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WINTERLICIOUS 2020: PB&J Bacon Burger @ Liberty Commons

So, Winterlicious ended yesterday…but we’re saving the best for last, bro! We’re hanging out at Liberty Commons, this funky craft brewpub in Liberty Village, which is serving up the one dish I’ve been waiting all Winterlicious for — the PB&J Bacon Burger! But you know the drill, we always start off with an appetizer, so say hello to some smoked meat jelly:

smoked_meat_jelly (4)

Now, this dish was pretty far outta bounds. It’s kinda like a pate or a terrine, but made with beef brisket, pickled mushrooms, some rosemary and thyme. And these little crostinis were so teeny-weeny that you couldn’t really put anything on them. Epic fail whale!

pb+j_bacon_burger (6)

But hey, the burger more than made up for any smoked meat mishaps. You’ve got a nice, thick patty, topped with super-thick maple bacon. You definitely get the crunchy nuttiness of the peanut butter, but I didn’t really taste the green tomato jam. On the other hand, they put a lotta gooey, chewy bananas on here — and bananas are good!!!

chocolate_brownie_sundae (4)

Now, for dessert we’ve got this chocolate brownie sundae: soft-serve ice cream, whipped cream, peanuts, sprinkles and brownie bites — nothing wrong with that at all! Well, the soft-serve was maybe a little too melty a little too quickly…I didn’t wanna get brain freeze, bro!!!

WINTERLICIOUS 2018: My oh my, beef brisket pie!!!

So, we’re hanging out at Liberty Commons, the funky Big Rock brewpub in Liberty Village. Now, when we were here for Summerlicious last year, the soup was super tasty, the beer-fried dough for dessert was legit, but the beef brisket was cold and fatty. Dude, cold and fatty is what my ex-wife calls me!!!!

But when I heard they were bringing back the brisket inside a cornish pastry as part of their Winterlicious lunch, you KNOW I was ready to come back, bro! But first, here’s some ale-cured smoked salmon:

ale_cured_salmon (2)

Now, I don’t always eat fish, but when you soak it in beer, I’m all in! You’ve got some house-made creme fresh, pickled onions and a couple sprigs of green stuff, all on a Montreal-style boiled bagel. I could probably have eaten 2-3 of these, but then I wouldn’t be so hungry for the brisket:

beef_brisket_pie (12)

Man, this meat just melts in my mouth, bro! The brisket is super-tender, then you’ve got these carrots and potatoes, all inside a flaky crust. With apologies to The Pie Commission, this might be the best meat pie I’ve ever munched on, Bro-sephus!

beeramisu (13)

Of course, you KNOW I still had room for dessert, bro! They call this beer-amisu, and I call it magically delicious! You’ve got a chewy, ooey-gooey pumpkin marscapone, soaked in Big Rock Coffee Porter, instead of your regular cuppa joe. This almost tastes like pumpkin pie, but, y’know, with beer on top…

big_rock_pilsner (3)

Of course, one does not simply go to a brewpub to sip honey-spiced mead. This Big Rock Pilsner is much better. Pretty sure I slammed at least four of these… Dilly Dilly, Brozilly!!!!

Beer soup, beer dough, BBQ…and beer

So, we’re hanging out at Liberty Commons, this funky, modern, Big Rock brewpub in Liberty Village. Now for me, Big Rock is the official Battle of Alberta beer, so when I heard they were bringing a brewpub out east, I knew I had to come check it out! And since it’s Summerlicious, right now they’re serving up a three-course prix fixe menu for 28 bucks–and you can bet yer bottom dollar every dish has beer in it, bro!!!

beer_can_chicken_soup (7)

We’re starting off with this funky take on a comfort-food classic, beer can chicken noodle soup. This dish actually comes inside a topless can of Citradelic IPA, and they pour it into the bowl right in front of you. The massive, meaty chunks of chicken had some great flavours going on, but what really makes it is the beer broth–which, if you asks me, kinda tastes like Big Rock Traditional, albeit in soup form. You know I lapped up every last drop, dude!!!

big_rock_bbq_plate (2)

But of course, our main course was The Commoner’s Smoke Plate–beef brisket, ribs, coleslaw, tater salad and cornbread, with a side of Big Rock BBQ sauce. Now, this wasn’t the best BBQ I’ve had in Toronto–there can be only one Adamson’s, son! The brisket had a nice flavour and texture, but it was cold as Vanilla Ice and had some yuuuge chunks of fat in there. The ribs were really dry and tough, like someone left ’em in the smoker too long. You definitely needed to add some sauce. But still, even bad BBQ is better than a meatless meat sandwich, right bro?

big_rock_beervertails (4)

Now for dessert, they’re serving up these funky little beer balls called Beer-ver-tails. They deep-fry beer dough and top it with cinnamon sugar, served with a side of maple cream. The only way it could get any more Canadian was if they had Burton Cummings sing the national anthem before it hits your plate!!!!