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This Korean BBQ joint actually cooks the meat for you…

Now, I don’t always do Korean BBQ, cuz I’m like, why go to a restaurant that makes you cook your own food, dude? But we’re hanging out at Mapo Korean BBQ, right in the heart of Koreatown, where the servers actually slice and cook the meat for you — I can go for that! Man, this place has got autographs on the wall from all the big Korean baseball stars like Hyun Jin Ryu, Ji-Man Choi and Alek Manoah…who might not be Korean, but I’m sure he can destroy a whole buncha grilled meat, boi!!!

mapo_pork_belly (4)

We went for Combo D, which combines beef brisket, ribeye, pork neck, mushrooms and two kinds of pork belly — this here’s the skinny kind. You also get complimentary cheesy corn, egg, and a whole lotta banchan (side dishes) like kimchi and macaroni salad.

mapo_ribeye_steak (10)

While you can’t go wrong with pork three ways — Pork Three Ways was the name of my Primus cover band, bro! — the ribeye steak is what makes it. They blowtorch this baby with propane and propane accessories, then cut it into pieces so you can serve yourself. Mine was still a nice medium-rare…

mapo_beef_short_ribs (9)

But there wasn’t quite enough beef to go around, so we also ordered some short ribs a la carte. Unfortunately, the place got really busy, so we were left to grill them ourselves, and they came out extra crispy. But I would still put that on a flip-flop…because even burned beef ribs taste better than a sandal, son!!!!!

I found this underground Korean food joint in the PATH, and it’s pretty amazing

Now, when I lived in The Annex, there was this funky Korean joint called Yummy BBQ that served up this spicy stir-fry special for less than five bucks. It’s not there anymore—I think it’s an Ali Baba’s now, or a Popeye’s Chicken. They actually had another location around Yonge and Wellesley, but I’m pretty sure that space is now occupied by Signs Restaurant, and that’s probably an upgrade.

But since those two joints shut down, I haven’t been able to satisfy my craving for Korean. Until the other day, when I’m walking through the PATH, I turn the corner, and BAM—Holy Korean chicken, Batman!

Korean_chicken (3)

Now, I can’t even remember what this place is called, but if you walk past the Wendy’s, go through the next food court, and hang a right, you’ll see it on your left, just before you hit Aroma Café. And this place is pretty legit, dude. I mean, they give you enough food for three people—or, in my case, a pretty decent-sized lunch.

Korean_chicken (2)

OK, let’s break it down. You’ve got some spicy, chunky chicken that almost looks like Indian, but packs a lot more heat. Steamed rice and a choice of two sides—and this was only like seven bucks with a drink, bro! I went with the noodles for some coolness and then the kimchi for more Korean kick. Maybe shouldda gone with the creamy coleslaw, cuz the chicken was spicy enough on its own. But hey, there’s always next time, right?

POUTINE WEEK 2016: Killer Korean BBQ, and I didn’t hafta cook it myself!

Remember like 10 years ago, when Korean BBQ joints were popping up all over the place? Man, you could never get me to eat at one of those joints, dude! I mean, why would I go to a restaurant if I gotta cook my own food? That would be like Rogers paying me to watch TV, instead of jacking up my cable bill! (Except, y’know, if Rogers actually did that, it would be a good thing.)

But the good thing is that at Poutineville, they’re serving up Korean-style BBQ beef on top of poutine—and the beef’s already cooked by the time it hits the plate:

korean_poutine (2)

Now, I was a little scared when I saw the sauce, especially after yesterday’s BBQ sauce incident. Fortunately, this sauce wasn’t spicy; instead, it had a nice, sweet, tangy taste that went great with the beef. The fries had a nice crispness, and while these curds were a lot smaller than the other funky joints I’ve been to this week, the texture was on point. But the beef is what makes it. Nicely seasoned, grilled to perfection. Dude, you could put this beef on a salad, and I’d still stuff my face full!

(As long as it’s macaroni salad. Or maybe a nice, crisp chicken-bacon caesar.)