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This is Land, Sea & Air Burger Gone Wild, bro!

Now, a couple months back, we visited this funky upscale joint on Yonge St. called lbs, where they only had three things on the menu: lobster, burger and salad. Now, I went with the lobster, but I kinda wished I couldda had a burger at the same time. Turns out you can get this—you just gotta go further up Yonge St for it:


Now, the last time I was at Lobster Monster, this funky little joint just north of Lawrence, I had the lobster nachos, which were actually no bueno, bro! But I said I’d be back for the Monster Lobster Burger Tower, a sammy so stacked, they hold it together with a steak knife, son!


Now, y’know, sometimes you can get a burger where you get a whole buncha crazy toppings that can’t hide the fact that the beef is a frozen patty from No Frills or something. But lemme tell ya, on this Monster Burger, the beef is king. You’ve got a thick, juicy, 8 oz patty cooked to a perfect medium that’s just bursting with flavour. Yeah, the fried egg is a nice touch, and then you’ve got some chunks of lobster on top, with lettuce, onion, tomato and cheese…but the burger itself holds its own, even without its feathered and scaly friends.

And hey, having the onion ring, the spring roll and the giant pickle make for nice little snacks, especially since it costs an extra four bucks to add a side…and you probably don’t need a whole side dish, anyways. 😉

These lobster nachos weren’t all they’re cracked up to be

So last night, I hit up this funky joint called Lobster Monster, where they put lobster on everything. I mean, this place has lobster spring rolls, lobster poutine, and lobster freakin’ nachos, for frick’s sake! Bro, when I saw they had nachos topped with melted cheese, sausage, bacon, lobster, tomato, green onion, jalapeños and Sriracha aioli, I knew they had to make an appointment with my piehole. But as ridiculously awesome as that might sound, this dish turned out to be a bit of a bummer:

lobster_nachos (2)

Now, in all fairness to the kitchen, I was with a very large group of people, so I can see why things got out of hand. But man, these dudes could use a lesson in nacho construction. Most of the chips didn’t even have cheese on them, except for a few in the middle. The rest were dominated by lettuce and tomato, of which they put a bit too much. There was only a few chunks of lobster and sausage spilling off to the side, and I think I only noticed one piece of bacon. They put raw red pepper instead of jalapeno, which was a weird choice, tossed a buncha onions onto 2-3 chips instead of distributing them evenly, and glopped on an overzealous amount of aioli in a couple spots, as you can see in this picture. Yo, mayo on nachos no es bueno, bro!

lobster_dessert (1)

At least they made it up to me with a free dessert. This brownie mountain was topped with ice cream, whipped cream, M&Ms and peanuts. All that was missing was the lobster claw on top! Pretty sure I could eat three of these, bro…even after polishing off a plate of nachos!

Anyways, this funky neighbourhood joint did have some other awesome-looking dishes, and I might come back for the lobster poutine or the Monster Lobster Burger Tower…just as long as there’s no mayo anywhere near it.