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MUCH MORE MUNICH: Beers, brats & booing Tom Brady

Well, we might have missed beer garden season (except for the Viktualienmarkt, which is open year-round) and the Christmas markets aren’t open yet… So why go to Munich in November? Well, it turns out that my Seahawks were in Deutschland to take on Tom Brady and the Bucs in the first-ever regular season NFL game in the country — so you KNOW I had to check it out, bro!!!

But after a 12-course, 3-hour brunch, I wasn’t all that hungry, so I just grabbed a beer, a brat, and got ready to boo Brady.

beer&bratwurst (2)

Now, for five bucks, these bratwurst aren’t a bad deal. I mean, this thing’s like a foot long, son! Sausage has a nice snap, bun is good and chewy. I woulda liked to put some onions or some sauerkraut on here — but apparently putting sauerkraut on top of sausage isn’t a thing that Germans actually do.

allianz_arena_beer (5)

Speaking of things Germans do, I wanted a litre of beer — but my nearest food/drink stand was all out of litre glasses by halftime, so I settled for a half litre. There are no canned beers here, and they don’t even tell you what brand of beer — although I’m pretty sure it was a helles lager. Let’s just say that after 4 days in Munich, I know a helles when I taste it.


Unfortunately, all my booing Brady didn’t make up for the lack of a Seattle ground game in the first half, and they ended up losing by five. I’m pretty sure I’m the reason he fell down when they tried to throw him the ball on a trick play and it got picked off, though. 😛

Football by the lake @ The Dock

Not only can you eat seafood by the seashore in Seattle, but you can also drink beers and watch football, bro! We’re hanging out at The Dock Sports Bar and Grill, this funky joint by the lake, that’s got all the games on flat screen TVs, with plenty of local craft beers on tap (along with lots of, uh, Bud Light…)

And since the early games start at 10 am on the West Coast, we start drinking at 9:30 — I think I could get used to this, bro!

elysian_dank_dust_ipa (2)

We’re starting off with an Elysian Dank Dust IPA, and the name is no joke — this beer smells like weed, bro! But once you get past the odour of marijuana, it’s a pretty tasty, hoppy IPA.

Now, maybe there’s no weed in this beer, but I’m definitely getting the munchies over here. So let’s see what they’ve got to eat…

ultimate_cheese_curds (1)

These Ultimate Cheese Curds are the perfect game day snack. Deep fried balls of cheese that go great with ranch — not so sure about the strawberry sauce though.

the_dock_totchos (1)

On the other hand, these Dock Totchos sound better than they taste. On paper, there’s nothing wrong with tater tots topped with cheese, ground beef, sour cream, jalapeños, onions, beans and tomatoes — but the tots get soggy pretty quickly, so instead of being the main vessel, they become just another bit player in the mix.

elysian_space_dust_ipa (4)

From there, we switched to Elysian Space Dust, their signature IPA. Not as heavy or as hoppy, but it gets the job done.

fremont_brewing_sky_kraken (3)

This Fremont Brewing Sky Kraken might be the best beer I’ve had so far. Hazy, slightly hoppy, but still very crushable. I think I’ll have a couple more of these.

the_dock_wings+fries (3)

Dude, these Buffalo wings are outta bounds, bro! Beyond the buttery heat, they’ve also got a lemon peppery kick. And the meat is super-tender — I don’t think I’ve had a chicken wing that melts in my mouth before!!!!

On the other hand, while the parmesan fries were hot and crispy, the hardened layer of cheese on top doesn’t really add much. You’d be better off with the plain fries.