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Yesterday, temperatures got up to 18 degrees in Toronto, which would have been a great time to enjoy a nice, cold beer on a patio…except for Coronavirus. Instead, our countdown continues with another summery lager from the great state of Maryland:

5. La Bamba

olde_mother_la_bamba (4)

Para bailar La Bamba, all you need is a pint glass, hermano! This Mexican-style cerveza was the feel-good hit of last summer at Olde Mother Brewing Co., a funky little brewery with a killer taproom in downtown Frederick, MD. This beer is like a combination of the second and third entries on our list — it’s brewed with lime juice and poblano peppers, so it’s both bitter AND spicy!

Not sure if they’re bringing it back this year, but if you happen to be in the area, their taproom is still open for to-go cans and crowlers

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Word to ye Olde Mother! (Olde Mother Brewing Co)

So, we’re hanging out at Olde Mother Brewing Co, this funky¬† little craft brewery in Frederick, Maryland. You won’t find any crabs and/or Old Bay here, but they are coming up with some pretty funky flavours, like a steam beer, fruited wheat beer and a sour double IPA. Then there’s this Mexican fiesta de cerveza, which they call La Bamba:

olde_mother_la_bamba (4)

Now this beer is pretty funkalicious. It’s brewed with lime juice, so you don’t need a lime wedge, but then there’s the secret ingredient that makes it — poblano peppers. No, it’s not spicy, but you definitely get the flavour of the peppers in there, which is pretty redonkadonk. Corona ain’t got nothing on La Bamba, chica!!!

strawberries_&_cream_beer (2)

But if you thought that last beer was ridiculous, this one is even more crazy — a strawberries and cream wheat beer. You’ve got the taste of fresh strawberries, and it’s brewed with lactose, so it’s almost like a milkshake IPA, but less hoppy, more fruity. And it’s not even red or anything… Shut the back door!!!