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WINTERLICIOUS 2020: Double cheeseburger & chicken wings @ Museum Tavern

Dude, you KNOW I can’t go through two weeks of Winterlicious without eating a burger, bro! We’re hanging out at Museum Tavern, this funky joint down the street from the AGO, where they’re serving up one of the top five burgers in Toronto. Not only that, but you also get an appetizer AND dessert, all for just 33 bucks? Shut the front, back and side doors!!!!

museum_tavern_chicken_wings (1)

So, we’re starting off with these funkalicious buttermilk fried chicken wings. Dude, I wish I could eat these babies at the start of every meal! Hot and crunchy, straight outta fryer, with a spicy adobo sauce on the side — I’d put that on a flip-flop!!!

museum_tavern_double_cheeseburger (8)

One thing about this cheeseburger — it sure is cheesy! You’ve got two thick ‘n juicy patties, smothered in American cheese, with lettuce, onion, tomato and special sauce — it’s like a Big Mac on steroids in Flavourtown!!!!!

museum_tavern_tres_leches (10)

You know the deal, we still get dessert even if you don’t have room for it…and you KNOW I still have room for dessert, bro! This tres leches combines sponge cake, sweet cream and whipped cream, and puts some chocolate on top, for that extra kick. Nothing wrong with that at all!!!

It’s a beef, it’s a pork… No, it’s a pulled lamb sammy, bro!!!

Now, you might have heard by now that I loves me some lamb. Whether it’s lamb chops, lamb ribs, or the multi-meat monstrosity known as the Lamb, Sea and Air Burger, you know that if it goes baa-baa black sheep, it’s heading straight down my piehole! So when I heard that Museum Tavern, this funky little joint on Bloor Street, was serving up pulled lamb sammiches, I made like Mary and moseyed on down, dude!!!!

pulled_lamb_sandwich (5)

Now this dish has just about everything I love about Greek food. You’ve got feta cheese, you’ve got green olives, pickled red onions and arugula–and then there’s this zingy harrisa mayo that really kicks it up a notch. Dude, this is body by harrisa mayo, bro! But it wouldn’t be a Play Along without Lamb Chops, and I gotta say, this lamb is legit! It’s kind of a cross between roast lamb and braised beef in the texture department, while still giving you a nice chew. And dude, this thing is even bigger than a Subway panini! Pretty sure I could still slam at least three of these, though…