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LE BURGER WEEK: Vegan jicama fish burger. Whaa???

Now, as I mentioned off the top, there were only five restaurants near me serving up Le Burger Week deals on DoorDash — and one of them only does dessert. Now, since this other place didn’t confirm my order after like 10 minutes, I was left with just one other option… the vegan jicama fish filet from Parka Food Co.

parka_jicama_fish_filet (10)

Now, I don’t always eat vegan, but when I do, it’s usually something that’s meant to taste like meat — like the pulled jackfruit tacos at Planta. But man, while they’ve put together a pretty decent sandwich here, with tartar sauce, dill pickles, coleslaw and guacamole on a whole wheat bun… this jicama tastes about as much like fish as Guy Fieri looks like Emily Dickinson. OK, so I don’t know who Emily Dickinson is, or even what kinda plant a jicama comes from, but it’s super-duper crunchy, and not even remotely fishy. I mean, you really don’t even need the slaw cuz the jicama is pretty slaw-some on its own, son!!!

parka_food_co_fries (3)

Ain’t nothing wrong with these vegan fries though, bro. They’re pretty similar to Mickey D’s, cept with less salt and more herbs. Oh, and apparently they’re gluten-free…

calabogie_bleep_bloop (1)

We’re washing this all down with a Bleep Bloop, which also happens to be the censored version of what I said when I took a big bite of that jicama burger. This NEIPA, coming straight outta Calabogie, is hoppy and heavy enough to help the vegan food go down, bro!!!!



LE BURGER WEEK: Is this a burger or a hot dog? It’s both, bro!!!

Now, Fancy Franks is probably known more for hot dogs — I mean, it’s right there in the name, bro. But they’ve also got burgers on the menu, so when it comes to Le Burger Week, they’re serving up something that’s more like a hot dog…but is also a burger. They call it the Guilt Burger:

fancy_franks_guilt_burger (7)

OK, so what we’ve got here is a smashed burger patty along with a kosher hot dog, served on a hot dog bun with cheese, pickles, scallions and a whole lotta special sauce, which is kind of a cross between relish and Thousand Islands. Dude, I dunno how many times I wished I could have a burger and a hot dog at the same time, so this is like a dream come true in Flavourtown!!!

fancy_franks_curly_fries (3)

Now, the Guilt Burger was only $11.50, so to get the six-dollar discount, I had to add fries. But why settle for regular fries when you can have curly fries, son? You KNOW I’d pay an extra 50 cent for those — it’s a party in da piehole, bro!!!

cowbell_hazy_days_ipa (6)

Now, we’re washing down that crazy culinary creation with a Hazy Days IPA from Cowbell Brewing Co. This beer is nice ‘n hazy and juicy — just like it says on the can. I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is more beer!!!!!!!

LE BURGER WEEK: I’m soooo hot for Priestley, bro!!!

Back when Toronto had its very own Burger Week, from 2012 to 2014, it was pretty awesome. You had all these funky joints all over the city dishing out one-off burgers for charity, and then they all got together on the last day for a Burger Day where they were serving up sliders in an outdoor space — one year it was even AYCE!

But that died in 2015, along with the short-lived alt-weekly that sponsored it, just as Le Poutine Week/Le Burger Week was first picking up steam…in Montreal, anyways. While it has supposedly expanded to every province across Canada, Le Burger Week has never really caught on in Toronto. The last time I tried writing about it, there were so few places participating that I ended up eating at two different Hero Burgers. And not much has changed in the 5 years since.

But last week I got an email from DoorDash offering 6 bucks off 15-dollar orders at participating Le Burger Week restaurants. So I went into the app, only to find there were only five places within delivery distance — plus, one was vegan  and another one only does dessert (cheesecake is NOT a burger, bro!) But hey, six bucks off is six bucks off… so I guess I might as well try the other three burgers, eh?

rudy_hot_for_priestley (12)

We’re starting off with Rudy, this funky little joint on Duncan that’s got some of the best poutine in the city. This Le Burger Week Special is a tribute to the second-biggest Beverly Hills hottie (RIP Luke Perry!) — they’re calling it Hot For Priestley. You’ve got a griddled double cheeseburger topped with pickles and deep-fried jalapenos, plus I paid $2.49 to add bacon — you KNOW the first rule of Flavourtown is always add bacon, bro!!!

Now this burger will already set you back $13.95, so after adding the bacon I saved about 36%. And that would be even less if I ordered a poutine, a milkshake, or any other side dish. So instead I busted out a bag of Hickory Sticks, and reached into the fridge for some Low Hanging Fruit:

whitewater_low_hanging_fruit (8)

Since this sour beer is brewed with pomegranate and black currants, I was expecting it to be purple or lavender or something. But while it actually looks like a regular beer, you definitely get the tart pucker of pomegranate — I think I remember what pomegranate tastes like? — and there’s probably some black currant in there too; just don’t ask me the last time I had black currant. In any case, it was a highly crushable summer beer that helped cool off the spice of the jalapenos, bro!


Welp, I know who’s winning Le Burger Week Toronto…

While it might be spreading across the country, Le Burger Week in Toronto is still not really a thing. This year’s competition only includes six burger joints…and half of them aren’t even in the city. Hey man, I’m not gonna go to Norwood or Cornwall just for a burger—but I don’t mind heading over to my burger bros at Holy Chuck, home of the mac-tastic Go Chuck Yourself, where they’ve got a Le Burger Week special that’s gonna blow the (lack of) competition away!

holy chuck_smokey_cowlorie (15)

They call this one The Smokey Cowlorie, and it’s like breakfast, lunch and dinner in a bun. They start by taking their Smokey Cow burger, which you can get on the regular menu, and then they kick it up a notch. You’ve got a nice, juicy, double bacon burger, with some smokey, melty, aged cheddar cheese, a nice bite of maple on the bacon…and then they add a fried egg, and put it all between two grilled cheeses, son! The yolk broke on my first bite, making this one all ooey, gooey, big and mooey. It’s definitely got my vote, dude!!!

LE BURGER WEEK: And on the seventh day, he ate salmon…

So, we’re hanging out at The Fifth Pubhouse, this cozy basement joint at the corner of Duncan and Richmond. This place is literally underground, but its menu is total rockstar. They’ve got Bomb.ca burgers for almost every province in Canada, including this beauty Nova Scotia Salmon Burger:


Duuude, this thing is bigger than Corey Hart! I’d wear my sunglasses at night to eat it…except I wear them all the time, bro! Now, let’s break it down. You’ve got a super-massive piece of salmon, and the fish is cooked perfectly. A nice, simple burger with lettuce, tomato and a soft, flaky bun, with a whole buncha citrus chive mayo spilling out all over the place. And these sides are pretty legit, too—gerkin pickle slices, a tangy carrot coleslaw, and a decent-sized pile of fries.

You know I love my Alberta beef bro, but this might have been the best burger I’ve had all week. I might hafta come here more often!

LE BURGER WEEK: There’s nothing fishy about this burger!

So, we’re hanging out at Little Fin, this cozy neighbourhood joint on Temperance, just off of Yonge St. They normally specialize in seafood—I’m pretty sure I’ve had their fish ‘n chips before—but this week, they’re going gangsta with a tasty O.G. Burger:


Now, here’s the deal. Sometimes, when you’ve got a great burger, you don’t need to put brie cheese and a pineapple on top. This patty is thick ‘n juicy, cooked to perfection, with a little zest from the herb aioli, a slice of local cheddar cheese, and a few pickled jalapenos, for a little heat, but not too much. And the sweet potato bun is flakalicious, nice texture with the sesame seeds. All this, and you get fresh coleslaw and spicy potato wedges for 14 bucks!? That’s a real-deal meal, bro!


(We’re coming straight down my piehole, son!)

LE BURGER WEEK: Well, I’ll be an Aussie’s breakfast!

Not a whole lot of places were open on Labour Day, so I headed down John Street to The Office Pub, where they’re serving up this bad boy from Down Under. They call this the Aussie Crown Burger, and while I’m not sure if it’s especially Australian, there’s no doubt that this dish is pretty funkalicious:

aussie_crown_burger (5)

OK, let’s break it down. The patty is kinda thin, and not super tasty, but it’s all about what they put on top. You’ve got some nice crispness from the bacon and tomato, gooey brie cheese and an oozy fried egg, and then a slice of grilled pineapple for a citrusy kick. I dunno who came up with this, but I’d definitely throw some shrimp on the barbie for him. Really, all that’s missing here is some Vegemite, an ice-cold Fosters, and “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!”

LE BURGER WEEK: Breakfast + lunch in burger form

So, while the Hero Burger on Spadina didn’t know what week it was, the one at Church and Wellesley knew exactly what I meant when I asked for the Brunch Burger. This wasn’t the first time I’ve had a burger for breakfast, but this one is definitely right up there.

hero_brunch_burger (4)

OK, let’s break it down. You’ve got another 6 oz patty, topped with some nice, chewy, peameal back bacon, an ooeey, gooey fried egg, again with the smoked white cheddar, and a sesame-seed bun. Oddly enough, what I tasted most was the mustard on the burger—I wouldn’t normally eat mustard for brunch, but if you put it on a burger, then hey, that works for me.

LE BURGER WEEK: This is one saucy burger, bro!

Hero Certified Burgers on Spadina Road did not know it was Burger Week at all. There was no signage, nothing to indicate the occasion. And when I asked for the Smokey Hero burger by name, they said they didn’t have it. I actually had to read off the list of ingredients for them to punch in individually. Because you could get it at any Hero Burger—I didn’t have to go all the way up to Forest Hill.

smokey_hero_burger (2)

With all that being said, this was still a solid sandwich. Normally, when I go to Hero Burger, I get an 8 oz burger, which is actually two 4 oz patties. But this one is a 6 oz patty, and it’s a lot thicker and tastier. You’ve got a new chew from the Portobello mushrooms, a bit of kick from the smoked white cheddar, and a whole buncha smokiness from the maple chipotle BBQ sauce. If anything, there might have been too much sauce, or it was too runny, anyways—you can see it dripping off the lettuce and all over the place.

smokey_hero_burger (4)

LE BURGER WEEK: Two meats, one bun, son!

Now, Baton Rouge was probably my Poutine Week MVP, with a lip-smacking lobster poutine that’s not normally on the menu. And they’re bringing it for Burger Week too, with this smoky taste creation that puts pulled pork on top of a half-pound patty. They call this one the Smoky Ranch Burger. Me, I call it magically delicious:

baton_rouge_burger (2)

OK, let’s break it down. You’ve got a nice, thick Angus beef patty, with some good grill marks—on both the burger and the bun. A nice chew from the pulled pork, and a ton of smoky flavour from the BBQ sauce. You don’t taste the ranch as much, but as you can see, it really runs all over the place. Nice fresh crispness from the lettuce, too, and the sautéed onions add an extra kick. There’s nothing wrong with this at all, bro!