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TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: Braap braap brisket lettuce wraps!!!

So, here’s another Chefdrop meal kit from The Carbon Bar. Beef brisket burnt end ssam lettuce wraps, son! And this one was ridiculously easy to prepare — stick the meat in the oven for 10 min, slice some green onions and halve a lime, and you’re good to go, bro!!!!

Now, I took the meat out after 8 min cuz I had finished preparing everything else. It maybe coulda used a couple more minutes, but once I pulled it apart, it was good to go:

OK, so here’s the game plan. Take a lettuce wrap, and put some kimchi on it. Add a couple pieces of brisket, drizzle some kewpie mayo, and throw down a chicharron. Add some green onions and a bit of lime, and you’re cooking with gas, son!!!

The cold crunch of the kimchi creates quite a contrast with the burnt ends, while the chicharron adds some extra crunch. I don’t always eat this much lettuce, but if you put brisket on top, I could crush this any day of the week!!!

Now, I ran outta chicharones with a handful of wraps to go, and I didn’t even have any kimchi for the last three. But one thing I have no shortage of is that Japanese kewpie mayo. I’m gonna hafta order up some chicken karaage or something to use the rest of it up…

Snap your fingers, snap your glazed pork neck!!!

Back when I was in Vegas, I chowed down on some tasty Filipino lechon among a whole plateful of Asian pork products at the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace. So, now that I’m back in Toronto, I heard there was this funky Filipino fusion joint called Mineral serving up glazed pork neck, among other things…so I had to go check it out, bro!!!

mineral_ensaymada (4)

First, we’re starting off with another Filipino comfort food classic; ensaymadas, a warm cheese bun, with a side of soppressata. Can’t go wrong with meat, bread and melted cheese bro — when you put a couple piece of that soppressata on top, that right there is the ticket!!!

mineral_ensaymada (12)

Speaking of things that you eat with your hands, the glazed pork neck comes with lettuce wraps, alongside toppings like pineapple and pickled papaya, so it’s just like a funky finger sandwich in Flavourtown:

mineral_glazed_pork_neck (10)

Now, I wouldn’t have know that pork neck tastes similar to pork belly, but it’s got that same fatty unctuousness… plus you can’t go wrong with a little donkey sauce on top, son!!!!

mineral_ube_leche_flan (5)

But you KNOW that we’ve still got room for dessert, even after eating all that pork back there, bro! This ube leche flan is the only dessert on the menu, and while it’s not something I wouldda ordered otherwise, I gotta say, this is one of my top five purple yam desserts ever!!!!

(OK, so I probably haven’t had five purple yam desserts before, but hey, it was still pretty tasty…)

mineral_ube_leche_flan (13)