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SUMMERLICIOUS 2019: Legit beef brisket @ R&D

So, we’re hanging out at R&D, this modern Canadian Asian fusion joint right in the heart of downtown Chinatown. This place is serving up funky dishes like tom yum mussels, Korean rice cakes and black bean crispy tofu — but when I saw the Sichuan beef brisket, I knew I had to have it, just like an overweight basement broseph needs Szechuan sauce. But that only comes after I scarf down the biggest popcorn shrimp I’ve seen in my life:

r&d_popcorn_shrimp (1)

Dude, these were like popcorn shrimp on steroids — and I would know, cuz I once chugged creatine with A-Rod, bro! You’ve got a sweet chili sambal glaze, and these “Hong Kong umami crumbs,” which are like mini little nuggets of flavour in Flavourtown!!!

sichuan_beef_brisket (8)

But now it’s time for the main event. This Sichuan beef brisket was super-tender, fall-apart-on-your-fork goodness, on a bed of egg noodles with cabbage, mushrooms and a whole lotta sesame seeds. I’m sending these noods straight down my piehole, bro!!!

r&d_malaysian_sundae (4)

For dessert, we’ve got this ais kacang, a Malaysian-style sundae, with tapioca, strawberries, mango cream and not one, but two flavours of Haagen-Dazs ice cream.  Dude, who knew they had Haagen-Dazs in Malaysia???

Hot ‘n funky noodle soup @ Fudao Noodle House

Now, when I see all the lines at Dagu Rice Noodle, I’m like “Why, bro?” I mean, who lines up for soup—especially when you can get the exact same thing at Fudao Noodle House, this funky little joint in Chinatown, for less time and less money. (I liked that other place better back when it was Bareburger!)

fudao_noodle_house (1)

So here’s the deal. You pick a broth, and they give you 10 toppings, plus all the noodles you can slurp, for like 10 bucks, bro! And this place has everything: you’ve got shrimp, you’ve got sausage, you’ve got mushrooms, egg and corn, along with the meat in the middle…and it all goes into the pot!

fudao_noodle_house (22)

Now me, I went with the shredded pork and pickled cabbage broth, and it was pretty tasty. The meat cooks up real quickly, so you just grab a spoon and dig in! Of course, you’re supposed to grab some chopsticks too, but I never really learned to use those properly…Dude, I would just stick my face in the bowl if it didn’t mess up my spray tan, bro!!!!