Why Waffle Double Down when you can Waffle Quadruple Down?

Now, you KNOW I love chicken and waffles bro, and I’ve definitely scarfed down my share of KFC Double Downs back in the day, so when I heard KFC was combining these two things, I was all over that like a fat kid on a quadruple chicken, double waffle sandwich:

waffle_quadruple_down (4)

OK, so there’s no way I’m shoving this all down my piehole at once, even with my patented Guy Fieri hunch. But even when eaten separately, that’s more fried chicken than you can shake a fried sticken at!

waffle_double_down (6)

OK, now let’s break it down. These puppies are made to order, so the chicken is super hot and crispy. The waffle is really legit–nice and fluffy–and then you’ve got this sweet, sticky maple aioli oozing out from the inside. I gotta say, this sandwich is pretty outta bounds, but what’s missing here is some bacon, bro! White Brick Kitchen knows what’s up!!!

But that’s not to say I’m NOT going to eat at least seven more of these. Dude, this is body by fried chicken and waffles!!!!!!



WBK brings back the Double Down for brunch, bro!

Now, one of my all-time favourite fast-food feasts was the KFC Double Down. Those cats took two pieces of the Colonel’s original recipe, put a buncha bacon and cheese in the middle, and served it up sandwich style for maximum crunchaliciousness. But it was only for a limited time, dude!!!

They’ve brought it back once or twice, and I’ve even tried a funky Jamaican-style double down in the meantime, but I was still jonesin’ for my fried chicken fix. So when I heard that White Brick Kitchen in The Annex is serving up its own twisted take on this delicious chicken classic, you know I was all over this one, son! Say hello to my crispy little friend:


Duuuude, there is so much bacon and Swiss cheese on this thing that you can barely see the bottom chicken-bun! And putting a fried egg on top practically guarantees that you can’t eat it with your hands, but this dish is so yuuuge that it’s pretty much impossible to pick up, anyhoo.

And man, this chicken is totally on point. It’s super crispy, with a great seasoning in the breading. Bacon is the perfect texture–not too chewy or too crunchy–and then you’ve got the cheese, which starts melting into the chicken, and the egg yolk running back to Saskatoon like Burton Cummings on a three-day bender… This dish is so money, I dunno how the KFC across the street is even still in business, bro!


Now, at 21 bucks, it’s also by far the most expensive thing on the brunch menu, and I’m pretty sure I couldda gotten two KFC Double Downs for that price–but after eating WBK’s version, I honestly don’t think I could go back to Kentucky. Unless they bring back the Zinger Double Down though, cuz that shit’s too legit to quit, yo!

We be jammin’ this double down Jamaican jerk patty sandwich!

OK, now this has gotta be one of the most funkalicious sammies I’ve feasted on in a while. So I’m hanging out on Front Street, where I’ve got a reservation at Casey’s, and I spot this little food stand serving up some honky tonk redonkadonk Island flavours in the Union Market. It’s Jamaican jerk joint meets KFC, with a splash of Sriracha on top. Check out this funky jam:

jerk_patty_sandwich (1)

So, what we’ve got here is not one, but two Jamaican beef patties, some nice, chewy bacon, Swiss cheese fondue, lettuce, tomato, and hot Sriracha, all served up inside a coco bun. I dunno who came up with this dish, but somebody give him a gold medal, cuz this is the Usain Bolt of culinary creativity.

Now, if we break it down, the bacon is super tasty, we get a soft crunch from the patty shell and a spicy kick from the beef; the cheese just oozes all over the place, but the Sriracha is what makes it. Dude, they take a Scarborough convenience store staple, cross it with the greatest culinary creation in KFC history, and then add some Thai spiciness to the mix!? That is so far outta bounds, it’s like throwing the discus into the fifth row!

And no, that’s not a tear in my eye—it’s the sriracha talking, bro.