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NOTHING BUT NACHOS WEEK: The grand finale… sausagefest nachos!

So, I wanted my last dish of this week to be something epic, loading with toppings and bursting with flavour… So I came up with this sausagefest:

sausagefest_nachos (1)

What you’ve got here is some chorizo sausage, fried up with peppers, onions and pickled jalapenos. Great flavour from the sausage, while the peppers and onions add a nice crispness, and the jalapenos give it an extra kick. Served with a side of salsa con queso. You could put all these ingredients between a bun, but I think they’re much better on top of nacho chips!

NOTHING BUT NACHOS WEEK: Poutine + Nachos = food coma

Having already created Quebecixcan cuisine with these smoked meat nachos, I figured I’d take it up a notch. You’ve got nachos, you’ve got poutine, two of the greatest foods of all time, coming together on the same plate:

poutine_nachos (5)

Man, this was the most meal prep I’ve done all week. I had to heat the fries in the oven, and make the gravy on the stove. I got the cheese curds from the Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens, which seems to be the only place you can buy em ’round here. And I know what you’re thinking–why not put cheese on top of the chips? Sorry bro, but shredded cheese does not belong anywhere near poutine. That’s just a fact of life.

And hey, turns out you can eat this with your hands, you just gotta shovel some fries and curds onto a chip. This is pretty much the perfect bite, right here:

poutine_nachos (8)

NOTHING BUT NACHOS WEEK: Bacon cheeseburger nachos might be the best thing ever

Where’s the beef, you ask? Well, how about some beef, bacon, onions and barbecue sauce on top of cheese and chips?

bacon_cheeseburger_nachos (2)

Beef is nicely seasoned (I bought some pre-made meatballs at Longo’s), bacon adds a nice chew. You’ve got a good crunch from the onions and the chips, but the cheese is what makes it. If I had a staring contest with this dish for a pint of Shock Top, these nachos would totally win!

NOTHING BUT NACHOS WEEK: Soon to be a southern staple?

The last time I was in Austin, Texas, I had chicken ‘n waffles for brunch and nachos for breakfast. (They call ’em migas over there.) What could be better than that? How about fried chicken ‘n nachos for brunchfast:

chicken_n_nachos (3)

So, you’ve got a nice, crispy coating on the chicken–Popeye’s knows what’s up–with a nice kick from the hot sauce. The jalapenos and green peppers add flavour to the chips and cheese, with a little white onion for good measure. Man, if I had this for lunch every day, I’d be, like, 500 pounds…but it would be worth it!

NOTHING BUT NACHOS WEEK: These chicken shawarma nachos are the best of both worlds

Now, I might be whiter than Vanilla Ice, but I loves me some shawarma. I’ve had some killer shawarma all over this city, but you know what I haven’t had before? Chicken shawarma on top of nachos:

chicken_shawarma_nachos (1)

This meal was super filling, dude! Huge chunks of seasoned chicken, some pickles, peppers, onions and beets. I almost didn’t need the nacho chips…but then I would’ve failed in my life’s mission. Served up with a side of tabbouleh sour cream for an extra kick:

tabbouleh_sour_cream (1)

NOTHING BUT NACHOS WEEK: What happens when you combine three amazing things?

OK, so it goes without saying, everything’s better with bacon, and Hickory Sticks are pretty much the greatest chips of all time. So what happens when you combine these two things with nachos to make an even more amazing thing?

hickory_bacon_nachos (3)

This happens. You’ve got a buncha smoky flavour from the Sticks, a nice chew from the bacon, and a hint of lime from the Tostitos Hint of Lime chips. This is basically a smoky baked potato, served on top of nachos, with a little sour cream on the side. Cuz you can’t beat the bacon and sour cream tag team, bro. Just give ’em the belt right now!

hickory_bacon_nachos (6)

This is pretty much the perfect bite, right here.

NOTHING BUT NACHOS WEEK: Winner, winner, cheesesteak nachos dinner!

Yesterday, I created some Quebecixcan cuisine, now it’s time for some Philamexican. When the national dish of Philadelphia meets the corn chips from south of the border, this is what I like to call the Horacio Llamas Nachos:

cheesesteak_nachos (3)

So, what we’ve got here is some super-tender steak, sauteed peppers and onions, and an added layer of grilled cheese on top of nachos. I dunno guy, but I’m pretty sure this dish just gave Eric Lindros a concussion!

NOTHING BUT NACHOS WEEK: Mack Daddy mac ‘n cheese nachos

What better way to ring in March Madness than with mac ‘n cheese…on top of nachos?

mac_n_cheese_nachos (1)

OK bro, so I took some Stouffer’s frozen mac ‘n cheese, heated it in the microwave for five minutes, put it on top of chips, covered it with shredded cheese, and threw some jalapenos on top. This dish was cheesier than Halloween III, dude!

You got a ton of cheese, some nice texture from the noodles, and a little kick from the hot peppers. The chips were almost falling apart under all this weight–kinda like Kansas in the tourney!

(Wait, I probably shouldn’t say that–I’ve got them in my Final Four.)

NOTHING BUT NACHOS WEEK: Montreal meats Mexico on a bed of nachos!

OK bro, so the best thing about Montreal is La T-Rex Poutine at La Banquise. But the second-best thing is Montreal smoked meat. (Coming in at number three has gotta be Guy Lafleur’s disco album—that shit is off the hook!) There are a few solid smoked-meat joints in Toronto, but none of them are quite as good as what you’d get in Quebec.

So with that said, I figured I’d spice up some Toronto smoked meat by putting it on top of chips and cheese. This Quebec/Mexico fusion is bound to be the next big culinary trend… Can you say Quebecxican, hombre?


OK, let’s break it down. We’ve got some thinly sliced, Montreal smoked meat, topped with dabs of French’s deli mustard. Fresh jalapenos and tomatoes add some extra kick, and there’s even dill pickle slices adding some acid on the side. All that’s missing is a Molson Dry served Michelada style. My bad bro, I’m all out of Worcestershshshire sauce!

NOTHING BUT NACHOS WEEK: These Greek nachos won’t break the bank!

Now, one of my all time favourite places to eat nachos is this funky Toronto joint called Sneaky Dee’s. They’ve got these great Greek nachos with feta and black olives that will knock yer socks off, bro! The first time I went there, I devoured a whole platter then proceeded to throw down in the mosh pit. I don’t even remember who was playing…the nachos were that good!

Mind you, I haven’t been to Sneaky’s in ages; it’s not really within stumbling distance at 2 am anymore. But in honour of Toronto’s top Tex-Mex punk-rock dive bar, check out my Sneaky Dee’s Greek Tribute Nachos:

greek_nachos (2)

Dude, I totally raided the Longo’s salad bar for this one. I grabbed some grilled chicken, cucumbers, Kalamata olives and feta cheese to go along with the shredded Tex-Mex blend. It might not be as good as Sneaky Dee’s, but on the plus side, it didn’t cost me 17 bucks!