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Beef brisket on a burger @ Marben

Now, it goes without saying that burgers and brisket are two of my favourite things…but when you put one on top of the other, that’s when the magic happens! So, we’re hanging out at Marben, this funky gastropub on Wellington with a not-so-secret speakeasy downstairs. I actually had their famous beef-brisket burger in slider size at Burgermania last year, but now the full-sized version is running wild on you, brother!!!!

marben_john's_burger (11)

OK, so maybe this burger ain’t packing 24-inch pythons — it looks pretty puny in my massive man-mitts… But the flavours are definitely still there. You’ve got an Angus beef patty, cooked to a nice medium-rare, topped with aged cheddar, braised brisket and Branston pickle on a beef-fat brioche bun? Dude, Beef Fat Brioche was my karaoke nickname in college!!!!

godspeed_ochame_ipa (12)

Of course, we’re not about to wash down this bad boy with a herbal mint tea! Instead, I chugged a couple of Ochames, a green tea IPA from Burdock. You do get a bit of that smooth tea flavour, with some hazy citrus hoppiness, coming in at just under 7%. I would soooo drink this for breakfast, bro!!!!!!!

Whatcha gonna do when Burgermania runs wild on you???

Now, Toronto hasn’t had a proper burger festival since the last time we did Burger Day back in 2014. Le Burger Week never really took off here, much to my dismay, so when I heard there would be a three-day slider fest down at Ontario Place, I totally tore off my t-shirt Hulk Hogan style! (Good thing Hawaiian shirts have buttons, bro!!!)

Now, we’re going straight to the headliner, right off the bat. Burger Revolution is this funky little joint up in Belleville that I have wanted to check out ever since my homie from another mommy John Catucci ate there on Season 3 of You Gotta Eat Here! But it turns out I don’t hafta drive the Camaro all the way up to Hastings County, cuz they’re bringing the burgerliciousness to us, bro!!!

burger_revolution_royal_rizal (6)

This is the Royal Rizal, and it’s pretty much the king of Flavourtown Castle. You’ve got bacon, blue cheese, caramelized onion and red pepper jelly, all on a pretzel bun? Shut the back door, dude!

stockyards_mania_burger (1)

Now, I’ve been to The Stockyards before for some wicked awesome BBQ chicken, but this was the first time I slammed down their beef, bro. They call this one The Mania, and it’s pretty crazy with some charred pimento mayo, chimichurri, onions and watermelon. That’s right, they actually put watermelon on the burger!!!

mccoy_maple_onion_burger (8)

Next up, we’re hitting up McCoy Burger for a real-deal maple onion bacon burger. Man, this sandwich’s got both kinds of onions: crispy AND sauteed, and that Monterrey Jack’s no joke!

marben_johns_burger (1)

Now, Burger Revolution was the clubhouse leader, but I think that Marben’s tasty little flavour nugget ended up being the winner, winner, best-of-five-burgers dinner. I’ve got two words for you: beef brisket, bro! They also top this patty with aged cheddar and housemade Branston Pickle–which is kinda like a British relish. You bloody well right, Supertramp dude!!!

mamas_boys_double_burger (5)

Of course, my journey would not be complete without a double burger with cheese–this one’s from Mama’s Boys Burgers, way out east on the Danforth. Mamas don’t let their babies grow up to be cowboys–but they do let them eat burgers, and I demolished this one, son!

beat_the_heat_beer (4)

Of course, the name of this website ain’t Burgers, Bacon and Diet Coke, so you know we’re throwing back a couple cold ones–like Beat the Heat, this sweet Belgian Wheat from Black Oak Brewing. This refreshing farmhouse ale is brewed with orange zest, which means I probably got at least one serving of fruits and veggies today…