (4)

This here’s the Juicy Ass American IPA from the funky chunkies at Flying Monkeys. With 69 IBU, it’s pretty much grapefruit juice…if grapefruit juice were beer.

banana_split_stout (3)

So, after going ape over apricots and shaking a tail to some grapefruit-bitter beer, there’s only one thing left to do–and that’s go bananas, bro! This Banana Split Stout is a collabo between Wellington Brewery and the bar itself, and it’s only on tap for a limited time. I gotta say, it’s not super banana-y, but if you ever wanted to drink Guinness for dessert, this is probably the next best thing.

craft_beermarket_nachos (2)

Oh yeah, and they’ve got stuff to eat, too. This massive pile of nachos was only nine bucks. In fact, every app on the menu is nine bucks on Monday, but this one’ll save you the most money. While these might not be the best nachos ever (Holy Uneven Cheese Distribution, Batman!), they get the job done after a buncha beers, though!