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TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: Legit Middle East lamb ribs!

I’ve only ever had lamb ribs once before, and that was at Michael Symon’s BBQ joint in Cleveland. And to be honest, I didn’t think they were that great. But when I saw that Byblos, this funky Mediterranean joint in the Entertainment District, was serving up a middle-eastern take on these babies, I figured I would give ’em another shot:

byblos_lamb_ribs (17)

Now, this is definitely a different flavour profile than you’d get at a southern BBQ joint. These bones are smothered in molasses, and then you’ve got some dukkah — an Egyptian nut and spice blend — overtop, along with dashes of buttermilk and a few dots of zhug, a Yemeni hot sauce, although theirs is red, not green. Overall, these ribs were really tasty, but with just four bones to an order, I couldda used some cornbread, or some potato salad, or something…

Ethiopian lamb ribs @ Lalibela Restaurant

So, we’re hanging out at Lalibela, this funky Ethiopian joint at Bloor and Ossington. Now, I’ve been to other Ethiopian joints before, but this one was named best in the city, and they’ve definitely got the most massive menu — with 69 dishes, not counting salad and desserts!!!

Now, I’ve done Ethiopian beef before, and I even went with a combo platter, but when I saw six different lamb dishes to choose from, I knew I had to pick one. So I went with the goden tibs, a mixture of cubed lamb and lamb ribs:

lalibela_goden_tibs (7)

Now, this dish actually comes to the table fajita-style on a sizzling skillet, but then they dump it all out on the injera bread for you. The meat itself isn’t spicy, but when you get a bite of the raw jalapeno, that’ll poke a hole in yer taste buds, bro! And while I ate the bony bits with my bare mitts, I did go all Ethiopian style with the injera on the rest — just grip it and rip it, Bro Daly!!!

lalibela_goden_tibs (19)



HELLO CLEVELAND: Who knew that lambs had ribs?

So, we’re hanging out at Mabel’s BBQ, this funky local joint just a LeBron James buzzer beater away from the home of the Cavs. This place is run by my bro from another mo Michael Symon, and while they ain’t got any burgers, they’re certainly slinging the brews and que. (But let’s face it, that show was a total Triple D ripoff, dude!)

Now we’ve had all kinds of BBQ from all sorts of funky joints all over Toronto, but never before have I seen what I’m about to show you. Now, you know I love lamb, especially when it’s done up Greek style and falls off the bone…but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any place serve up lamb ribs before. I mean, Lamb Chops must not be anorexic, cuz you never see her ribs, bro!


And these ones were definitely a bit different. They had a nice, lemon peppery dry rub and came served with tangy pickles, spicy sauerkraut, and one single slice of plain white bread, in case your Blues Brother wants to order 4 fried chickens and a coke. This makes for a full meal even without a side of cucumber salad, son!


Now, I don’t know which one of the 16 beers on tap Symon was drinking when he designed this side dish, but I gotta say, it’s pretty funkalicious. You’ve got cukes and onions smothered in enough tangy dill sauce to tzchoke a tzatziki…and more than enough for an order of lamb ribs. Cuz if there’s one thing that’s a bit of a bummer, there just isn’t very much meat on these bones, bro…